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SportsRants Blogging Tutorials

Below you will find step-by-step tutorials on how to blog and/or utilize There is also extensive information about how to use SEO for your blog, Making your blog an official .COM and how to Monetize your work.

If you are new to SportsRants and would like information on Why You Should Use SportsRants to Blog – Click Here

Scroll down to find all of the helpful posts and information.

Keep in mind you can find more basic video tutorials in the Dashboard of your blog via the Blogging Tutorials tab:



The Basics

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned veteran when it comes to Blogging, we have an in-depth section full of tools, resources and much more to help you learn how to blog and make your blog successful. Make sure to bookmark this section of so you can keep up on all our helpful blogging resources. Members just like you are learning about all the exciting features on SportsRants.

An Introduction to Blogging

How to Blog – Tutorial on Blogging on

How to Make Your Blog an Official .COM (Branding)  *****

Tracking the Traffic on Your Blog

How to Share Your Blog

How to add Featured Image to your Blog

How to add Video to Your Blog

Editing & Changing the Main Menu of Your Blog

Making Your Blog a .COM

Transferring Your WordPress Blog to SportsRants

Moving Your Current Blog to SportsRant(Blogspot, Blogger, Tumblr, etc)

Placing Advertisements On Your Blog

Adding Your Facebook Fan Page & Twitter Profile Feed to Your Blog

Streaming Your Radio Show on Your SportsRants Blog

How to Change the Design/Theme of Your Blog

How to Add Writers/Contributors to Your Blog


Become a Success / Generating Revenue

If you want additional help, make sure to check out SportsRants University. There is a ton of information that is sure to help you make your blog as successful and popular as possible. From getting your blog more readers to incorporating powerful SEO and Social Media, we have you covered. Anthony DiMoro of Elite Rank Marketing provides frequent videos on finding success in blogging.

An Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Exploring SEO: Choosing Keywords & Monitoring Your Rankings Growth

Exploring SEO: The Value of Local Search Terms

Exploring SEO: Using Interlinking/Co-Citations & Powerful Search Commands

Utilizing the SEO Plugin on Your SportsRantz Blog


Making Your Blog a Mobile App

Placing Advertisements On Your Blog



If you are a contributor to one of the many sections on we have put together a video on how to incorporate advertising on your blog. Check out this video and be sure to incorporate it in your future work

You can see the video here:    How to Monetize Your Contributing Work