Whither Kara Henderson?

Whither Kara Henderson?

It’s been weeks since Kara Henderson last appeared on NFL Network. All indications are she’s okay – but it’s odd for a regular face on the network to be gone for so long without any explanation.

[UPDATE, 9.9.12: Kara explains her absence from NFL Network - more here.]

Regular NFL Network viewers may have noticed that something was missing over the last several weeks – or, rather, someone.

The last time Kara Henderson appeared on NFLN was, I want to say, sometime between the scouting combine and the release of the 2012 NFL schedule. I’m not going to go crazy looking for the exact date, nor am I going to go to similar lengths to find out why she hasn’t been on NFLN’s air for a couple of months or so. But the point of this post is basically to draw attention to the fact that one of the network’s notable personalities has gone missing for an exorbitant amount of time, with no explanation – nor any hint from Henderson herself about her on-air absence to her thousands of Twitter followers. Other than an Easter shout-out to Warren Sapp and a Bubba Watson retweet, her account has been virtually silent since April 3.

You’d think it was her, and not Sapp, who was behind “Snitchgate” based on her not appearing on the network for a long time. (And I doubt she’s serving time for this unfortunate, but I’m sure unintended, slip of the tongue on the air last fall.)

She did break the Twitter ice last Sunday, playing a game of “Where am I?” with her followers. So she was in St. Louis taking in a Cardinals game. So it would appear that she’s not in harm’s way.

The other good news is, she still lists NFL Network as her employer on Twitter, so it’s a sure bet that she’ll return to the network – the question, of course, is when?

Understand that this is not a slight on the other “Total Access” crew members, especially her de facto substitute, Lindsay Rhodes, who is quite talented. In fact, during this period, she’s been pulling double duty co-anchoring “Total Access” on some nights, while hosting the annual “Top 100 Players” series.

Look, people are free to take vacations. In fact, Andrew Siciliano was out last week, with his RedZone Channel colleague, the honorable Scott Hanson, subbing for him. Andrew’s back this week. My point is, this is an unusually long vacation for someone who has been on the network quite often.

And it’s not just me that notices Henderson’s extended absence. There are other NFLN viewers inquiring about her whereabouts on Twitter and Facebook.

For the record, I have no details about the absence, nor am I asking for any. The fact that there are folks wondering why Kara’s been off the air is basically why this post exists. With all due respect, I’m personally not losing sleep at night over it; she can visit each and every baseball stadium and return when the NFL training camps open, if that’s what’s on her agenda. As a blogger, I’m just filling a void.

It’s just strange for a person to be missing for a great deal of time, with nobody addressing it.

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