Introducing Samantha Ponder

ESPN’s Samantha Steele is now known professionally as Samantha Ponder, taking the last name of her new husband, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder.

Last fall, we learned that ESPN personality Samantha Steele and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder were an item.

Last month, we learned that not only were they planning to get married, but they tied the knot less than two weeks after that revelation.

And on New Year’s Day 2013, Samantha decided to unveil her new name at ESPN’s coverage of the Capital One Bowl on ABC.

For the first time on television, Samantha Steele is no longer. The chyron read “Samantha Ponder.”

She actually updated her own Twitter account weeks ago to reflect her taking her husband’s surname.

Just one more thing that needs to be done: Update your Twitter handle!


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