Woody Johnson Can’t Take No for Answer – Jets Fan Prayer to God


(Photo courtesy of www.kirkwilcox.com)

Christmas came late (December 29) for Jets fans this year, as the never-should-have-been hire for GM two offseasons ago, John Idzik, was fired. Fans were less excited to see Rex Ryan (the winningest postseason coach in team history) go, but after four straight seasons of missing the postseason and his team suffering nine losses of 25 points or more in his six seasons (eight coming in his last four seasons) he could not be kept around with a search for a new GM taking place.  What will turn this happy new year into a nightmare will be what looks to be coming in who the media is speculating to be the next head coach.

Late on New Years’ Eve, word came down from Buffalo that Head Coach Doug Marrone was opting out of his contract due to “uncertainty with the ownership”. Hmm…did he scribble “I resign as HC of the NYJ” on a paper napkin as well? This looks and sounds a lot like when Bill Bellichick resigned as the Jets head coach (a position he held for just one day) for the same reasons, meanwhile he had an agreement to take over the reigns in New England.

First off, if the Jets and Woody Johnson are DUMB enough to hire a coach that went 15-17 in the AFC East the last two seasons and whose offenses finished in the bottom half of the league, despite supposedly being an offensive coach, Jets fans will LOSE IT. Not only will the league investigate and probably find the Jets guilty of colluding with Marrone and his people, but it will REEK of the SAME DISASTEROUS HIRINGS this inept franchise has come to master.

When word came down from writers around the NFL that Charlie Casserly is in love with Marrone and will advise the Jets to make the hire, I felt a dark, cold, PAINFUL streak go down the middle of my back. I thought to myself “Can I take another 3-4 years of a clueless hack roaming the sidelines?” Can I take the fact that the owner of the football team I root for is a COMPLETE and TOTAL MORON, who despite chance after chance to make the right hire and FINALLY turn this franchise into a winner, continues to stab the Jets fans in their heart.

If Sir Woodrow moves forward with this unmitigated disaster of a hire, I am done as a fan. Not only that, but I will encourage every fan to boycott this franchise. Sell their season ticket, burn their merchandise, etc. because his franchise HATES you.

However, we have not yet come to that nightmare. Sir Woodrow STILL has the chance to do the right thing and hire a GM first that has a strong, unquestioned backround in player evaluation, scouting and knows how to build an organization. Word on the street is Eric DeCosta has turned down the Jets request for an interview…SO WHAT!!! DeCosta is one of the brightest young minds in the game and if Woody Johnson has to show up at his door to personally make a plea to get him to agree to an interview, then that’s what he needs to do. If DeCosta is the best out there, than gosh-darn-it Woody, show some leadership and let your fans know you will do all you can to hire the best man out there. If DeCosta still won’t do it, then go after his current boss, Ozzie Newsome.

Memo to Woody. No more damn excuses and stop wasting our time with train wreck hires like John Idzik because you are too lazy and careless and take no for an answer. What ever happened to “not taking no” for an answer? Isn’t that the way winners run their franchise? So stop making excuses Woody, and hire the best damn person for the job, not someone the other teams are pushing on you because all the top candidates aren’t interested. MAKE THEM INTERESTED! Do your DAMN JOB!!! You have been the owner of this abortion of a franchise since 2000 and you preside over a TOTAL LAUGHINGSTOCK because you KEEP HIRING THE WRONG PEOPLE!!! YOUR FANS DESERVE BETTER, SO GIVE IT TO THEM!!

Lastly, where on EARTH is Bill Cowher in this? Why isn’t he being mentioned for the GM and head coaching job? As I wrote about before, the Jets can’t miss on reaching out to Cowher like they did in 2009. At 57, Cowher is still young enough to lead this franchise for at least a decade. MAKE THE CALL WOODY!!! Cowher had more success in his 15 seasons at the helm of the Steelers then the Jets have had in the 45 years they have been in the NFL since the merger.

While Thursday turns into Friday and the New Year officially begins , I pray Dear God, that Woody Johnson DOES THE RIGHT THING for once in his tenure as owner. As I close this email, here is a note from a life long Jets fan to God.

Dear God,

PLEASE don’t let Woody Johnson hire Doug Marrone or any other second rate hack that will continue the seemingly endless parade of losing and ineptness this horrid franchise has become famous for. I can’t take fans of other teams ALWAYS LAUGHING AT ME because of the team I root for. I’m sick and tired of watching the Patriots, a franchise that was no better off than we were when Mo Lewis changed history by knocking Drew Bledsoe from the game and creating a chance for then little known Tom Brady, win division title after division title and clinch homefield advantage in the AFC playoffs (something the Jets franchise has NEVER done).

God, I come to you on my knees BEGGING that you give Mr. Johnson insight and a clear vision. While most of the football world and total blind men could see the awful moves he has made in the past coming miles down the road, Mr. Johnson has not. PLEASE instill in him wisdom and tenacity to go after and hire the BEST candidate out there and not some second rate hack that we always seem destined to get. Please God, let Mr. Johnson hire a proven winner capable of providing us long suffering fans with hope. Please don’t Mr. Johnson settle.

Thank you God. Amen.

A Long Suffering Jets Fan