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LSU vs. Alabama – The Game to Watch in College Football this Saturday

Anthony DiMoro



There are many rivalries that stand the test of time. Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees Duke/North Carolina and LSU/Alabama. All week the talk has been about this being the true championship game in college football.

But as the #1 and #2 teams get ready to square off in tonight’s pivotal game let’s take an in-depth look at this matchup that is promising to be the game of the year in College Football. So take a look at who has the edge in each key matchup

Quarterback: LSU

The Tigers have seniors Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson running the show and also have a more diverse offense than Alabama’s. Sophomore A.J. McCarron is making his ninth game start and it has never faced an environment anywhere near to the one he will see tonight.

Running back: Alabama

LSU has good backs, but Trent Richardson is the best player around the area and a menace with a true ability to score from any distance. Backup Eddie Lacy has as many yards rushing as LSU’s leader, Spencer Ware, but Lacy is returning from a nagging turf toe injury. Alabama has the best run defense within the nation.

Receivers: LSU

Rueben Randle continues to be the Tigers’ playmaker and it is tied for that SEC lead in receiving touchdowns with seven. Tight end Deangelo Peterson’s receiving abilities lead him to a difficult game for Alabama’s linebackers and safeties.

Offensive line: Even

LSU is fully healthy for the very first time in five games. Getting pads T-Bob Hebert and Will Blackwell back at their natural positions is vital and they are also boosted by P.J. Lonergan’s return from an ankle injury.  Alabama’s line has some depth issues, however the Tide still leads the SEC in rushing attacks at 229.2 yards per game.

Defensive line: LSU

The LSU Tigers have a bit more complex of a defensive front scheme and call for their players to do a bit more in comparison to the Tide’s 3-4 D. Bama’s linemen mainly attempt to occupy blockers to allow the 4 linebackers to move freely.

Linebackers: Alabama

Dont’a Hightower and Courtney Upshaw are perhaps the very best tandem in the united states with speed and power in their 260-pound frames.  LSU’s Ryan Baker and Kevin Minter are more compact. Minter might find more action than normal as LSU most likely will remain in its base 4-3 defense a lot more than normal.

Secondary: Even

Both teams have great cover corners and difficult-striking safeties. Bama cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick is a great game on Randle, but LSU cornerback Mo Claiborne is equally as good. And there is always the “Honey Badger,” Tyrann Mathieu, possibly the very best defensive playmaker around the area. Mark Barron and Robert Lester are larger than LSU’s safeties, Brandon Taylor and Eric Reid, however the Tigers’ tandem has got the edge in speed.

Special teams: Alabama

Final Score Prediction:
Alabama 37,  LSU 28

Date Year Location Alabama Rank LSU Rank Winner Score
November 18 1895 Baton Rouge, Louisiana LSU 12-6
November 29 1902 Tuscaloosa, Alabama LSU 11–0
November 9 1903 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Alabama 18–0
December 2 1904 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Alabama 11–0
November 23 1907 Mobile, Alabama Alabama 6–4
November 25 1909 Birmingham, Alabama LSU 12–6
November 15 1919 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Alabama 23–7
November 11 1920 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Alabama 21–0
October 29 1921 New Orleans, Louisiana Tie 7–7
November 10 1922 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Alabama 47–3
November 16 1923 Montgomery, Alabama Alabama 30–3
October 10 1925 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Alabama 42-0
October 30 1926 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Alabama 24–0
October 8 1927 Birmingham, Alabama Tie 0–0
December 8 1928 Birmingham, Alabama Alabama 31–0
November 15 1930 Montgomery, Alabama Alabama 33–0
September 30 1944 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Tie 27–27
October 6 1945 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Alabama 26–7
November 9 1946 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 19 LSU 31–21
November 22 1947 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 8 Alabama 41–12
November 20 1948 Baton Rouge, Louisiana LSU 26–6
September 29 1951 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 9 LSU 13–7
September 27 1952 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Alabama 21–20
September 26 1953 Mobile, Alabama 5 Tie 7–7
September 25 1954 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Alabama 12–0
September 28 1957 Baton Rouge, Louisiana LSU 28–0
September 27 1958 Mobile, Alabama 15 LSU 13–3
November 7 1964 Birmingham, Alabama 3 8 Alabama 17–9
November 6 1965 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 5 Alabama 31–7
November 5 1966 Birmingham, Alabama 4 Alabama 21–0
November 11 1967 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Alabama 7–6
November 9 1968 Birmingham, Alabama 20 Alabama 16–7
November 8 1969 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 12 LSU 20–15
November 7 1970 Birmingham, Alabama 19 11 LSU 14–9
November 6 1971 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 4 18 Alabama 14–7
November 11 1972 Birmingham, Alabama 2 6 Alabama 35–21
November 22 1973 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2 7 Alabama 21–7
November 9 1974 Birmingham, Alabama 3 Alabama 30–0
November 9 1975 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 5 Alabama 23–10
November 6 1976 Birmingham, Alabama 15 Alabama 28–17
November 5 1977 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2 18 Alabama 24–3
November 11 1978 Birmingham, Alabama 3 10 Alabama 31–10
November 10 1979 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1 Alabama 3–0
November 8 1980 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 6 Alabama 28–7
September 5 1981 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2 Alabama 24–7
November 6 1982 Birmingham, Alabama 8 11 LSU 20–10
November 5 1983 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 19 Alabama 32–26
November 10 1984 Birmingham, Alabama 12 LSU 16–14
November 9 1985 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 20 15 Tie 14–14
November 8 1986 Birmingham, Alabama 6 18 LSU 14–10
November 7 1987 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 13 5 Alabama 22–10
November 5 1988 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 18 13 LSU 19–18
November 11 1989 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 4 Alabama 32–16
November 10 1990 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Alabama 24–3
November 9 1991 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 8 Alabama 20–17
November 7 1992 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 3 Alabama 31–11
November 6 1993 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 5 LSU 17–13
November 5 1994 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 6 Alabama 35–17
November 4 1995 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 17 Alabama 10–3
November 9 1996 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 10 Alabama 26–0
November 8 1997 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 14 LSU 27–0
November 7 1998 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Alabama 22–16
November 6 1999 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 12 Alabama 23–17
November 4 2000 Baton Rouge, Louisiana LSU 30–28
November 3 2001 Tuscaloosa, Alabama LSU 30–14
November 16 2002 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 10 14 Alabama 31–0
November 15 2003 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 4 LSU 27–3
November 13 2004 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 17 LSU 26–10
November 12 2005 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 4 5 LSU 16–13 OT
November 11 2006 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 12 LSU 28–14
November 3 2007 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 17 3 LSU 41–34
November 8 2008 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1 15 Alabama 27–21 OT
November 7 2009 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 3 9 Alabama 24-15
November 6 2010 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 5 12 LSU 24-21
November 5 2011 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 2 1
Rankings from AP Poll

Anthony DiMoro is the creator of Sports Rants and the CEO of Elite Rank Media. Anthony DiMoro is a Contributor for 'Forbes' where he talks Sports, SEO, Social Media and Internet Marketing. Anthony also hosts the 'Forbes SportsMoney Podcast' and is a Contributor to the Huffington Post where he covers sports

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Olympic Cyclist Kelly Catlin Dead at 23

Anthony DiMoro



Olympic track cyclist Kelly Catlin, who competed in the 2016 Rio Janeiro Games, was found dead in her California home this past Friday due to an apparent suicide, according to an announcement from her father, according to Reuters.

“There isn’t a minute that goes by that we don’t think of her and think of the wonderful life she could have lived,” her father, Mark Catlin said, according to VeloNews. “There isn’t a second in which we wouldn’t freely give our lives in exchange for hers. The hurt is unbelievable.”

Catlin, 23, took the silver medal in Rio and was part of the teams who took home the gold in 2016, 2017, and 2018 World Championships.

Catlin had reportedly struggled with mental health in the past and her sister, Christine Catlin, said that Catlin was “a really special person – kind, funny, empathetic, and talented at literally everything she did, per the Washington Post. She just felt like she couldn’t say no to everything that was asked of her and this was her only escape.”

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Kansas City Chiefs

Tom Brady And Pats Play Record 8th AFC Championship Game, Seek 6th Superbowl




It’s Championship Sunday and one of the NFL staples remain atop the league. The New England Patriots are appearing in their record 8th AFC title game in hopes of competing for a sixth title.

A season that most organizations would be happy with, was one of challenge for the Patriots. Usually a top tier team, they suffered bad losses to the Jaguars, Titans and Dolphins. However, in Patriot fashion along a weak AFC East, the Patriots finished 11-5, won a 10th straight conference title and secured a first round bye.

Kansas City will host New England in the AFC Championship game in what is a rematch from week six. That game featured an offensive clinic ,  As reported by CBS Boston, Brady went 24-35 passing for 340 yards and touchdown in that game; Mahomes went 23-36 passing for 352 yards and four touchdowns. The AFC Championship could very well play out the same way.

The Chiefs will be a tough out, They won their first home playoff game in 25 years last week against the Colts and are riding one of the most prolific offenses in history behind quarterback whisperer Andy Reid and phenome Patrick Mahomes who is arguably the NFLs best young QB.

In what is a David and Goliath matchup, Brady seems to imply they are the underdog. As he told CBS’s Tracy Wolfson, “I know everyone thinks we suck and, you know, cant win games,”.  Will the dynasty continue? Or will Reid and Mahomes hoist the Lombardi?

I’m leaning towards the game plan of Bill Belichick and veteran experience of Tom Brady in this one. I think a Patriot/Saints matchup is in order. Either way, it will undoubtedly be one for the ages.

Game Time: Sunday January 20th at 6:40ET/5:40CT on CBS.

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An Agency Changing the Sponsorship Game for Athletes

Anthony DiMoro



The following is an official press release from Eight Seven Media

Sponsorships and endorsements have changed significantly over the past few years. Historically, we know them as mainstream commercials and endorsements by top apparel and shoe brands with professional athletes and celebrities at the forefront. Until recently, the huge rise of influencer marketing has changed brands perspective and they have gravitated towards using social media stars as their advocates. Influencers are compensated with hundreds of thousands of dollars and brands have turned away from the traditional celebrity or professional athlete. Eight Seven Media is looking to turn that model on its head and bring sponsorship dollars back to professional athletes.

Founded by Dylan Scance and Derek Flodmand, Eight Seven Media creates social media content for professional athletes. Working on the talent buying side, they noticed that brands were only picking talent based on either their audience or their content. When they would pitch athletes to certain brands, they knew they were a perfect fit for the brand from a personality and lifestyle perspective, but the athletes had a tough time getting deals from brands. Aside from the lack of resources these agencies provided, the number one reason was their lack of content. Most athletes understand that having a social media presence is crucial in today’s market, but they don’t necessarily understand exactly how to leverage their channels to their maximum potential.

We’ve outlined Eight Seven’s process below:

Step 1: Identification

Along with a data-backed strategy, their team works hand-in-hand with both the athlete and agent to understand what types of brands they are interested in partnering with.

Step 2: Content Creation

Their team then works directly with the athlete to create rich, bespoke lifestyle social media content, specific to the verticals they have identified. They will meet directly with the athlete to bring this content to life.

Step 3: Amplification

As the athlete pushes out bespoke content via their social channels, their team leverages a specialized software called Social Ads to amplify top-performing content to target audience(s) based on the verticals we have identified. This provides the athlete with increased reach and exposure within the right audience segments- thus increasing their potential value to identified brands.

Step 4: Reporting

Via the Social Ads software, their team provides intuitive reporting on content performance, inclusive of demographic and geographic data which highlights the extended audience that has been exposed to the athlete’s content.

Athletes are a perfect fit for brands for many reasons. They have a highly engaged audience that’s not filled with bot accounts (something that’s been plaguing the influencer industry for years). They are inspirational, motivational, and have overcome many challenges and hardships in life that inspire generations of fans. They are the perfect example of a true “influencer”, but they are still getting overlooked for sponsorship deals.

Eight Seven Media also offers their “Athlete Incubator”, a service where they work with newly signed athletes that are being developed by agents and teams and completely rebrand their social channels out of college. These athletes go through a 12-month process with Eight Seven where they advise them on best practices for their social channels, how to create and leverage high-quality content on their own, what brands look for from a social media perspective, and how to engage with their audience. Along with content creation, Eight Seven Media provides its clients with an analysis of how well their athletes social channels are performing.

The content being created is leveraged by agents when they’re pitching an athlete for sponsorships or endorsements. With the huge rise in lifestyle and fashion brands, non-traditional endorsements are something that’s taking the industry by storm. Kyle Kuzma signing with the GOAT app is a perfect example of how optimizing your content to fit the brands you want to work with pays off in the long-term. Brands not only want to partner with athletes that they can trust to produce high-quality content, but they want to ensure that this can be pushed out to their brands owned and operated social channels by repurposing these assets.

Learn more about Eight Seven Media here or reach out to

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