Looking to Rebound After the All Star Invasion for Tyler Bear


Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.

Tyler and Chiappelli Motorsports looked to put last week’s All Stars Invasion behind them as Tyler fell just short of making the A-Main. The key word is perseverance for this team and there are always highlights to each weekend as Tyler gets more comfortable in the 410 sprint car. The team went to work early throughout the week to get prepared for Saturday’s race at the Speed Palace.

Tyler’s luck with the pill draw hasn’t turned around but there is no sense in worrying over a number and the crew went to work to prep the #98 Golden Flavor Sesame Sticks sprint car for their heat race. Tyler lined up in P8 for the 3rd 410 heat race of the night and there was only one way to go and that was forward. The heat race was getting lined up and set to catch the green flag and Tyler made a great run at the start of the heat and tried to maneuver through a few cars but got loose some and lost some ground on the field but kept powering through and brought the car across the line in 7th place.

11209728_861429353925018_4516850029231290798_nThe uphill battle would continue in the feature for Tyler Bear and Chiappelli Motorsports. Tyler would roll off the grid in the 21st starting spot and look to make a hard charge to the front in a stout field of competitors.

It was time to play in the clay at Port Royal Speedway and the green flag waved on the 410 feature and Tyler hammered down! On lap 1, Tyler found himself sitting in 17th place as the caution flag waved on the field. After the field went back to green Tyler was working on capturing 16th place when the car did the “sprint car do-si-doe” in turn 1 but Tyler wheeled her around and avoided an accident as well as everyone else. The caution however came out for a separate incident coming out of turn 2. Tyler continued to battle with several cars throughout the feature and finished in 17th place in a hard fought race.

Tyler battled through a lot of elements and the car looked dialed in on the feature and showed a lot of promise and progress. Racing in the 410 division is not an easy task and even the best teams struggle and this young driver and veteran team are making a great combination on the track and will look to keep moving forward this coming weekend at Port Royal Speedway.