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  1. No way the “New school” will come in and take down the 17 year head start known as the little Ticket. P1’s will not allow it. Umm, yah..we want NY’s finest Boomer and Colonic? R.I.P. Rhines is dead. Yours sincerely, Marge Shindigler.

  2. I can’t imagine any scenerio where anybody who is listening to the ticket would rather listen to any National team talking about things that don’t mean a thing locally. ESPN Dallas already carries the Mike and Mike show, and the ratings are the smallest fraction of the Musers. DO call it a coin flip on who would get the biggest share proves that the Diamond Joe knows nothing about Sports radio in the DFW metroplax

    • It’s not about whether or not listeners “would rather” listen to national product over local. But in this case, there’s two sports radio stations whose owners are involved with this new CBSSR venture. Personally, I’m all for local radio over national radio, but this scenario is interesting due to the circumstances. And if such a move like the one I described is made – hey, it’s business. Look, I’m not guaranteeing it’ll happen, just speculation… And I admit, I don’t quite know much about sports radio in the ‘Plex – as opposed to radio in general. 😉 Thanks for reading.

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