Sting/WWE and Wrestlemania 30 Updates


Since my last story broke about the deal between Sting & WWE finalizing a deal the internet has been flooded with similar reports. Some of which have also confirmed my initial report.

I had a chance to check with my source again, within the last 24 hours,  and here is the latest on Sting WWE and WrestleMania 30.


Sting WWE


Regardless of what you’re reading, Sting has indeed agreed to a deal with WWE and did so some time ago (back when i first reported the deal being done). At this point in the process, as numerous sites have confirmed as well, WWE has already started the merchandising process in regards to the Sting character/persona. The only thing left to iron out is when Sting does debut with WWE and what his exact role will be.

Keep in mind that Batista’s return was finalized sometime in October 2013, but was not publicly acknowledged or “confirmed” by WWE or many news sites until December, months after a deal had been finalized. WWE is, as they should be, keeping the Sting deal under wraps until they finalize the creative aspects of his introduction to the WWE audience.

My source could not confirm creative’s exact thinking, as most major creative direction knowledge is limited to a few high-ranking WWE staff (Vince McMahon, etc), there is the impression that Sting’s introduction could be around the launch of the WWE Network, with the thinking being that it would be a great tie in with their Monday Night War program, which Sting will be featured prominently. Per recent events, WWE is now entertaining more ideas considering the timing of his debut.

Although numerous articles have circulated suggesting Sting will be introduced as the RAW General Manager, my source tells me this is not the case at all. Furthermore, the idea hasn’t even been discussed by creative to his knowledge. The General Manager position is of one of minimal significance and placing Sting in a role that has been insignificant for a while wouldn’t do anything to help Sting, WWE or WrestleMania.

At the time of my report, I stated that Sting may be brought in either right before, at, or directly after WrestleMania 30 and that his long-awaited match with the Undertaker may not happen until WrestleMania 31. But the reaction the WWE received regarding the Royal Rumble, the CM Punk saga and reaction to Batista/Orton has WWE re-positioning WrestleMania 30. They are well aware they are not roaring down the road to Mania and are discussing adjustments to boost interest and buzz. Talks with Stacy Kiebler recently only further illustrate WWE’s desire for “big” buzz.


Speaking of Wrestlemania 30……


WrestleMania 30

WWE is well aware of fans’ displeasure with the current direction and is reacting accordingly.

There are many scenarios in play for Mania, but my source said these are some of the possible scenarios being kicked around:

Batista vs. Brock Lesnar

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan vs. HHH

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Batista

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Ultimate Warrior vs. Ryback

Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Sting vs Undertaker


These interesting scenarios are ever-changing. The Shield’s role and Taker’s role at Mania are the most “up in the air”.

Brock Lesnar vs Taker is thought to be a longer shot than any scenario.  Brock may be too physical for Taker and also may not want to put the time in that Taker requires to prep for the match.

Sting vs Undertaker is slowly gaining steam. Apparently, WWE is very aware of the buzz and hype for the match, especially recently and know the fans are hungry for the match. The original thinking was to have the match possibly at Mania 31, but with the recent ratings drops and fan dissatisfaction they could fast-forward Sting/Taker to this Mania to boost interest and sales. This seems to becoming a more likely scenario as WWE’s prime objective are not only Mania 30 sales but WWE Network sales.

The question is do they have enough time to establish Sting properly to the WWE audience. Although there is still plenty of time to build it, the WWE Network is viewed as a major catalyst for the fued as it would familiarize Sting with the newer WWE audience and build his mystique. Although this isn’t a lock for Mania 30 as of yet, it’s being discussed internally and WWE plans on having that match at Wrestlemania 30 or 31 pending Taker/Sting’s health.


CM Punk

I received no indication at all one way or the other from my source regarding CM Punk. Whatever is going on, or is “official”, certainly isn’t being publicized by WWE at this point. Could it be a work? Could it be legit? At this point your guess is as good as mine.

CM Punk vs. HHH was originally slated for Mania 30.


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