Jets, Idzik, Rex, Season and Employment on Line in San Diego


Its certainly nothing new for fans of one of the worst franchises in the history of the NFL to be looking forward to baseball season again in early October, but for tortured Jets fans today’s game in San Diego also can affect the future of their “leaders”.

Woody Johnson put Rex Ryan on notice this week when he said he is disappointed with the way the team has performed so far this season, but any real football fan with common sense can see that Rex is working in a dark room with no one to help guide him. For the first four seasons of his employment, Rex was his own light trying to find his way, however after initial success his first 2 seasons, Rex found himself holding the head of his GM Mike Tannebaum, along with failing to nurture the teams coveted franchise QB Mark Sanchez.

Now that John Idzik is head of the bringing talent in department, fans can no longer blame Rex for the incredible lack of depth and talent on a roster that any blind man could see needed reinforcements in the offseason. Everyone, except John Idzik. By failing to secure any legit CB, offensive lineman or depth at WR, Idzik has doomed the Jets to another “wait til next year” cry that many fans are sick and tired of calling.

Next week I will get into detail about the disaster that has formed in Florham Park, but for today we will wait to see if the defense Rex claims is “one of the best” in football can actually cause a turnover (one of only two teams in the NFL to NOT have forced an INT – the other is his twin Rob’s defense in New Orleans – noticing a trend here?

Despite the lack of depth at WR and credible options at CB and offensive line (5 false start penalties at HOME last week) the Jests have been their own worst enemy as far as costing them wins so far this season. Their offense behind second-year QB Geno Smith have just signed a contract with ABC to produce new segments for “20-20” as the team seems to be able to move consistently between those two lines, but no where else. Obviously Smith needs to end the disastrous mistakes he has made in the red zone the last 3 games, but he has to do that with without the coaching staff limiting his options as the did during the first half of last weeks no show against the Lions. Either the Jets trust Smith or they don’t and handcuffing him will only turn a 24-17 game into a 24-3 game.

Woody Johnson also has failed to notice the nose on his face by claiming that the 20 million Idzik left on the table in the offseason has not affected the team this year, and that he believes Idzik is setting the Jets up for the “long term” something Rex has repeated. Rex has followed the organizational tone, but offered, “We want to build a team that has sustainability and [will] be successful over the long period.” Unfortunately when only 2 of the 12 picks you made in May are on the roster, that’s something you can’t claim.

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