Gordon Hayward on Inside Stuff Saturday!


Photo Credit: Fox Sports

On September 24, 2013 NBA TV decided to bring back “Inside Stuff” with hosts Kristen Ledlow and Grant Hill.

Tomorrow, my favorite player Gordon Hayward will be a guest on the weekly program.

Unfortunately (for me and not viewers or their ratings) the episode will also have a feature on Russell Westbrook.

Gordon Hayward is my Luke Skywalker.

Russell Westbrook is my Darth Vader.

So this should be a really fun episode, half of it i’ll watch with a smile the other half just shaking my head all over the place.

Here’s the preview for Gordon Hayward’s appearance on NBA TV’s Inside Stuff which airs at 12 PM EST on Saturdays.


Gordon Hayward got his max contract this past off-season with the Utah Jazz after his incumbent club smartly matched the Charlotte Hornet’s offer. (Boy, Charlotte would’ve been dangerous)

The Jazz are still in rebuild mode, integrating yet another youngster with a ridiculously high ceiling into their future this season, 5th overall pick Dante Exum out of Australia. Hayward, 24, is one of the veterans on this Jazz squad. Still a few seasons away from hitting his prime, that hasn’t stopped him from putting up career numbers in the first year of his 4-year/$63 million dollar contract for Utah. Who, on top of being a very young and still building squad, has a new Head Coach in Quin Snyder. Who, despite popular belief, is not a secret agent.

Utah is 6-16 and just snapped a 10 game losing streak, but that hasn’t stopped them from knocking off two of the league’s elite teams. They’ve defeated both the Cleveland Cavaliers –on a Gordon Hayward buzzer beater– and to snap their 10 game skid they beat the defending champion San Antonio Spurs.

Pieces are in place, but Utah needs more. Hopefully Ledlow and Hill will keep things light on Inside Stuff as they usually do.


The episode will also ironically feature my least favorite player, Oklahoma City Thunder shooting point guard Russell Westbrook. The complaining, flopping, emotional roller coaster tycoon that he is is also one of the league’s most exciting players. And on many occasions, one of the best.

I admit, he’s fun to hate. Because he does most of the things that make him so intolerable to himself. But he’s still got the reputation as the guy who will wear this outfit pregame and that outfit postgame, and the league and it’s social media base just eats that up.

I’ll pass.

But he won’t!

Go Gordon!