Friday, October 20, 2017
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Tom Daignault

Hey all, what's up? My name's Tom. I'm a New York (soon to be New Hampshire) transplant from Philadelphia, which makes me a die-hard Philly sports fan...Phillies & Eagles mostly. I love debating about sports, and there's nothing better than a good argument...especially when I'm right!

Forget the Bronx; Harper’s Headed to Philly

With at least seventeen months to go before what will likely be the biggest free agent signing in professional sports history, there are...

Phillies Should Forget Mike Trout; Pursue Bryce Harper Instead

The Phillies are in desperate need of a superstar.  They need a draw, someone who can help them sell tickets and anchor their lineup...

Chaos In Queens; Mets On The Brink Of Imploding

What is going on with New York Mets?  This is not the way this season was supposed to go. Despite winning three straight series, six...