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With the new chatroom up and running and our new video broadcast feature I wanted to take some time to show you all how to easily access the new chat room in a few simple steps. Keep in mind the chat room is the same place where shows will be video broadcasted. Also, you will still need to listen to the show the same way you always have. This is just our new chat room.


1. Log in to

2. Click on Radio in the top menu

3. To the right click on Lobby under Video Conference. If there is not a room listed, the show chat room has not been created yet so check back in a few minutes. Once you see Lobby listed, click on that to enter the room

4. A small pop up box will ask you if you wish to broadcast your webcam & microphone. Click Deny(red button) to just use the chat room, Click Allow (green button) to broadcast your webcam.
(Please remember to mute your mic if you video chat, you can do so by clicking on the microphone icon above your video chat box upon entering the chat room)

5. Start chatting!


You must be a member of to participate & use the chat room. Register here

Please remember that this chatroom will be where you can chat during the shows and watch the radio shows that video broadcast on SportsRantz.

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