NASCAR News & Views – Volume 37 – July 30 – August 5, 2012 |Fan4Racing

Aug 06, 12 NASCAR News & Views – Volume 37 – July 30 – August 5, 2012 |Fan4Racing

On Monday each week, Fan4Racing provides the link to our feature NASCAR News & Views, providing a convenient way for fans to catch up with the previous week’s news and views from around the web.  You’ll find an introduction for the week with a previous weekend quote, a brief recap of the the previous weekend races and heads up of the upcoming race weekend.  Following will be the most recent news from Sunday going back to the previous Monday.

We hope you enjoy Fan4Racing’s digest of NASCAR News & Views…Thanks for reading!

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NOTE: Later on Monday, Fan4Racing will provide another link to this week’s NASCAR News & Views, beginning with Monday, August 6th.  Bookmark the link so you can check back throughout the day and week, as we continue to post daily updates as news breaks and becomes available.  Enjoy your week, where ever life takes you…

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