2014 Royal Rumble Predictions


With the Royal Rumble mere hours away more and more news and rumors are circulating. Here is a brief update on those rumors and the latest on the ongoing negotiations between Sting and the WWE.

Expect plenty of nostalgia from this years event. On the horizon of Wrestlemania 30, the WWE will be reintroducing legends to the fans. The Rumble is an annual event that, in recent years, that has been a constant vehicle to putting the spotlight on the stars of yesteryear. Today, the Rumble along with Monday Night RAW’s “Old School Night” are special fan experiences that have a unique feeling from other events (excluding Wrestlemania) throughout the calendar year.


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As I reported a few weeks ago, WWE and Sting have been the closest they have in years to agreeing on a deal.

This past week it was reported by insider Dave Meltzer that the WWE is actually to the point of having creative come up with ideas for “A Man Called Sting”. So it seems Sting headed to the WWE is gaining momentum

I have heard it from a good source that Sting and WWE have actually agreed to a deal, including a WWE Hall of Fame induction. The Hall of Fame induction may not come in 2014, but possibly 2015 as WWE may want to feature Sting and get the fanbase familiar with him on WWE Television over the next year so that his induction is even more special. I anticipate a career DVD will also be in the mix later this year as well as a heavy presence of Sting on WWE Network.

The deal itself, I am told, could go two possible ways. Sting competes in a few high profile matches concluding with Sting/Taker at Mania 30 and retires. There is also a thought that Sting may not do any matches with WWE, simply sign a “Legends” deal and get the Hall of Fame induction along with the career DVD.

I think a lot of this depends on Undertaker’s health. It would be best to have someone in the ring with Taker who can kind of carry the match. Putting Sting, in his mid-50s, in that scenario may not be what WWE wants. But judging from history, particularly Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon at Mania 26, I doubt WWE wouldn’t want Sting to have a few WWE matches, especially for the biggest Mania to date.

At the end of the day, all indications I am getting are telling me Sting to WWE is a done deal, Sting/Taker is very likely, Hall of Fame induction in 14 or 15 and a Sting match at Mania.

If they were to build Sting up then the thought would be have him as a surprise entrant in tonight’s Rumble. You can even have him make an appearance to build the buzz. If the plan is Taker/Sting then ideally Taker could enter and Sting could somehow cost him the match or have a confrontation of sorts. I’ll be more confident in the idea of Sting appearing tonight if I see Taker make an entrance.


The Matches

I don’t anticipate Randy Orton losing the title to John Cena. I believe the plan is for Orton to square off with Batista in the main event at Mania. Therefore, I don’t think an Orton loss to Cena does anything beneficial to the build towards Orton/Batista.

I’m personally looking forward to Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt. Two of the WWE’s biggest rising stars that are two of my personal favorites as well. Although WWE may have botched the Bryan/Wyatt family angle, it shouldn’t matter because this match will be interesting and probably the best of the night.

I love seeing the New Age Outlaws, call me an old man. Their recent heel turn tells me we will be seeing a lot more of Billy Gun and Road Dogg, but i don’t predict them taking home the tag titles from the best tag team in the WWE, The Rhodes Brothers.

Big Show vs Brock Lesnar should be fun. Lesnar is one of those talents that just has a presence about it. Pure intensity, adrenaline and fury. Lesnar will dominate Big Show in this matchup to build Brock strongly heading towards Mania.

I’d be shocked to see anyone but Batista win the Rumble.


Surprise Entrants

Here is who i predict we may see walk down the aisle tonight:


Kevin Nash

Rob Van Dam


Ultimate Warrior



Triple H

Jake “The Snake” Roberts

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Chris Jericho

Scott Hall
Hulk Hogan may not be healthy enough to participate in the Rumble, various reports state he wasn’t medically cleared by WWE’s staff. With that in mind, I doubt Hogan will enter the Rumble. But I do expect him to make an appearance, along with Ric Flair.


Anthony DiMoro

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