Sean Kirkpatrick Cashes In on a Solid Weekend


Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.

Sean Kirkpatrick and MK Motorsports made their return to the Slingin Dirt show presented by Slicks and Sticks on Thursday night to talk about the weekend on hand and recap the podium finish. Sean talked with Kristina about how the hard work never stops and is grateful to have the opportunities to do what he loves. We also learned that Sean was heading to Bedford Speedway Friday night to run their 305 sprint race and would go without a crew! How well did Sean fair out?

11200619_915352908487389_6129811857330365914_nThe drive was a 4 hour hike to the speedway but; nothing was slowing Sean down from running Bedford Friday night and once he arrived he pulled the 26 pill giving the luck of the number be a good sign? The good signs and hard work continued to prevail Friday night and Sean put on a clinic during his heat race winning the heat by half a lap over the rest of the field and giving him a great starting spot for the feature.

Sean got some crew help from Billy Horner and Ron Aurand as well as their crew and he also got a few pointers and tips from Alan Hann & Wayne Dadetto throughout the night to help really dial in the car!

Sean started the feature Friday night from P2 and would look to chase down the leader and battle for his first win of the year. The car was fast and Sean made all the right moves and found himself in P1 during the feature and wheeled the 26v into victory lane for the first time this season! Sean was very excited about the win and had this to say, “Thank you everyone for all the nice words !!! We have worked so hard for this and words can not explain how excited I am.. I just want to say thanks to Billy Horner Ron Aurand and his crew for helping me out today!!! Much appreciated! Also Alan Hann & Wayne Dadetto for some great tips!! And all my sponsors.. Rider Racing Engines XXX chassis DMI Rears Ti22 Performance and the list goes on!! Now it’s time to put it behind us and move our sights to Port Royal tomorrow!!!” . Sean enjoyed the win for moments but knew that Saturday’s race was just as important and he looked to keep the momentum rolling.


Sean wasted no time getting ready for Saturday’s Showdown at Port Royal Speedway. Once at the hotel and getting some sleep Sean had the car apart and was getting her ready to go for the night at the Speed Palace where he looked to redeem himself from the last time he was here. Sean also had his crew back with his Dad, Uncle and sponsor/help Jay! We also got a surprise from Sean with him putting the Slicks and Sticks logo on the car and supporting us and we are so humbled by that and we got to be there to see it happen.

11219143_915140051842008_2706060149300385658_nThe weather was perfect to play in the clay, Sean drew another good pill and was going to start 4th in the 3rd 305 heat race. Sean said the car was “tight as balls” and that he was going to run the “balls off of it” during the heat to get a feel for the top line. Boy, did he ever run her at the top! Sean looked very good during the heat race and managed to pass a few cars but the pass couldn’t stick and finished 4th in the heat race and would line him up in the 12th starting spot in the feature.

Sean had that look in his eyes as he strapped in for the feature and was ready to battle! The 26v rolled off in P12 as the green flag waved and Sean went high line right away and took to passing three cars in turns 1 and 2 and making that charge to the front and try to secure a great finish. Sean continued to earn his nickname “Kurb Killer” Kirkpatrick with running the top higher than any other car and found himself battling for the 5th place spot for numerous laps. Sean looked to have had the pass completed on Kaylor a few times but Kaylor would block and shut the door on him and the two would battle a few more laps.

Photo Credit: George Spigelmyer

Photo Credit: George Spigelmyer

Sean would cross the checkered flags in P6 at Port Royal Speedway and ran one hell of a race from the 12th starting position. Sean had a car that could have easily competed for the win and this weekend proved that Sean and the 26v are not going to be backing down lightly. Plus, Sean ran the top line like a boss and made quick work of the field doing so!

Sean and the team are taking this coming weekend off to prep and get some rest because the following weekends are big races and Sean will look to keep the momentum and hot streak rolling! We would like to thank all Sean’s sponsors for being on board and helping make this year possible! And to the fans, we love all your support and look forward to seeing you all at the tracks this season!