Slicks and Sticks July 22nd Show

Is Manic Monday bringing you down? Have you missed out on some prime racing and hockey news? Are you counting down the hours until the work day is over? Well, we have the cure for all of that right here on Slicks and Sticks tonight from 8-10pm est!! Miss Kristina and the SnS team have a brilliant show lined up for all the fans tonight! We know everyone’s weekend left them wanting more racing since the Sprint Cup had their last off weekend of the season but all of that changes this week with the Brickyard 400!



Tonight’s show will kick off with talking about the highly anticipated MudSummer Classic at Eldora Speedway. We will be joined by Ashley K at the start of the show as she makes her journey homeward for the race at Eldora in which she will be sitting near the flag stand for the historic truck race! Fans, this would be your time to weigh in about your thoughts on the race and we may even be able to answer some of those questions as well that you all put up in the ever popular Slicks and Sticks chatroom.

Ashley and Kristina will talk some NHL news, bring more excitement into the NHL Schedule being released, the Olympic Games and talk on the new division names. Who will make it into the elusive Toolbox? We are sure to see which athlete or team landed themselves in the box this week and remember #blamekovy.

Have you seen the video promo for this week?  We unveiled our guests for the week and it’s a great mixture of hockey and racing guests to keep the fans excited about the best way to end Mondays! All three of our guests this week are making their SnS debut and we have talked to all of them and they are very excited about joining the line up! Huge thanks to our PR rep for the show, Championship PR for working hard and getting amazing guests lined up!



At 8:20 pm est Slicks and Sticks is welcoming Jordan Strack to the show! Jordan is a radio host in the Ohio area covering a lot of the Ohio sports and will be talking about his career, some of the Ohio sports and maybe we shouldn’t mention about Miss Kristina living in the out skirts of Happy Valley?! Too late, I guess we could see a rivalry there..but Jordan will also be talking some NHL and we can get his thoughts on the divisions, the Free Agency Frenzy and much more! Hockey is going places tonight!

Right before the 9 o’clock hour we will talk with our second guest of the night, Chad Ricker about his racing, running 2nd in the championship standings at Franklin County Speedway and the plans for the future will include trying to run more on the national level in 2014. Chad had a bit of rough luck this past weekend when he blew a RF tire while running 2nd in a 30 lap U – CAR feature with 10 to go but knowing how hard this team works that won’t bring Chad down!

Our racing talk doesn’t end there! We will have the very talented Stephen Leicht making his SnS debut! We aren’t sure on how much Stephen will be able to tell us about his full time ride in 2014 but be sure to know that Miss Kristina will be asking away and Stephen will answer what he is allowed to discuss and we are sure to talk about his entire career leading up to now.

We are honored to have these gentlemen join the show tonight and grace the SnS airwaves with Kristina! And not to worry, we haven’t forgot about the Slicks and Sticks Points Standings as well! Check out the Slicks and Sticks facebook page  for the full run down of the points, the system and how things will work out the remainder of the season. This week we will be making picks on ALL three series starting with the Trucks at Eldora, NW and Cup at Indy. Who will kiss the bricks and will this week’s racing put a huge swing in the points?


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