Tim Lincecum has lost 30 pounds and is struggling because he is currently weaker than Clay Aiken



The absolute last thing Tim Lincecum needed to do was lose weight.

Onlookers, peers and pundits have identified three potential causes for the struggles that former Giants ace Tim Lincecum has experienced on the hill this season in San Francisco.

Texas Rangers catcher Bengie Molina, who teamed with Lincecum (2-8, 6.07 ERA) from 2007-2010 in “The Paris of the West,” believes “The Freak” has lost his famed confidence and swagger.

“Obviously, this is easy to say now because he was doing well when I was there,” said Molina, 37, a two-time Gold Glove Award winner. “His demeanor was always: ‘I’m going after you no matter what.’”

In addition to the four-time All-Star selection’s fleeting bravado, Molina agrees with scouts that Lincecum’s diminishing velocity and command have prevented him from overwhelming hitters.

“His fastball was really, really nasty. It ran like a sinker but not necessarily down,” Molina said.