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Practice, It’s only practice

7 August, 20130 Comments

Practice. “We’re not talking about the game. We’re talking about practice,” Allen Iverson famously said. That is what everyone is talking about. The first preseason game is in the books and we are talking about practice. Tom Brady went 44-of-48 passes, in practice. Second year Indianapolis Colts starter Andrew Luck looked good yesterday. Going 26-of-35 with six […]

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Someone Else’s Privacy.

21 July, 20130 Comments

Wednesday at the SEC media day the big story was Johnny Manziel and the Manning Passing Academy Camp. ESPN reported the story about Johnny Manziel leaving the Manning Passing Camp: Johnny Football leaves the Manning Passing Academy early. So when Manziel appeared on Wednesday he had to answer a lot of questions and he answered […]

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Welcome to your Dwight-mare.

8 July, 20130 Comments

It happened to Cleveland. It has happened to Orlando twice. That moment when a city is forced to watch an athletic superstar break their collective hearts, leaving them is disarray. Whatever reasons given it can be painful. As a city, as an organization you see your dreams of championships fade into the stark reality of […]

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Father’s Day Football.

16 June, 20130 Comments

Once in a while an idea will find me all by itself. This Father’s Day I saw a post on Facebook of all places suggesting that Father’s Day should take place in the fall so we could spend our day with or fathers and sons watching football. Sounds good to me. Then I thought why […]

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Still Standing

17 May, 20130 Comments

We all have challenges. Each man, woman and child has their own unique trials to overcome. College graduation. Job problems. Personal tragedies. No matter if you are a professional athlete, soccer mom or the child down the street there are things going on in your life. Things that seem overwhelming to each of us, things […]

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We are Boston

25 April, 20132 Comments

“This is our F***ing City.” These were the words of ‘Big Papi’ David Ortiz before the Boston Red Sox played their game this last Saturday, the first sporting event in Boston after an emotional day which saw much of the Boston area on lockdown and afraid. This was not about the 35,152 in attendance at Fenway […]

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Trading Places

23 April, 20130 Comments

Everyone following the NFL knew the trade would happen. Finally, Darrelle Revis is a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I do not think there was any doubt that he would not begin the season as a member of the New York Jets. This is a story about two franchises seemingly headed in very different […]

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Shame and outrage.

22 April, 20134 Comments

(I wrote this column last Wednesday. I felt due to the events taking place it was best if I waited for a resolution before I published this.) I am going to step away from writing about sports for just a moment here. There are times you just have to; times when events are much more […]

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Season of Lies.

19 April, 20130 Comments

We have entered the season of Lies, Lies, and more Lies. As we get closer to the NFL Draft teams spread more misinformation and flat-out lies then anything approaching the truth. So when reports surfaced this week suggesting the Miami Dolphins were interested in trading for Kansas City Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert, I took […]

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Yet Another Mock Draft.

8 April, 20130 Comments

The 2013 NFL Draft is fast approaching. Free agency has taken a backseat for teams as they begin designing their draft boards. There does not seem to be a clear cut number one pick this year. The strength of this draft is depth not superstars. No one can truly predict what 32 general managers and […]

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