Doctor Dummy: Pediatrician Tells Denver Post Writer He Should “Catch A Movie In Aurora”, “Join Jessica”








Arizona pediatrician Scott Schnee mocked the Aurora movie theater shooting victims, especially the late Jessica Ghawi, in a tweet to Denver Post sports columnist Adrian Dater. Schnee's employer is currently investigating the situation.
Arizona pediatrician Scott Schnee mocked the Aurora movie theater shooting victims, especially the late Jessica Ghawi, in a tweet to Denver Post sports columnist Adrian Dater. Schnee’s employer is currently investigating the situation.

A pediatrician in Casa Grande, Arizona has proceeded to make a grand jackass out of himself.

An argument with Denver Post sports columnist Adrian Dater, likely stemming from a recent hockey game between the Phoenix Coyotes and the Colorado Avalanche, which the ‘Yotes won in overtime, by the way, degenerated into a display of utter disregard for the victims of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting last July – especially one victim in particular.

“Always hating on the Coyotes, [Adrian],” tweeted Scott Schnee, who went by the Twitter handle @BabyDocScott.

He also tweeted, “[Adrian] can join Jessica for all I care.”

That, of course, is a reference to Jessica Ghawi, whose life was cut short at just 24 years old in the early morning hours of July 20.

This made the Tony Carter “I’m going to a late movie in Denver, pray for me, y’all!” tweet last fall look like a razor cut by comparison.

Schnee’s tweets were retweeted in text form by Dater to his 17,000+ followers on Wednesday afternoon. Since then, Schnee switched his @BabyDocScott account to private mode before eventually deleting it.

And late Wednesday evening, Banner Health, Schnee’s employer, released this statement: “We are currently gathering details on this situation. Please know that Banner Health takes this matter very seriously, and will provide information, as appropriate.”

In other words: there’s a good chance Schnee could be deleted from Banner Health’s payroll when all is said and done.

So who is “Baby Doc Scott”? He’s 54, he’s board certified, and he got his medical degree from a university in Mexico. There’s also a link where you can “rate this doctor.” I’ll tell you what I’d like to rate him.

How can this doctor who specializes in treating young patients, disrespect the mostly young victims of the Aurora movie theater shooting?

And did he know, as Jessica’s mother points out, one of the dozen victims of that massacre was from Arizona?

But the fact that he singled out Jessica Redfield – who had previously covered the Avalanche – is appalling.

This was a woman who had a full career ahead of her. And now, someone who pulls down five, maybe six figures is hiding behind a computer and taking potshots at her expense?

Nobody puts Jessica in a corner, Baby Doc.

I made a donation on behalf of SportsRantz to the Jessica Redfield Foundation on what would have been her 25th birthday. If you wish to let out some steam after reading about what this idiot doctor did, you should do the same. (And maybe take that “rate the doctor” poll, too.)

I close this post with some tweets from one of Jessica Redfield’s close friends, radio host Peter Burns, who said it was “absolutely disgusting” that a person of Schnee’s line of work could make such bombastic comments.

I’ll update this post with details on any changes to Dr. Schnee’s employment, should they become available.



















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