Twitter Reacts to Team USA’s 2014 Olympic Sweater in Disgust

Team USA's 2014 Olympic sweaters [Photo credit: USA Hockey]


Are they really that bad?

Team USA unveiled the 2014 USA Olympic sweaters earlier today, and let me tell you, fans are not pleased.

The sweaters could be uglier, I suppose. People don’t design athletic jerseys to make them look bad. Although the creation of the 1979 Vancouver Canucks sweater was simply awful. Just be happy whoever created those sweaters is not American.

The changes

The changes to Team USA’s Olympic sweater include:

  • The front logo has more detail in the current jersey. The logo is shaped like a badge and has “USA” written within it, which isn’t a terrible addition.
  • The artistic display on the arms of the 2010 Olympic sweater isn’t on the 2014 Olympic sweater.
  • The shiny stars you see on the shoulders of the 2014 Olympic sweater are a new addition.
  • The placement of the stripes are in different areas of the sweater.


My view: Personally, I’m not a fan. However I also don’t find them terrible. After all, it’s not the sweater that matters. Connor says it perfectly below.

After seeing the sweaters myself, I was interested in what others had to say. Therefore, I went and did a search on twitter to find tweets I could share in this article. Most tweets included derogatory comments, so I did my best to find appropriate tweets to display.







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