Is Manic Monday bringing you down? Have you missed out on some prime racing and hockey news? Are you counting down the hours until the work day is over? Well, we have the cure for all of that right here on Slicks and Sticks tonight from 8-10pm est!! Miss Kristina and the SnS team have a brilliant show lined up for all the fans tonight! Who tamed the Tricky Triangle and left the corn fields of Iowa with the victories in the NASCAR series and who ended up making a hard charge in the Slicks and Sticks Points Standings? You will hear it all tonight LIVE!! Plus, Kristina will have a few special announcements regarding Thursday’s show Slingin’ Dirt!!



We unveiled our guests for the week and it’s a great mixture of hockey and racing guests to keep the fans excited about the best way to end Mondays! One of our guests this week is making their SnS debut and he is very excited about joining the line up! Huge thanks to our PR rep for the show, Championship PR for working hard and getting amazing guests lined up and for dealing with Miss Kristina on a daily basis! We all know how tough she can be at times! Tonight we will focus on some hockey as well with having Ashley K on the show to talk news, headlines, toolbox members and race picks as well!! The show is going to showcase the Richmond International Raceway as well!



At 8:20 pm Slicks and Sticks will be joined by Tony Housman, who is making his debut to Slicks and Sticks! We welcome Tony to the show and are looking forward to having him talk about his racing career on the show. What does he race and where, you ask…tune in tonight and find out!

Right before the 9 o’clock hour Slicks and Sticks is getting to chat with our favorite NASCAR Track President! RIR’s Dennis Bickmeier is returning the the air and that only means one thing….we are inching ever so closely to RIR’s last race before the chase. This is going to be a battle of a lifetime for certain drivers and Dennis and his crew are working around the clock to make it a great fan experience! There is surely to be talk about the SnS Fall Tailgate at the track as well and we know Kristina is going to ask Dennis who his picks are for the Glen!

Around 9:30pm, Ashley K will be joining the show to talk some hard-hitting hockey news, race picks and much more! Check out the Slicks and Sticks facebook page  for the full run down of the points, the system and how things will work out the remainder of the season. This week we will be making picks for the Cup Series and Nationwide series returning to the Glen for some road racing! Who can capitalize this week and will the Boss Lady keep Dylan benched? Hmm, we think you all could be shocked by these race picks….well maybe anyways! Tune in and have fun with us on the chat!

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