Tyler Bear and Chiappelli Motorsports Hit Disaster


There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

After a tough few weeks, Tyler Bear and Chiappelli Motorsports looked forward to Port Royal Speedway’s Mother’s Night and Camera and Autograph Night, Saturday. The weather was perfect, the pits filled with fans of all ages and the car count was one of the highest we have seen all season long. Could Tyler and the team find a winning combination?

Tyler’s luck with the pill draw hasn’t been the highest of numbers but none the less Tyler and the Chiappelli Motorsports team is making the best from it and continue to improve each weekend. Saturday was a little better draw, Tyler lined up in the 6th starting position in the first heat race of the evening in 410 competition. Tyler and the crew used hot laps to dial in the car prior to strapping back into the car for the heats.

Tyler said that the car felt amazing throughout hot laps and was ready to wheel the #98 Golden Flavor Sesame Sticks Chiappelli Motorsports Sprint Car to the front. The field was lined up and chasing down the green flag. Tyler pulled a nice move in get himself into the 5th position and looked to hunt down the 4th place driver to ensure the start for the feature. Tyler stuck to his line and took the checkered flag in P5 securing his spot in the A-Main feature at Port Royal Speedway.

The crew and Tyler were very happy with the way the heat race had went and looked to make just some minor tweaks to the car prior to the feature and to just watch the other heats and talk about how to tackle the feature. And with Tyler’s solid performance in the heat race, he would roll off in the feature from P13 and look to capture his first top 10 on the season.

It was time to play in the clay at Port Royal Speedway for the 410 feature as the lights shined on the star-studded line up. The green flag waved and the roar of the engines overtook the track. The high of the night was at an all-time high and then came falling very quickly for Tyler Bear and Chiappelli Motorsports. A big pile up occurred due to a car whom had spun and took several cars through the mid-pack out and Tyler had no where to go and got hit several times and rolled through turn one due to the incident. Tyler waved to the fans and reassured everyone that he was okay after the wreck and once the car had returned to the pit area the crew feverishly tried to get the car fixed to rejoin the field but unfortunately could not and retired from the race after one lap.

The team and Tyler had worked very hard throughout these last couple weeks and had an amazing chance to break into the top 10 but it just wasn’t their time. This team will roll with the punches and be back stronger than ever after the spring break at Port Royal Speedway.