Seth Curry Joins Stephen Curry


Former Duke Guard, Seth Curry, went un-drafted in the 2013 NBA Draft. Seth Curry averaged 17.5 PPG and shot 44% from 3pt his senior year at Duke. Seth Curry was one of the best shooters in the NCAA last year but yet he went un-drafted. The undrafted rookie signed a contract with the Golden State Warriors where his older brother is the star player. 

Seth Curry

I think Seth Curry could be one of the best shooters in the NBA in 3-5 years. His father, Del Curry, was one of the best shooters in NBA history and his brother Steph is one of the best shooters in the league right now, so it’s not unlikely that Seth can’t join them. I think Seth is extremely underrated and will surprise people this year. 

Post By: Mitch Loome
Twitter: @NBAUpToDate
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