Slicks and Sticks July 29th Show

Is Manic Monday bringing you down? Have you missed out on some prime racing and hockey news? Are you counting down the hours until the work day is over? Well, we have the cure for all of that right here on Slicks and Sticks tonight from 8-10pm est!! Miss Kristina and the SnS team have a brilliant show lined up for all the fans tonight! Indy left some speechless and others kissing the bricks while some in the Nationwide Series would like to do Saturday over again…what will happen this weekend in Iowa and the Tricky Triangle? Has the dirt settled from Eldora yet?



Tonight is another LIVE action show full of great racing and hockey talk! We will continue the talk of dirt racing in the realm of NASCAR. Eldora opened the door for endless possibilities to showcase dirt track racing on the big screen like it should be already but that is a topic all in itself, we will leave that for Slingin’ Dirt on Thursday. Indy has fans feeling slightly emotional on the topic of whether the Nationwide Series should have stayed at O’Reilly considering the lack of fans in the stands and the show that was put on. Don’t get us wrong, the last 20 laps or so of the race were great but before that it was the Kyle Busch Show. Ryan Newman finally got the win at his home track and had the luxury of kissing the bricks! We will talk this and more!

We unveiled our guests for the week and it’s a great mixture of hockey and racing guests to keep the fans excited about the best way to end Mondays! Two of our guests this week are making their SnS debut and we have talked to all of them and they are very excited about joining the line up! Huge thanks to our PR rep for the show, Championship PR for working hard and getting amazing guests lined up!



At 8:20 pm Slicks and Sticks will be joined by Kristian Aleixo to talk about his new sponsors, race weekends and recap last weekend’s race! Kristian and Kristina have hosted a show in the past and if you all recall it was the most talked about show in months!! I am sure that there will be talk about the Water Buffalo 600 and how the teams are prepping for such a big event. Fans, this is a must listen!!

Right before the 9 o’clock hour we will be joined by our second guest of the evening, Chris Amos ! Chris is making his SnS debut and will be joining the show to talk about how racing has always been a part of his life, his racing career and where he hopes that it will all lead one day! Welcome to the roster Chris!

The racing talk doesn’t end yet! Towards the end of the evening Slicks and Sticks will be joined by our 3rd and final scheduled guest, Kevin Donahue who is also a newbie to SnS and making a debut that is sure to leave fans wanting more! Kevin sadly doesn’t own the jet…we would all like him to though! Kevin will fill everyone in on his racing plans and moves for next season and how his career has gone thus far!

Don’t miss out on the fun tonight!! We are honored to have these gentlemen join the show tonight and grace the SnS airwaves with Kristina! And not to worry, we haven’t forgot about the Slicks and Sticks Points Standings as well! Check out the Slicks and Sticks facebook page  for the full run down of the points, the system and how things will work out the remainder of the season. This week we will be making picks on ALL three series as the Nationwide Series stays west and will battle in Iowa, the Trucks come off the dirt and hit the Tricky Triangle and the Cup teams will also have to find a way to master the ever Tricky Triangle at Pocono! Can the boss rebound? Niki is our hard charger of the week by moving up one spot in the points! We said that Indy and Eldora were going to rock the standings…and it did! Who are your picks this week?

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