Is Robinson Cano breaking out of his slump?

During April, the question was when is Robinson Cano going to start hitting? Also, when will Cano hit a HR? I questioned that myself while watching Robinson Cano. There were moments where Robinson Cano would make me want to tear my hair out because of his constant RISP failures. But don’t get me wrong, Robinson Cano wasn’t the only one that made me want to tear my hair out. There was Alex Rodriguez who was having an up and down year so far. And there was Mark Teixeira, who just can’t seem to beat the shift that the opposing teams put against him. But there was something about Robinson Cano that frustrated me. He was the All-Star second baseman last year. He was the Home Run Derby Champion. He was the Yankees go to guy for RBI’s & HR’s. Before today, I didn’t know what to think about Robinson Cano. Again, that was before today.

In the 3rd inning of tonight’s game, Robinson Cano blasted a grand slam to help the Yankees in their journey to win 10-4 against the Kansas City Royals. As Robinson Cano trotted around the bases, I kept thinking in my mind that this could be the HR that gets Cano out of his slump. This could be the table setter to another monster year for Robinson Cano.

I like Cano just as much as the next person which is why I want him to do well this season. He is apart of the middle of the dynamic Yankees order that hasn’t been dynamic the past month or so. The Yankees can’t keep depending on the top of the order and the bottom of the order. The power hitters in the middle of the lineup have to prove their money’s worth. For now there is no Eric Chavez with a power bat off the bench. There is no Brett Gardner who can manufacture his own run by using his legs. There’s just the Yankees and Robinson Cano.

Here’s a couple of stats for you: Robinson Cano hit his 8th career grand slam today for the Yankees. He doubled his RBI’s from 4 to 8 for the season. Sure, that’s not where Robbie wants to be in terms of RBI’s, but those 4 RBI’s he gained today is a start, a big start. So is Robinson Cano getting out of his slump? You never know–but that HR right there was a big start.  Maybe just the start Cano needs to get going.

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