1. March Madness one of the best times of the year in the sports world. This year especially we have experienced the expected and certainly the unexpected. We have seen tops seeds fall to the underdogs. All of this year’s games have seemed to come down to the final second, buzzer beater would describe this entire season so far.
    One of the biggest upsets out of the first round was Louisville and Morehead St. Morehead beat Louisville in the final seconds showing that a 13 seed knows how to handle a 4 seed. More recently we had VCU beat out 3 Purdue. VCU already beat 6 seeded Georgetown. VCU a play in team was never expected to even make it to the top 64 teams. They have shown strength in both games and are now a big threat to anyone else they play.
    What will this week bring folks? Any other upsets you see on the horizon? Will any other number 1 seeds fall after this week? Pitt being the first out, who else could be in trouble?

  2. Being a diehard Tiger fan I usually wouldn’t defend the Yankees,but I got to give it to them ,they were right there on the brink last season.The starting rotation has yet to prove itself but then again so does every other teams starters.The Red Sox have a lot more to prove!

  3. Please advise pricing for the various advertising levels. A banner would probably be best as some of the “rantzers” may have connections to local municipalities.

  4. Seems a little harsh, I thought the Undertaker v HHH match was fantastic. Loved how the Rock started and finished the event, plus his backstage interaction with May Young was pretty funny. I thought the Edge v Del Rio match starting off the event was a great move, getting everyone’s attention right off the bat. Randy Ortons match was solid, I really enjoyed it overall. I will give you Snooki though, that was horrid, rather than subject myself to that bile I took the opportunity to grab something to eat.

  5. Last night was extremely boring. Didn’t help that we knew who was winning the last 2 big matches! (taker, miz) plus snookis dumb orange ass just killed all momentum after the Taker match. That seemed more like a backlash ppv then a wrestlemania one

  6. UConn takes it. Much abused Big East will walk away cutting down the nets and putting Jim Calhoun up their with the elite when all is said & done with this win
    Kemba will not be denied

  7. I’ve been a fan of wrestling for quite some time and as a fan, I can say I am 100% disappointed in the direction the WWE is going. This Wrestlemania was the worst I have ever seen! It’s not that there wasn’t potential for it to be great, the setup and writing has just sucked lately.

    You make a great point in your blog, the talent is not being used. Instead of spending time on matches the WWE has worked months to set up with storylines…The Corre/Big Show, Edge/Del Rio…the majority of the program was wasted on trying to sell The Rock and Snooki, two people who just so happen to be promoting their latest projects.

    To waste the young talent like Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, and The Corre…I just can’t comprehend it. Every single entrance was longer than The Corre’s match. Are you kidding me? I will never understand why you would start a PPV with a world title match. The reaction on twitter when Del Rio was announced was pure confusion. That was supposed to be one of the biggest matches of the night and left a lot of us wondering why we should even keep watching.

    In the end though, I suppose the WWE did exactly what they set out to do. They left people talking about The Rock and Snooki, with the after thought being Taker/HHH.

  8. I’m not gonna doubt Brad Steven’s glasses winning streak! He is undefeated since switching lol. I’m sticking with the underdog, Butler. I think they want it just as bad and they have just as much experience as UCONN. I didn’t think they would be as good this year without Gordon Hayward and they proved me wrong. Go Butler.

  9. Oh I’m sure he’ll be promoting his new movie, Fast Five, in another 20 minute rambling that he seems to do so well. I actually like that option of him being GM. I hadn’t really considered him as the guy behind the laptop. I don’t think that’s it, but who knows. Maybe we will see a Cena confrontation at the next ppv; however, the WWE never gives the fans what they really want to see without making them wait 3 months…

    I expect some lame new rap about Cena’s red shirt and he’ll probably make a match for Cena…one that he will no doubt win…and that will be the end of it.

  10. I don’t know if Boston is the team everyone thought they would be .They came out flat against Texas.Might be too much pressure on them to live up to the hype.New York looks a lot sronger than anybody thought they would.I’m picking New York in AL East.Detroit has to fix some pitching woes to take the AL Central but who else would I pick?Texas has enough offense to over come their pitching,I pick them in the AL West,I think Philadlphia will somehow overcome the injuries,most likely with a trade,to support the pitching.They take the NL East.I look for The Reds to take the NL Central.Lot’s of power in their lineup and strong pitching.I can’t go against picking San Franciso,awesome pitching and they somehow find a way to win with a so called rag tag team.They come out on top in the NL West.I’m going to pick the Rangers and San Francisco in a rematch.Texas comes out the Champion.

  11. I’m a big Orioles fan and the way they’ve started the season has a lot of people shocked, but they started the same way they finished last season…..winning! Ever since the addition of Buck Showalter as manager, they’ve been playing much more competitive ball. They are young and talented, have a nice pitching staff and bats galore! I see a surprise run all the way like the Rays did a few years ago. Don’t be shocked if it happens, I know I see it happening!

  12. Great article and dead on. Especially like your points on the Officiating. The NBA officiating has always been somewhat suspect when it comes to the superstars, but with referees caught shaving points, (see Tim Donaghy scandal) it is hard to watch a game and not wonder if some of the no calls or “allowances” don’t have something more to them. Great article by Ben Jackson here http://www.stateofthesport.com/?p=1779 about how officiating in general is somewhat suspect these days. Again, great article….keep up the great writing!

  13. The worst part about that Bynum hit was what he said about it afterwards. I understand the frustration and all but seriously he could have really hurt JJ and hurt the Dallas team in future games in this playoff series. It is shameful. He said something like I was sick of the smallest guy running all over the court so “I fouled him” FOULED??? More like laid him out for NO reason!

  14. Couldn’t agree more, the local teams deserve much better from the local media. Sure it isn’t the “Big” leagues so to speak, but these teams and players play their sports for the love of the game and always give 110 percent and then some. For the $10/$12 bucks or so you pay to watch a game, you get so much bang for your buck…quality performance and a fun night out, and it’s all right here in our backyard. I can honestly say that after attending a few Legends games this year, their games are much more exciting than most Siena or NBA games I watch…and I’m a Siena grad. They are also coming off a championship season, as are the ValleyCats. However, it’s more than just winning or losing, it’s a connection with the community and a source of sports and entertainment that the Capital Region needs.

  15. I tend to agree with you. My son loves basketball, and has developed an avid interest in the Legends. He was so thrilled when we found out that Ben Smith and a few of his players would come to our AAU team practice once a week and give them pointers and work out with them. As a result of the generous sharing of their time, I chose to support them as much as we could by going to the home games at CBA. Last Saturday morning, we read in the paper that it was the last weekend at home, they gave the times, and decided that if we could get there in time, we would get to their Saturday night game. We finished our tournament in Saratoga in time, and headed to CBA for the 7pm game (as the paper said), only to discover that the game was actually played earlier in the afternoon. How can we expect the fans to support the team if the media can’t even bother to get the schedule correct?

    Back when I was an avid hockey fan and loved going to the Albany River Rats games, WNYT actually had a half hour show on every weekend (I think it might have been Saturdays) that was all about the team, the players, the Devils, the opponents, the league. It was hosted by the announcer of the games, and all of the games were broadcast on the radio…on a real station at the time, 980AM….not a weak station that you can only receive if you stand in front of the station building. That went a long way to bolstering my support of the team. We don’t have that dedication to local teams any more. Yes, you are right, we hear about the high school teams, but hardly a word of the college teams outside of Siena basketball or UAlbany football….. and even less about the semipro or minor league teams. How do you expect the fans to attend the games if you print the wrong game time in the paper?

  16. Damn! When you lay it all out there like that, it really does suck! I knew the Suns weren’t the smartest team when it came to trades, but looking back at what they could have had, how are they not kicking themselves?! The Suns could have been the new dynasty! Lakers who? It kind of sucks that fans don’t get a say in any of the decisions. When the management is completely destroying a team it would be nice to play the “Fan” trump card. We are the ones who pay to see them play, right?!

  17. I’d have said your post was biased with that many Yankees on the list, but numbers don’t lie! I’m gonna throw Braves catcher, Brian McCann, out there for consideration too. I think he is having an outstanding season for the Braves, averaging .300 with 13 HRs and 43 RBIs. He’s definitely not a Baby Brave any more.

  18. McCann as certainly my first choice and then I did a little research on Avila…amazing and for a Detroit team that is a bit under the radar. Also, consider Avila calls many pitches and many games and has a pitcher (Verlander, who also made my list) who has a No Hitter and multiple Complete Game shutouts this season…All of that was a factor.

    I know the list has many Yankees but i tried to form a team that was versatile, clutch and not based completely 100% on power numbers.

  19. I want to see a Rays guy on here!!! Actually, I am new to baseball and always look to Anthony for the ins and outs to it. And I’m a stats loving girl and these numbers are pretty hard to beat. But Matt Joyce has been swinging the bat like crazy and coming up huge for the Rays and Johnny Damon, Ben Zorbist and Evan Longoria haven’t been too bad either. But yet, I could be some what biased in these picks as well.

  20. As someone who has watched wrestling most of my young life, I have been unimpressed with Raw as of late. I had even taken some time away from watching only to return and have it be just as predictable and cheesy as ever. Last night I decided to tune in one last time and give WWE another chance, hoping that they would finally get it together or at least show me some sign that it could be moving in a different direction.

    CM Punk was exactly what I have been waiting for! Punk has always been phenomenal on the mic, but I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him say everything I’ve been thinking over the past few months. With the decline in ratings every week, I think McMahon is starting to realize that shoving SuperCena down our throats and bringing back “Legends” every week is no longer going to cut it. It has been my hope for a while now that they would change that PG rating and reach back towards the Attitude Era…an Era of QUALITY heels and wrestling.

    Lately the focus has been more on the “Faces” than the in-ring action and it shows with the numerous botched matches that we have witnessed. Last night’s Sin Cara/Evan Bourne match was just another great example. (At least it was finally a quality match!) I just hold on to the possibility that this CM Punk issue is going to lead to an entertaining story of a divide in the company. Maybe Punk will lead a revolt much like Stone Cold Steve Austin used to. If it’s all smoke just to hype up his match against Cena at MIB, I’m going to be incredibly disappointed. It would be yet another case of WWE dropping the ball on something that could have been great!

    Love the suggestion that this might lead to an Austin/Punk match at Mania…who knows? I would much rather see that than Cena/The Rock. Either way, this has changed my opinion of the WWE. Much like Mick Foley, I don’t know where this is going, but I WILL be sticking around to find out.

  21. I’m sorry, but how in the world has Stern exacerbated the problems leading to this lockout?

    22 of the league’s 30 teams lost money this year. What could he have done to stop that that the NBA Players Association wouldn’t be able to block under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement that just expired? He can’t just lower the salary cap to make teams in better shape financially, or reduce contracts, or stop teams from hoarding superstars like Miami did. The NBAPA (A UNION) wouldn’t allow it.

    Blame the owners and Players Union for reaching a deal that benefited the players way too much. It gave them the room to pick where they played, and gave owners enough money to play with to throw at guys like Hedo Turkoglu and Joe Johnson, who deserve half of what they’re making at most.

    I’m not a fan of the guy either, but this isn’t the same situation as the NFL where it’s a bunch of wealthy men deciding how to split $9 billion. He’s taking a decent approach to a sticky situation.

    Also, you mentioned that Stern likes to dish out fines and be a general snob about people that disagree with him. However, there have been plenty of incidents where Goodell has fined people for criticizing officials, and not agreeing with his league, too. He’s also fined players for wearing socks and gloves that don’t match the rest of the team. Your bias against Stern has made you forget this.

    Furthermore, how is it Stern’s fault that LeBron James is the poster boy for the NBA? And, better yet, who cares what type of person he is? Wilt Chamberlain slept with 20,000 women and was the face of the league at one point. Criticize him. Kobe Bryant was the face of the league at one point and was narcissistic enough to cheat on his wife on that fateful evening in Boulder, CO. Criticize him. Or hide your biases better. Your choice.

    Also, Derek Jeter is also quite the womanizer himself. And Sidney Crosby has been deemed a dirty player for his use of the “slew foot,” a maneuver in which a player sweeps out the legs of an opposing player to knock them down. Neither of them sound all too classy. But you like them, so they’re regular Southern Gentlemen to you.

  22. Thanks for Ranting on this topic. Although I do agree with some of your points, i do still strongly disagree with your assessment of Stern.

    But just like any corporation or any business, if issues arise on the Executives watch, blame tends to fall on the Executive.

    I do agree that the NBAPA and Owners shoulder a big brunt of the blame and I did not shy away from pointing that out, but that point alone does not shield Stern from any of the blame. But one fact that cannot be ignored or argued is this is the 2nd Lockout in a 12 year period. So how exactly is Stern not held accountable if he’s Captaining the Ship?

    For the record I never stated I liked any of the aforementioned players I listed as “Poster Boys”. All have their flaws. But I don’t think you can argue at all that any of those players play the game the right way and handle things more often than not in a professional manner. I cannot speak on the Crosby comment because I don’t follow hockey closely enough to debate that. But you do make an interesting comment saying I sort of ignore some of those players’ flaws because “I like them”. But frankly, your criticism of Jeter is a matter of personal opinion alone. I don’t think it’s fair to say Jeter “womanizes” people just to prove a point when there is no fact to support that claim. Sure he has dated a lot of women, but don’t all men? Doesn’t make him a womanizer.

    It’s off how Jeter is called a “womanizer” in a comment that mentions Wilt Chamberlain.

    Also, you made a point about Kobe Bryant being the poster boy with his rape charges. Again, who was running the league during this?

    And there is a thin line between Biases and Opinion. If you’re asking me who I would prefer my child looking up to than I’m going to hope it’s not a Lebron James. Regardless of how he is off the court the way he plays the game and the professionalism on the court scream “petulant child”. We’ve seen Lebrons actions the past few seasons grow more and more irritating. Nobody is denying his amazing talent, just the way he handles himself. And that’s not my fault for pointing out the obvious, nor is it a bias. His actions have just stuck in my head. My fault or Lebrons?

    I also didn’t say this was the same situation as the NFL, I understand the differences. I was merely making a point that TWO lockouts in 12 years is a bit unsettling. Trying to decipher the mis-steps is just an NBA fan trying to find reasoning to an unacceptable outcome.

    Whatever deal that the Owners and Players signed off on that allowed such exuberant contracts HAD to be signed off by the league (Davide Stern). So you can’t make a point about bad contracts and point blame at the NBAPA and Owner’s without mentioning Stern in the same breathe.

    So to answer your initial question, I do NOT fully blame Stern but I do think he has failed to alleviate the issues of the NBA. Sure it’s not his fight alone but he certainly snaps back fiercely when any of his actions or rules are questioned. To clarify, The NFL DOES penalize it’s players when they do question rules or argue calls, but Stern is the only one who has a personal jab in his fines.

    In Stern’s latest fine against Stan Van Gundy, he said:

    “I see somebody whose team isn’t performing, whose star player is suspended, who seems to be fraying,” Stern said of Van Gundy.
    When asked if he’s worried about any more comments from Van Gundy, Stern said he doesn’t expect Van Gundy to speak that way again.

    “I would venture a guess that we’re not going to be hearing from him for the rest of the season,” Stern said. “I think when he stops and reads what he said, realizes what he did, he will say no more. … I have a feeling some modicum of self-restraint will cause Stan, and the team for which he works, to rein in his aberrant behavior.”

    You’re going to tell me that Goodell does this too? I mean Stern takes little pot shots at the organization and Van Gundy.

    All Goodell does is cut to the chase “this player is fined for actions”, end of story. Stern likes to say “this player is a jerk, on a losing time…i win”

    Call my article bias. But you cannot deny the points I made.

    Regardless if you agree with any of it or not I am certainly happy you took the time to Rant with me on this. You seem to really know your NBA stuff. Hope you sign up and Rant with me and the other Ranterz again soon!!

    Thanks again

  23. Way too many commercials during the broadcast at Kentucky and pretty much every race TNT does. Thats a great way to lose fans one race at a time. Show the damn race not 15 commercials during one break. TNT sucks at Nascar broadcasts. Stick to TV drama. Good thing TNT’s coverage is about to end. Fix it next year!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Speedwayman,

    I think that all the fans of NASCAR are in agreement with you and my article. I know that there are some fans who don’t want to see Kentucky ever again. Lets hope that NASCAR fixes these problems or the sport that is known for the fans will be losing all of the fans!

  25. Granted MLB has its own selfish reasons for wanting Jeter at the game, like to capitalize off all the recent 3000 hype. But still, the fans are what its all about and they would love to see Jeter and celebrate with him. He could have gone to the game and just not played and then everybody wins, especially the fans. As good as Jeter’s been for baseball he was off base on this one.

  26. My friend and I waited over six hours and were turned away by the state police with the race 3/4 of the way over. We won’t be back to Kentucky Speedway. Now we have two $200.00 tickets that were never used. We think they should offer the option of a refund; we had already spent the money for a hotel, gas, etc., and don’t want to spend more money on another race this year.

  27. I think Jeff Gordon will win because he’s consistantly had one of the best cars every race. Especially after Indy he’ll come storming into pocono trying to win another here

  28. I am unsure that Brad is going to race the whole race tomorrow. His injury he sustained at Road Atlanta looks to be hurting him a lot. His ankle is bigger than a softball. I am definitely still going with Jeff Gordon or Kasey Kahne winning this race. Kasey was fasted in last practice today and qualified 2nd. Jeff will have to make some ground up after smacking the wall in qualifying which landed him in the 31st starting spot. My dark horse would have to be Carl Edwards.

  29. Not trying to brag but I did call the top 3 and my dark horse won lol….. I hope this little rivalry with Kurt and Jimmy Johnson keeps up. Should make thinks interesting.

  30. Well Andrew, I think during my next preview I will have to interview you first on your picks, haha. But you definitely did very well this past week! I was truly amazed by Brad’s determination to race and have blood drained during the red flag! He wants a spot in the Chase, I wish more NASCAR Drivers had that drive!

    Kurt and Jimmie are definitely providing fans with a lot to talk about too. I am still undetermined as to which side I am on yet…this weekend’s race is going to be intense.

  31. I watched Speed’s top 10 altercations in Nascar and they were great. I never want to see people get hurt but this is racingat it’s best. I have some Nascar contacts if you ever want good interviews.

  32. I want to know who is on the NASCAR coucil for the state of New Mexico. That’s a simple request. Pls

  33. No one is on the council for the state of New Mexico. I would have answered you sooner but I had a prior arrangement that kept me from the computer.

  34. I believe Jeff Gordon will win it all, but Jimmie Johnson will be his biggest competition. Jimmie has never dominated the regular season, sometimes being hundreds of points back before the chase. He always come through. Kyle Busch has shown the ability to win in the minors, and occasionally dominate a Cup race, but can easily self-destruct. Brad K is a darkhorse candidate, but if he continues his streak of top runs, he could take this championship in one of the biggest upsets in recent memory. 24,48,2,22,17 is my top 5

  35. Modano is easily a first ballot Hall of Famer and one of the best ever. Wish he could have done more in his Hometown of Detroit, but he gave his all when he could. A great player, a great guy.

  36. Anyone here what an attorney in Hawaii is trying to do? The attorney’s name is Michael Green and he’s trying to set up a Pacquiao/Mayweather fight at aloha stadium. I think it’s a good idea but I’m not sure it would work from a money standpoint. Mayweather is all about $$$ so he would have to be promised a lot of it to fight Pacquiao, especially if he has to fly all the way out here to fight. http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/15529880/hawaii-attorney-taking-a-shot-at-pacquiao-mayweather-fight

  37. Shows how good of a researcher you are…
    1) That is his blog… where he can state his opinion… it is not his newspaper articles
    2) Ken is mainly there to cover the local college hockey and that is when his articles are long and researched… So before bashing someone do some actual research

  38. Stephen,

    Although I see your point (and the validity it may have) you also emphasize other issues I pointed out in my blog post. Mind you, throughout the article I took a stance of “in my opinion” and never claimed to be correct in all my assertions.

    In an age where more and more people are accessing information online, the Gazette fails to grasp the online concept that has now become culture. Here is some research; watch the two minute or so long video at the bottom of this page – http://www.eliterankmarketing.com/

    So I went to do some further research. In doing so, I went to the source that I, like most people today, usually do and i went online. By doing a basic search in Gazette’s own search box I find this result:

    I clicked on the first article:

    A Short paragraph “preview” and to read more I have to pay for a subscription to their paper. So i went further down the list and a few pages deep. I do agree that there are longer articles, but a good number of his posts are short blurbs.

    And to be honest in no place in my article did I rip Schott as a print journalist or deny his credibility in that field in any way. My entire tone and reference of the article was referring to the online industry.

    When I click on most of his accessible articles (i do not have a subscription to any paper) a rather large portion is short sentences. So in my opinion thats poor. Especially in an article where you are ripping into someone. Hate my view or love it I took time into composing the article. His online article was only a few short paragraphs. If his articles are longer in the print, than why not post the entire thing online?

    Furthermore I don’t really think Schott comes off very well portraying “the voice” of the Capital Region sports fans. If you have an opinion, speak for yourself. He could have at least speculated that people would agree. So I disagreed with that, in my defense I took my own stance.

    To further address your comment that “So before bashing someone do some actual research”, let’s put this in perspective. You have no issue calling me out for my lack of what you believe to be “thorough investigating”, but in Schott’s own article he says (and I quote):

    “It took not even 30 seconds for me to make up my mind about Bruce Jacobs, who is replacing the fired Brian Sinkoff from 3-7 p.m. on WTMM-FM (104.5).”

    Thirty seconds of “research” adequate for you?

    I put close to 2 hours into this article. So according to that logic I did 240 times the research Mr. Schott did.

    Stephen whether we agree or not this is how sports fans, especially in a local forum should talk sports. You disagree, I disagree but we both made our points. I didn’t just point to the Gazette either in my article, I did point at local sports talk radio stations for being slow to engage listeners.

    We are all online, on our smartphones and interactive so why can’t our sports information be that way too? We here at SportsRantz.com have an online sports fan community which isn’t perfect & is still in “toddler stages”. But it’s all about discussions/debates such as this one. So regardless of your view on this article, my comments or my work, thanks for commenting.

    Speaking from the stance of someone who consumes all his information online, I believe local media for the most part is slow to join the party. In no way am I inferring that “this here is the answer” , but I have enough faith in the theory that online isn’t a “fad” but more culture and a big part of it.

  39. Anthony

    You hit that dead on. I don’t want that b***** representing me. She’s a poor excuse
    for Women to follow with her stupid comments of hatred & disgust.
    She should not be allowed to write again for any paper, period.
    I would love to personally talk to her on the phone or in person for that matter.
    Just to see her face as I ask her some questions.
    Think that can be arranged?
    If the Saint Rose Chronicle has any moral fiber and if any of their journalists have respect for their own work (most importantly the female writers) Abby Finkelman will be removed from the paper and the article removed from their website. I’m not disputing that a suspension would be justified either.

  40. Tammy thanks so much for the comment! It’s infuriating to say the least to see how this student is conducting herself. The fact the college allows it is even more troubling. To think of all the young women who attend the college who have this type of garbage in front of their faces is also an issue. I just shake my head. I’d suggest emailing the college paper via the email address in the article. Feel free to cite this blog post and thanks for reading!

  41. I am ashamed to have my school represented this way, especially having been an athlete myself and working in athletics. There seems to be a campus wide misconception about our athletes that is only perpetuated by people like Abby spewing their hate. This also hasn’t been the first article smearing athletes if I recall correctly. Thank you for posting this.

  42. Ya know, if I would ever see this person out in public…I probably would walk up to her and tell her what I really think about her. As being a high school athlete, a female sports fan and writer I never want someone like that to ever represent me. Outlandish accusations about linking rape to sports and athletes just goes to show how much she truly knows about sports. I refuse to let this person be the voice of women period because no one needs to be associating this lady with the rest of us.

    She is a horrid display of a woman…I could go on for days about how disgusted and pissed off I am over this. haha

  43. I must start by saying I am not a fan of PSU. I live 40 mins from the main campus and am surrounded by PennState die hard fans. I’m tired of hearing about this whole thing. I believe it was coverd up to protect the squeaky clean image of PSU. I do think with Jo Pa’s stature in the community he could have done more to stop a sex offender. That being said there is a small part of me that thinks he did nothing wrong. He reported it to his superiors, they told him it was being taken care of and that was the end of it. There have been lots of stories around the valley that he went to the police or wanted to go to the police and was told not to. True or not I dont know? With as corrupt as some of these colleges can get, especially with their reputation, their football program and lots of money on the line, I guess we will never know. I just feel for the victims and their families, the footbal players who had nothing to do with this but still have to pay the consequences and yes even JoPa for having to end such a great career on such bad term. Just a very very sad situation.

  44. well this week phoenix will be different!!!! Will smoke win again will carl fail will they both fall and jj wins????? In my opinion besides kahne smoke is on fire he is out for his 3rd title sorry flipper but smoke got ya!!!!!

  45. After one period, the Bruins are leading the Islanders 3-0… Did Rick leave his superhero cape at the cleaners, because Boston is taking the Uniondale Islanders to them!

  46. Interesting story. I had heard of this one earlier. There are several edges on this blade, and they are all sharp.
    The first thing I would say, and ESPN can also probably claim, is that legal and moral obligation are two different things. The people involved at Penn State were required by law to report such sexual misconduct. If one could show ESPN had a legal obligation to report the audio tape to the authorities, one would also have to show that the audio tape was proof of sexual misconduct. According to ESPN, the angle we are not thinking about is simple, the audio tape may have been a prank or a staged recording. There will be no way to show ESPN was withholding evidence.

    Another sharp edge: If ESPN brings this tape to the authorities when they got it, I would be ok with that. Let the authorities decide on the authenticity of the tape. If ESPN decides to air that tape without confirmation, lawsuits fly. Again, they can show a reason for sitting on the tape, and even if the law requires evidence of sexual abuse to be reported, ESPN can show the authenticity of the tape as in question, until now.

  47. Great points Dave and I’ve considered them as well. Dan Patrick raised some good questions about this, particularly about ESPN not initially reporting it.

    – If the audio authenticity is in question, don’t you look into it? ESPN spends so much time digging dirt on lesser matters and the investigation to find the answer wouldn’t have been too overwhelming.

    – If ESPN handed it over to police, than they lose “exclusivity” to the story. Meaning, they wouldn’t be the ones to break it….

    Just some thoughts to share that I personally felt Dan Patrick hit the nail right on the head on.

  48. You can go ahead with your legal vs. moral obligation. But you fail to understand ESPN themselves used that argument AGAINST Joe Paterno with all of their analysts saying “Joe Paterno failed to uphold his moral obligation to do more”. So in essence, if you are trying to defend ESPN, you are using an argument that is damning to them just as much as it was damning to Joe Paterno. Let’s not forget Joe lost his job despite fulfilling his LEGAL obligation. There was a lot of pressure on the Board of Trustees to fire Joe Paterno, a whole lot from media such as ESPN, for not fulfilling his “moral obligation.” Using that exact same argument and maintaining a level playing field, those at ESPN with carnal knowledge of the taped evidence who did NOT fulfill their “moral obligation” under the same pretences should lose their jobs as well.

  49. Going into further detail, ESPN has clearly shown to go ahead and report items not necessarily confirmed by other sources. They have breaking news based on someone’s Twitter accounts nowadays! They also report another company reports news. I’ve heard them say, “Foxsports.com reports that…” and they use that as news. Their defense that they needed corroborating evidence before they can air the story is actually completely irrelevent to the “moral obligation” they had. ESPN was hand delivered by the victim this tape. Now, could it be counterfeit? you bet! But ESPN has all kinds of resources at their disposal to authenticate the voices in the tape. OR, they could have done old-fashioned journalism and asked Bernie Fine’s wife back in 2002/3 if it was her on the other end. There is no proof they did this. But that’s ok too. They didn’t have to do that. They could have/should have turned it over to police immediately. I’m sorry but to use the reason that they lose the right to the story does not satisfy me in terms of witholding evidence to sexual abuse to minors. In fact, my interpretation of it is that they were waiting for MORE sexual abuse to occur so they could verify their story. That’s much worse than anything Joe Paterno did, or didn’t do.

  50. ESPN is a joke… Would rather have negative stories as the headline than “Big Ten Coach of the Year” yes, I am biased, or ANYthing positive.
    In this case, what… couldn’t make a phone call to the Fine’s residence to match a voice? No phones at HQ?? If I were ESPN, I would shut up about all this, because THEY KNEW…. 8 years ago, and did NOTHING?? Those people are just as guilty as Joe Paterno…. sheeeesh

  51. I said it earlier, I do not know what happened when ESPN received the tape, but ESPN should have handed it over to the authorities. Thing is, the allegations have been under investigation before. Was this tape part of that earlier investigation by the authorities? I just don’t see that being the case, and the tape isn’t admissible until it is confirmed, so the authorities should have had the tape to confirm. The entire premisis of this article is sound, as ESPN does seem to have sat on that tape. I don’t think anything can be done about such negligent reporting, unless that tape could be considered relevant to the earlier case, ESPN then would have been withholding evidence. That probably isn’t going to happen.

  52. While I agree with most of your points about Jacobs, you Re completely out of line regarding Sinkoff’s show. Do you know anything about ratings? Do you know how Sinkoff’s show even did? Apparently not, because you seem to think his performance was the reason for his dismissal. His show was rated #1 in his final ratings book. He was consistently in the top 5 during his time slot. Perhaps you should do some research before you make bold generalizations. Just google Sinkoff and ratings like I literally just did before posting.

  53. Frank, thank you for the feedback and for reading. While I respect your point of view and totally think your facts are valid, in no where in my article do I relate Sinkoff’s dismissal with ratings.

    I based my opinion on his dismissal due to a few factors:

    A. My very own opinion of his show
    B. The reaction on multiple articles that reported his dismissal:


    C. Personal discussions I had with other locals over the entire tenure of his show.

    So while I cited his performance, it was not in a ratings aspect. It was merely my personal opinionated thoughts on the quality of his show, which I am entitled to.

    And to answer your question, yes I am quite aware of ratings as this website has an online radio station.

    Furthermore, think about this. If Sinkoff’s ratings were so good (which I am not doubting they were) than other areas of his performance cost him his job. Without a clear concise reason from WTMM why he was fired and what reasons led to the show dismissal we are ALL left to wonder and form our opinions, which is exactly what I did. So with no detailed reporting, it greatly handcuffs the research process.

    Thanks for reading and commenting! Have a happy holiday!

  54. You have constantly bashed Sinkoff’s show from the beginning. As for the articles talking about his dismissal, so what? It explained what happened. A new company took over and wanted to put in their own people – it happens all the time and that’s what happened here. It had nothing to do with anything Sinkoff did. You didn’t like the show but I loved it.

    As far as your personal discussions you had with other locals on the show, I had those discussions as well. And everyone I talked to liked the show. That’s a matter of opinion. Just because 20 of your friends from your inner circle didn’t like the show doesn’t mean it was a bad show.

    You clearly didn’t know the ratings of his show until I called you out about it.

    As for Sinkoff not covering local sports, are you serious? He covered high school, Siena, UAlbany, Union, RPI and all the local teams. In fact, some said he covered too much local. You are way off base on your observations of he show.

    Look at his replacement. Be careful what you wish for.

  55. And you’re right I have bashed his show from the beginning. Reason being, the first few episodes i tuned into were Sinkoff bashing the area and poking fun at locals. Personally, that’s something I will raise issue with. I also never liked the constant hanging up on callers who disagreed with his opinions. Something the station manager, Brian Noe, even said on the air was an issue with the show and a complaint they constantly received. So even though you’d like to dismiss it as simple “matter of opinion” it seemed to resonate at some degree with the station manager, enough to raise it on the air.

    It’s funny, you’re quick to discredit other people’s opinions and dismiss my conversations with locals as “a matter of opinion” but still generalize the statement that “everyone liked the show”. Just because you loved it or you see it as “a new company coming in” doesn’t necessarily discredit my opinion or anyone else’s for that matter.

    “Just because 20 of your friends from your inner circle didn’t like the show doesn’t mean it was a bad show”

    I didn’t know you were privy to the conversations I had, whom they were with and how many people that included. And telling me what I did or did not know as far a ratings. While I don’t mind debating with you and interacting with you and respect your points, please respect my thoughts as well by not belittling them. It’s fine to disagree.

    Listen Frank, I understand you’re a fan of Sinkoff, but im entitled to my opinion and my preferences on local radio. Did he cover local high school sports? Yes, most certainly. But any other minor league team or semi pro team in the area (Tri-City Valley Cats, Albany Legends, etc) were hardly mentioned. And I personally had communication with the owners of some of these teams who stated that the only way they were to get any mention on 104.5 is by paying some astronomical fee. So before picking apart ever word I say, keep in mind I actually may be speaking from familiarity. I covered the Albany Legends throughout the entire 2011 season, so I saw the presence of 104.5 first hand. So i’m not off base at all, I’m actually right on point.

    Again, if you’re going to pick apart things I say, be factual. I want to reiterate in no where in my article did I relate Sinkoff and his ratings at any point in time. Not doing so is no indication I have no clue what ratings are. In fact I raised this point in my last reply:

    “Furthermore, think about this. If Sinkoff’s ratings were so good (which I am not doubting they were) than other areas of his performance cost him his job. Without a clear concise reason from WTMM why he was fired and what reasons led to the show dismissal we are ALL left to wonder and form our opinions, which is exactly what I did. So with no detailed reporting, it greatly handcuffs the research process.”

    In conclusion, you seem to be off base as far as the topic of the article. This is about Bruce Jacobs, not Brian Sinkoff. I mentioned Sinkoff briefly in an opinionated opening paragraph.

    And I actually take issue with your last comment. Just because I didn’t like Sinkoff’s show doesn’t mean I wished for Jacobs to come on the air and make the comments he did. That’s out of line Frank. I merely wanted change and wanted to hear something better on the airwaves as a sports fan and a local.

    While I have no issue debating, reading and interacting with you and while I appreciate your thoughts please stay within the context of the article topic.

  56. Well you’re wrong about the ValleyCats. Several of my good friends work for them and Sinkoff always talked about them and said how they did it right. I can’t speak about the Legends because I’ve never heard of them.

    I’m a lifelong Capital Region native and i wasn’t offended about what he said about the area. It seemed like he did a lot of work to get to know the area.

    That being said, with your blog and “radio show”, I’m sure you feel like you could have done a better job than Sinkoff. More power to you. Good luck with that.

  57. Anthony,

    Clearly we have differing opinions about Sinkoff’s show and that’s fine. However, I think what we can both agree on is that Jacobs’ actions deserved some sort of punishment. I can’t believe the station didn’t even suspend him! But then again, we’re talking about the same station that hired him given his less than desirable track record.

    Has the WNBA had any thoughts on this?

  58. Glad to have been a part of this since the first year!! Congrats on how much it’s evolved and turned into some really amazing shows, tv shows, fan fare is awesome and such great bloggers!! Can’t wait to see what else the future holds!