John Wall Brings us all Back Down to Earth


Photo Credit: @BulletsForever

The title hints at the Washington Wizards star point guard showing off his amazing, god gifted abilities to just blur by opposing defenders and score at the basket in fascinating, jaw-dropping ways.

Unfortunately, things were way, way different for Wall after Monday night’s thrilling double OT victory over the Boston Celtics 133-132.

The 5th year player out of Kentucky was once again absolutely stellar. Wall had 26 points, 17 assists and 7 rebounds but the only thing on the Wiz’s guard’s mind was his young friend Miyah.

Miyah Nelson, a beautiful 5-year old little girl who had a form of cancer known as Burkitt’s lymphoma. Diagnosed in October, young Miy went through months of chemotherapy. She’s had dialysis, spinal taps and extended stays at Children’s National Medical Center.

It all started when Miyah, asked by her mother what she wanted instead of dolls or other toys, said she wanted to meet Nicki Minaj.

“Okay, I don’t know if Mommy can do that,” Kadisha Telemaque responded.

However, through a few people, John Wall had a connection to Miyah Nelson, and once he heard of this improbable but not impossible wish, John Wall did what he could to help made Miya’s dream a reality.

“Hi Miyah!!!!” wrote Nicki Minaj on Twitter. “Let’s see what we can come up with for a pretty little princess. ;)”

John Wall is a superstar. With that comes perks like these.  But he figures he should use those things “to do great things and help other peoples’ lives.”

And that’s what he did.

John Wall is something else of a player. He’s even more as a person.

“I’m a shy person, I’m real quiet, but it was great,” Wall said. “You never want to miss an opportunity to put a smile on a kid’s face.”

No words for this, John Wall you are something special.

Unfortunately, 9 months after John Wall, NBA superstar, and Miyah Nelson, 5-year old Cancer patient, became best friends, the sad news came down that is always feared in these situations.

Miyah Nelson passed away on December 8, 2014.

Every piece of equipment John Wall wore on his stellar basketball night will go to the family of young Miyah Nelson, who is gone way too soon. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Wall will be there for the family whenever they need.

Miyah Nelson will be missed. Her impact on the world, however, won’t be, because it’s going nowhere.

John Wall, you’re something else. You were already one of my favorite players, now you’re even more. You’re an incredible person.

RIP Miyah Nelson.

And F Cancer.

Photo Credit: Washington Post

A lot of help for this article came from Dan Steinberg’s article on March 8th.