Slicks and Sticks: An All NHL Show

“Three kids, no experience and one pucking good hockey show”

Last Monday, Slicks and Sticks debuted the newest member of the team, Joe Marraccino and the team cruised through their first show together. The team isn’t slowing down and when the word broke of a potential NHL Expansion team being placed in Sin City, well the team took a driver’s seat in their own right and started the research needed to fuel this week’s upcoming show.

Joe Marraccino’s newest article, Ranking the NHL Expansion Contenders, is part of that research that happened last week. Joe has become a brilliant NHL Writer and he is going to be asking the team a question at the beginning of the show to set the tone and make the Expansion talk really come to life.

Expansion isn’t our only topic of the night though and the other topic in the night will set some fans and our team into a fury. The NHL’s 2014-2015 season is right around the corner as September is upon us and Joe Marraccino is ruffling feathers already with this question: Crosby and Ovechkin: Overhyped and Overrated? Remember, Ashley is an avid Washington Capitals fan and Kristina is well, not Crosby’s biggest supporter so this is bound to have some heated argument or support from the rest of the team. The fans are split on this topic as is a lot of the NHL experts and media as they have hyped up these two NHL superstars.

As Thursday’s show nears and we get closer to 8pm on Thursday, the team has two questions left for you….Who is the most desired city for the NHL Expansion? And, Are these two superstars overrated or just plainly over hyped?

Make sure to tune in to Slicks and Sticks this Thursday at 8pm est on SportsRants Radio to hear from the team, other NHL Experts and most importantly, the fans! Listen HERE!