Slicks and Sticks Show – July 1st

Is it just another Manic Monday? Of course not, Slicks and Sticks is back to make the end of your crazy workday better! Kristina broke the news last week that SnS is branching into having a second show during the week as well and who doesn’t want to be Slingin’ Dirt with Kristina and Dylan Cisney. But, enough of what Thursdays will be about let’s talk about Monday!!!

accel wear

See some familiar names and faces?! Well, you should prepare yourself for another night with Team AccelWear !! Kristian Aleixo is making his debut in co-hosting tonight as he gets to sit in the studio with Kristina for the full two hours! Kristian will get to talk about his racing season and the strides that they have been making with some sponsors.

Devin Steele and Steven Burnett are coming back on the show as well! Devin is having fun out there on the dirt tracks while Steven is tearing it up on the IRacing with Team AccelWear and Slicks and Sticks as sponsors!

Newest driver on the scene at Slicks and Sticks is: Cody Lane! Cody is racing in the ARCA Series and looking to make a splash on the scene in NASCAR. We welcome Cody to Slicks and Sticks and everyone is looking forward to hearing about his career.

Accel Wear Co-Founder and Owner; Driver Josh Reeves is coming back on the show as well. Josh has graced our airwaves numerous times and he always brings some great news, new additions and much more to the air! Kristina had a little bit of fun with Josh a few weeks ago so we are sure to hear more of the same!

Also, We will have our Slicks and Sticks Points updates, get our racing picks in for Daytona and see what all happened in the NHL Draft! Be sure to tune in tonight from 8-10 pm EST right here for Slicks and Sticks!


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