NBA Draft Lottery Winners and Losers

NBA Draft Lottery Winners and Losers



1) Celtics

What a time to be a Boston Celtics fan.

In 24 hours Boston won Game 7 against the Washington Wizards and landed the first pick in this year’s draft. The Celtics are gearing up to play the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday.

“What a time to be Boston fan!”

the pick is the fallout from the great trade the Celts pulled off with the Brooklyn Nets in the 2013 draft involving Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce which included Gerald Wallace, some expiring deals and draft picks. One of those picks was a “sawp-rights”pick that ended up landing the #1 overall pick for Boston in this year’s draft.

The only question I have is, what do they do with the pick?

Do they keep the pick and get a young stud like Markelle Fultz or trade it for a player like Paul George or Jimmy Butler?

I would just keep the pick and take Fultz, but we will see.

2) Lakers

Congratulations to Magic Johnson (and Rob Pelinka); the Los Angeles Lakers were spared by the basketball gods, and afforded some good luck.

Los Angeles had a 46.9 percent chance of keeping its pick.  Had it landed fourth or lower, the Lakers would’ve been forced to send their selection to the Philadelphia Sixers along with their 2019 first rounder to the Orlando Magic to close out the Dwight Howard trade.

Instead, they will lose their 2018 first rounder to the Sixers, but it’s OK.

They’re now in a prime position to add a young stud to their core and make other big moves with the #2 pick.

A core of Julian Randle, D’Angelo Russell, Bandon Ingram, and #2 (Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, or De’Aaron Fox), along with Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance, and Ivica Zubac is exciting for Lakers fans.

3) 76ers

Philadelphia didn’t land its “dream scenario”, which would have been the No. 1 pick (its own) and the No. 4 pick (the one belonging to the Lakers).

Still, Philly jumped up multiple spots in the draft order and should be in position to select a quality player such as talented wings like Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum or guards De’Aaron Fox or Malik Monk.

They can use this pick to build around Ben Simmons, Joel Emid, and Dario Saric.

Joel Emid was unbelievable. He was their as the Sixers representative and had great reactions throughout, I’m sure memes were floating around social media and perhaps they still are today.

A little trash talk. Some priceless expressions. Plenty of entertainment thanks to Embiid.



1) Phoenix Suns

Rough, rough night for the Suns. After tanking harder than anyone else down the stretch, going so far as to rest several key plays for a month, the Suns got leapfrogged by both the Lakers and Sixers.

They can still take a really good player at 4 like Fox, Jackson, or Tatum, but any plans for a Lonzo Ball or Markelle Fultz to team up with Devin Booker is now gone.

To make things worse GM Ryan McDonough will wake up on Wednesday knowing that Isaiah Thomas, a former Sun, is leading the Celtics against the Cavaliers.

2) New York Knicks

Poor Knicks fan. After a drama filled season of Phil Jackson vs Carmelo Anthony, Porzingis is unhappy now, and the Knicks lose the coin Flip to the Minnesota TimberWolves.


When the Knicks landed at the 8th spot, I felt for their Fans. It almost seems like te franchise is cursed.

Still, the Knicks could add someone like Dennis Smith, Frank Ntilikina, Lauren Markkanen, or Johnathan Issac to build around Porzingis

So, not all is bad.
Phil, do the right things and build around Porzingis, move on from Melo, and lose the triangle offense.