Why you should never trust a social media guru

A guru is someone that is regarded to be an expert in their field of knowledge. Wouldn’t it then make sense for us to label someone savvy in social media as a guru? That is where the common person would be wrong and here is why!

Social media is a confusing field and so the common person may want to label someone a guru just because they seem to have a wealth of knowledge about the subject. That isn’t the issue at hand though. The self labeling social media guru is who you need to stay away from!  Someone who truly understands social media marketing can understand this.  Plus most people who say they’re social media gurus are out there over charging people and/or not providing true social media information.

Social media guru can't be trusted to run your Facebook or twitter campaigns

I’ve seen this first hand in countless webinars and seminars, to the point it has become a running joke between my peers. For example just last week I attended a social media marketing seminar, I repeat social media marketing. This would lead someone to believe that in the course of the 8 hour seminar all aspects of social media would be touched on (especially for the price of the seminar) as well as how to use social media to market your brand or company.

I’ll only touch on a few of the issues with this seminar are as there are too many to count and it should highlight my point. First off Facebook was discussed 90% of the time. Yes this is the one of the largest social media platforms but may not be the best or even used at all for certain industries. The person leading the seminar even went on to admit that he doesn’t use twitter because “I just don’t get it”-cue walking out of the seminar ASAP! Yet I stayed to continue to soak up valuable information *cough cough*.  The other issue was that even though this was an intermediate course we focused on simple setting controls and basic tools. Lastly the marketing ideas discussed focused around an idea that he had for a funeral home Facebook promotion. It had many holes in the theory that I won’t get into.

I must follow up with that fact that this person was a self labeling social media guru. Please tell me how someone who barely knows Facebook and doesn’t “get” twitter can be a social media guru?! Perhaps he felt this way because he has conned so many other out of their money with this term.

Social media guru Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn Vine YouTube

My issue with this term stems from people like this but it also runs much deeper than that. Social media is a category to represent all of the different social media sites. The keyword here is different: Facebook is not Instagram, Twitter is not Pinterest, and YouTube is not Vine. Each of these has their own uses for different markets. On top of that certain platforms like Facebook use algorithm to decide what gets shown and what doesn’t and only those who work for Facebook would know this. Someone who discusses all social media should be at least fairly versed on at least the top 5 platforms.  I think you might be starting to see why the all encompassing term of Social media guru is not even close to suitable.

Yes there are plenty of people out there who understand and grasp almost all social media platforms but they definitely don’t know everything. I myself have run a social media marketing company for many different small businesses from high end dress designers to high end fitness facilities to retail shops. This forces a social media manager to use many different platforms and in many different ways to cater to the client. I would never call myself a social media guru for being a successful social media manager.

Trust someone to give you social media marketing advice from someone who doesn’t label themselves as a guru and you’ll at least know they aren’t misleading you right off the bat. No one knows everything about social media marketing and don’t listen to someone who tells you they do.


Utilizing & Leveraging Social Media in the Media Industry

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In our 3rd installment of our Social Media Roundtable (Check out our 1st and 2nd editions) we feature some of South Florida’s finest in Media. The topic of discussion will be how Social Media can be leveraged and maximized within the media industry. Regardless if you are currently working in the industry or aspiring to build your name within the industry, this piece will provide you insight into mastering social media to further your career and sharpen your skills.

South Florida is the perfect setting to discuss these topics. Miami is considered a leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, arts and international trade and is experiencing a growth spurt. Areas such as downtown Miami, Miami Beach and Brickell provide an eclectic mix of culture and house a growing population.

The market size of Miami, the focus on arts & entertainment and a forward-thinking community all keep South Florida’s media professionals on their toes. Understanding social media and how to use it to constantly evolve is key to sustained success, not only for each of them personally but also for their brands as whole.

Get to know our panel:


How Important is Social Media in your job? How has the importance of Social Media grown within your industry?


Justin FinchJustin Finch – Social media is not just a part of my job. It’s as much a priority now as getting the story on the air, and my daily coffees.

The importance of social media has become, for us journalists, not just a way to link to our reports, but also a means for us to communicate with news makers, tipsters, and others who are directly impacted by the news of the day.

That also speaks to how much social media has grown. People don’t just want to watch the news, they want to talk about it — with you! So talk back, even when they don’t like what you’re saying.

Social networks are a place for conversation, and conversations evolve. So what gets you Facebook likes and Twitter retweets this month, may net you nothing a month from now. To be effective on social media, you have to surrender to the fact that it’s always changing, so you must too.


Erika DelgadoErika Delgado – Social media has become increasingly valuable in the weather world.  Before social media, radios were used as a substitute for television during significant weather events and power outages. However, now social media is used as the main source for updates during significant events.  Television stations are now really pushing the use of social media in all weather segments and also encouraging TV Meteorologists to communicate our forecasts via social media.



Anthony DiMoroAnthony DiMoro – Being an internet-based brand, Social Media is critical to our growth. I would venture to say that without social media, particularly Twitter, Sports Rants would not have the audience it has today. But it’s two-pronged. Having a social media profile, posting and engagement are all factors that are uniquely separated.

Building an audience that is in tune with the topics of discussion you post is as important as having a social media profile. Having a large percentage of my social media followers primarily interested in sports gives my content a platform to be visible on. It allows direct interaction with readers and starts a trend of social engagement that will keep me interesting to those who follow my profile.

Social Media has provided people such as myself, with no traditional degree in my respective field, opportunities to gain credibility that can open doors for my career. In the past those doors may not have been available to me, that credibility may not have been obtainable and the opportunities may not have existed.

Social Media allows me to leverage my brand, my work and the work of Sports Rants contributors in a way that was not available 10 years ago.


Jim Rodriguez
Jim Rodriguez
– Coming from English speaking media to now working in Spanish language television.  I’ve seen the use and importance of Social media grown 100-fold.  Everything from making sure our talents have their twitter handles on the on-screen graphics to calls to action, (pictures via instagram, polls on facebook, homemade videos and interviews through skype) it has became an essential element in our shows.



With the value of Social Media growing every year, How do you think this will impact your job and your industry in the future?


Erika DelgadoErika Delgado – Social media has truly taken over the communication industry.  It started with MySpace but Facebook and Twitter are what really have pushed social media over the edge.  It’s value to relaying weather information to viewers has grown tremendously in the past year and will only continue to do so.

I wouldn’t be surprised to begin to see a slow decline in television viewership in the future as the number of social media users increase.  As internet and social media continue to grow, it could potentially spell trouble for television stations in the future.


Jim Rodriguez
Jim Rodriguez
– As with many current and future consumers, social media is vital to letting them know what we are doing. On the radio side: “who is on with us right now?.. tune in”. On the television side:  it’s sharing interview snippets or teases to get people to watch our online content or to tune into the show.

As well as creating discussions, debates that will continue to keep interest in the show, topics, interviews and discussions even after we are done for the night.



Justin FinchJustin Finch – Because social media is so instant and so visceral, I think it’s will force a lot of the journalistic purists to loosen up a bit.

Social media users today have only seconds to absorb with what we spend a solid work day to broadcast. Now, we have to figure how to effectively drill down a day’s work into a 140 characters or just a picture? It won’t be a slam dunk every day, but it’s making us to think smarter about how we can make our reports more captivating and relevant.



Anthony DiMoroAnthony DiMoroSports Rants is a social media platform, so I believe social media will forever be embedded in the brand’s DNA. The great thing about being a brand built in the spirit of social media is many of  the advancements that social media will achieve in the future will be rather seamless for us to adapt to.

From an individual perspective, I believe we are seeing more media personalities evolve the way they interacting on platforms like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Through the years we have seen people make some really bad mistakes when posting or interacting with people on social media. Now i think there is a clearer understanding of possible “fallouts” or repercussions for making certain errors. It seems as though these incidents are naturally creating an outline of how not to conduct yourself, which is a good thing.


For those aspiring for a career in media, What are some tips you can give them about building their name/brand using Social Media?
What are some pitfalls or detractors to avoid?


Jim RodriguezJim Rodriguez – Be patient.  Honestly, a post may not get much attention.  Stay the course.  Clearly the big pitfall is that you are the brand.  The material you post, re-tweet, etc represents you.  I am not saying one would be wild or conservative,  just know that once it is out there, it is out there, even if you delete a tweet.



Justin FinchJustin FinchAs for advice to personal branding, I’d say you have to realize you will never be finished finding your voice and where you fit in this industry.
It’s just a fact. The good thing is that social media can help you with the fine tuning.

With so many people out there plotting a career just like yours, and many more with years under their belts, the thought alone of making your mark is overwhelming.

So, that makes it all the more important to figure out the nuts and bolts that make you “you,” and boil down what you uniquely bring to the table in your chosen career. Brace yourself, that could take a lifetime all by itself.

Once you figure it out, there’s still more work ahead. You’ll need to constantly polish those skills until the day you die, or retire.


Erika DelgadoErika Delgado – Social media is a way to communicate your ideas, thoughts, opinions, information to a greater amount of people.  However, it can also have its pitfalls if not used correctly or if used in a negative manner. Just as everything else on the internet, once it is posted or published, it remains there forever.

For those aspiring for a career in Media, the most important thing to remember is that your past always comes back to haunt you.  Employers are now using social media as a source of reference or background information about that person before they offer a position.  Where I am not against using social media for personal reasons, I truly feel one should censor what they write when communicating ideas that could be controversial, or even straight up unprofessional. That goes for posting photos as well.

Definitely take full advantage of social media, know your boundaries and also keep in mind that a potential employer is always reading your posts.  One thing to always remember as well – viewers look up to you as role models.  One wrong tweet or post will be enough to lose that viewer.


As much as traditional Media has embraced and utilized Social Media, what are some areas you feel it can be improved upon?


Anthony DiMoroAnthony DiMoro – Becoming less robotic. Some brands rely on auto-posts far too much, or completely. Understanding your audience and what attracts people to your content is key. It’s all about presentation. Posting a headline and a link may get you some clicks, but demonstrating personality & a human element can grow those clicks over time.




Erika DelgadoErika Delgado – Continued interaction between Media and the viewers is so important.  I think pushing out as much information possible via social media, including video of news stories and weather segments, is important and can always be improved on. Television is up against the internet. Instead of being on opposite teams, why not embrace the idea and work together with social media?  Including twitter handles during teases of a newscast is a great way to start.



Jim Rodriguez


Jim Rodriguez – Improvements? I’d say continue to be accurate, smart and bold.. that will continue to make a social media person earn the “chops” necessary to be even more credible and a worthy read, view.



Justin FinchJustin FinchIf you ask me, traditional media needs to embrace the “social” component in social media ASAP.

We have to reach people as people. The users on these networks just have their eyes and their devices, and they can choose to look at whatever they want, whenever they want.

That’s a huge challenge, but it also is an invitation for us to engage these users as conscious and curious human beings, and not a captive audience that’s stuck with us and our content.

We’ll also have to be more willing to be flexible. We’ve all seen certain social networks die, and on others we’re seeing the writing on the wall. To stay ahead, we’re going to have to follow these users as they adapt to the next new social network, and sometimes, we’ll have to lead them.

I mean, nobody said this social media thing was going to be easy.


The South Florida market is truly unique, from a media standpoint what do you think makes South Florida unique?


Jim Rodriguez

Jim Rodriguez – Having moved out here myself a couple of years ago… what makes this place unique is how easy one can navigate in one language and just as easy move on to another.  Being bilingual its fantastic.  More of a world to embrace, absorb and share.



Justin FinchJustin FinchSouth Florida is a unique media market for more reasons than I could ever list; but, one that jumps out right away is that there are no rules on so many different levels.

For us on the television news side, it’s not uncommon for a consumer to get their news on Spanish-language television, then switch over to an English-language station for the weather, and go back and forth all hour.

And in the field, it’s no big deal to find yourself in a situation where people who don’t speak English or Spanish.

As the gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, a second home to snowbirds in the Northeast and Canada, and a vacation destination for the world, there are countless components to melting pot we’ve set on simmer here in South Florida. And when you’ve got that many differences brewing all one pot, it rewires your brain to think globally, teaches your ears to listen extra carefully, and trains your eyes to see and understand not everything or everyone are what they appear.

The surprises and stories here are endless.


Erika DelgadoErika Delgado – I think South Florida is unique for more than one reason. South Florida’s climate is a very inviting one all year long.  Because of this, activities are rarely canceled or are too hot or too cold to participate in.  Surrounded by water on all three sides also provides a very refreshing feel to the area. South Florida, specifically Miami, is also known for being a trendy, party-like city.

Naturally, newscasts in South Florida portray that trendy fashion setting anchors, and with gorgeous weather all year long, it’s no wonder many travel across the country to spend vacations in South Florida.



Anthony DiMoroAnthony DiMoro – I have only been in South Florida since August 2013, but I already can see vast differences between South Florida and Albany, New York.

Miami is more vibrant, a bigger market, larger population and a lot more energy. You can almost feel a different type of energy here.

Albany is far different. A much smaller market, limited events, long winters, it all impacts lifestyle. While the area is beautiful and rich in history, it is a different world in New York than it is here in South Florida.



Stay tuned for another Social Media Roundtable, be sure to connect with our panelists via Social Media.

Happy to Announce My New Venture with Dish Network

For the past few weeks you may have noticed my vague tweets on Twitter about pending “big news”. Well today is the day I am prepared to pull the curtains back on a big 2014 on tap.

I officially accepted a position with Dish Network/Infinity as their SEO Specialist. I’ll be bringing my talents and passion for SEO, Social Media and Branding to a well-known, respected and popular brand in Dish Network/Infinity. I will still be operating Elite Rank Media and SportsRants as I always have. This new opportunity is one that I am extremely excited to take on and I plan on some big things with the Dish Network brand.

One of my duties will be setting up and instituting a new Content area for Dish’s online brand. This will include various sections of content/news on various topics, including Sports.

This is where SportsRants.com comes in as SportsRants NFL, SportsRants NHL, SportsRants Women, SportsRants MLB, SportsRants NBA, SportsRants Racing and more sections of SportsRants’ content will be featured/associated with this online network of content. Being connected with the Dish brand speaks for itself and will not only be a major step for SportsRants but also provide Dish with established and popular Sports Content.

Be on the lookout in 2014 for Dish Network, it’s going to be a big year!


Pitfalls to Avoid in Blogging & Writing

If you’re reading this and you’re a blogger, contributor or website owner you may want to bookmark this for future reference. I’m going to post a list of some of the common mistakes bloggers and/or website owners make. No it won’t be a predictable rant about grammar, punctuation or content.

But the following Pitfalls can help you improve your brand, your content and your visibility.

Duplicate Content

This is the #1 mistake i see contributors make. In fact, it’s extremely overwhelming how often i see this. Most bloggers or writers contribute to more than one blog or website. While that is really good for visibility it can have a major drawback if you’re not doing it right.

One method i see is a Writer will write for Blog A and then post the same article, word for word, on Blog B and C.

The issue with that is it creates an issue known as Duplicate Content. Here is the definition of Duplicate Content or Dupe Content from Google:

Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin. Examples of non-malicious duplicate content could include:

  • Discussion forums that can generate both regular and stripped-down pages targeted at mobile devices
  • Store items shown or linked via multiple distinct URLs
  • Printer-only versions of web pages


So how is this an issue? Google explains:

However, in some cases, content is deliberately duplicated across domains in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings or win more traffic. Deceptive practices like this can result in a poor user experience, when a visitor sees substantially the same content repeated within a set of search results.

Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Alexa all strive to deliver the best user experience. That can’t be accomplished with manipulative practices are allowed.

Therefore if you think posting your article on multiple sites is getting you more buzz, you may be setting yourself and the websites you post on for serious ramifications. Ramifications that could include a drop in visibility, a dip in traffic and a major uphill climb to rank for keyword terms.

Bottom Line: Make each of your articles unique to the site or blog you’re submitting it to. Don’t take shortcuts. If you’re forced into being inclined to take a shortcut then cut back on the number of blogs or sites your contribute to.

Remember, it’s all about Qualitynot Quantity.


Don’t Cry Wolf

This rant is personal for me and it may be more an example of me just expressing my own deep personal distaste for this. I see this on Twitter, on blogs and on sites all the time. Brands and people claiming to understand, know or be versed in Search Engine Optimization or Social Media when the understanding of such practices is limited to knowing the definition or how to link a word in a body of content.

Intimating you know anything about SEO can open a can of worms. First and foremost, people who understand SEO will look at your site and what you are doing. If they see you actually don’t understand SEO or what Social Media truly is (it goes far beyond being a good Tweeter) you immediately lose credibility and chances are you won’t get a second visit to the website.

On top of that you’re lying to your contributors and audience. Competitors can swoop right in, point out your glaring lack of knowledge and perhaps lead people and contributors away from your brand.

Therefore, Don’t Cry Wolf.

We live in an age where more people are understanding the impact of SEO and Social Media, therefore the “bullshit detector” people have is becoming more accurate. Why risk it?

Read my additional rant on folks who do the same with Social Media. A great and vital read


Don’t Annoy. Engage

The last thing people want on Social Media is to be constantly tweeted about your articles. Don’t get it confused, i am not referring to what you post on your own timeline, but when you mention people while posting your articles, shows or content.

It becomes an issues when your Timeline is just you mentioning people in a string of tweets:

“Hey read my article about Michael Jordam – http://mystite.com/Jordan

I get this quite a bit and i understand why i do. But it does very little and next to nothing to inspire me to click and read. Especially if all i see is you “bugging” everyone who you follow or follows you to do the same.

There is no difference between that practice and spamming. It’s the same idea.

You’ll lose followers, you’ll lose readers and people won’t be inclined to engage with you.

Organic is always best. Develop a good audience the right way and people will gladly read your content because they are following you for that very reason. If you want tips on how to grow your Twitter audience the right way, read my article

Secondly, engage!

Show that you value your audiences input by engaging with them, especially if you want them to really jump on board with your content. Acknowledge their tweets and most importantly treat your followers like people and not a number to increase your followers tally.

Quality over Quantity.


Happy Ranting!




The Twitter Auto-DM Epidemic

I love Twitter. I prefer Twitter over Facebook and the choice is never in question. I can go into why I have grown some disdain for the social networking-giant that is Facebook, but i won’t, that isn’t what this particular post is about.

Though I do have a preference for Twitter, both from a social aspect and also from an internet marketing standpoint it does have it’s drawbacks. But one downfall of Twitter is completely user generated. And although this may at times appear to be “robot-like” it still boils down to something that each user chooses to do.

The Auto Direct Message or Auto DM.

You’ve seen it. More than once. Probably more often than you would like.

Aside from being an annoyance, appearing as spam and just flooding your Twitter inbox, it also has many businesses, people and professionals convinced this is “a smart marketing move”.

Setting up an Auto DM is quite easy. In fact, you can go over to Social Oomph and set one up, among other features associated with Twitter. I just cannot wrap my head around why people think this is an advantageous marketing venture.

Sure, in theory it makes perfect sense. A welcome message to each of your new followers that tells them a bit about yourself, you business or website, and provides them with a link to check out what you’re marketing. So if we are just looking at the spirit of the process and not the process itself, it seems like a potentially powerful marketing tool.

But what people don’t realize is this doesn’t come across that way to most people. In fact, I am of the belief it does more to stunt the growth of your audience than to boost it. And I am not alone in that thinking.

Check out this study/stat from Optify.net and it should convince you on how the Auto DM does more harm then good

Those are some staggering numbers to digest.

So why doesn’t something that seems, in theory, to be a marketing homerun work?

Keep in mind that there are a few things to consider when considering the Auto DM feature for your brand:

#1 Spammers use Twitter to try to sell you junk and seem to live off the Auto DM feature. While genuine people and brands tend to use Twitter to build actual relationships. Keep that in mind and decide which you are.

#2 People, like me, who follow you and get an auto DM tend to immediately unfollow you, despite what your message is. If you’re not even following the person you are Auto DMing, you could be marked as Spam and trust me, Twitter may see you that way as well.

#3 We are all programmed to trash spam and filter it. We do it with out emails and now our social accounts. Think about how the value of email marketing campaigns has radically diminished over the past several years. Why? Because it’s spammy and we are programmed to trash spam. So why simulate spammy behavior?

#4 How you portray you brand is how your brand will be viewed by the public. Bottom line; Perception is Reality. If you act like spam, you are spam and people won’t take a look at your website or your Twitter account.

#5 There is far too much value in building personal relationships with your audience. Be personal, be human, engage in discussions and give your followers value for following you.


Hopefully people realize how Auto DMs hurt your cause more than they help. So here’s to less spam and less annoying Auto DMs flooding our Twitter inbox or timeline.






Protecting Your Brand – Cleaning Up Your Social Accounts

From time to time it can be advantageous to do a little house cleaning. Perhaps your bedroom, like mine often is, is a disaster area that needs a bit of TLC to make it “presentable”. Maybe you have company coming over for dinner and you want to make sure your house is in tip-top shape. Whatever the case may be, a little housekeeping is necessary.

But just like your home or apartment, your brand needs a bit of that as well. Monitoring spam is certainly the best way to go about doing this, especially if you have a blog or a general comments page on your site. But how often should you grab that virtual broom and go to town on a serious cleaning-frenzy? Where do you target?

Let’s break it down piece by piece with some tips, why you should do a little cleaning and how it benefits your brand.
Website Interactions

This is probably first and foremost on your list and if it isn’t than it should be.

Most of you who contribute or run a blog that gets a bit of traffic certainly have run into the spam at one time or another. Typically, it’s a comment on your site that says something about your content without actually addressing the topic directly.

Something to the effect of ;
Wow, such great information on this topic i had not thought about. I like to reference this site. Great content

Weed these out, it can make your blog look less interactive than more interactive. Furthermore, spam comments have one purpose, to pass a link on your website. Sometimes they can hide the link in the “name” of the person posting it, sometimes they link a word in the comment or just blatantly paste a URL in the comment itself.

Keep in mind that most people who are legitimately going to comment on your blog, will directly mention your topic. They also may not sit there and rave about the content. Weed them out. The less spam is on your site/blog the better.

Spam comments can have a negative impact on your traffic but also your rankings. The last thing you want is for a search engine to think you are advocating a spam-website. No bueno!


Facebook Fans & Twitter Followers

Pretty much the largest task to manage. Not going to lie, this takes a lot of time and dedication. But it’s extremely beneficial for many reasons. Most of you cannot control who follows you, but you should take a more proactive approach in managing it.

The misconception on Twitter and with Facebook is that “more = more” and a culture of “quantity over quality” exists. People broadly think Twitter and Facebook numbers is a direct reflection on how much people really dig their stuff. While that certainly has some truth in it the reason they “like” you is for differing reasons.

  • Some People just follow you to get a follow back, they have no interest in your content
  • Some people just create spam profiles and merely want to DM you spam

The most important factor to keep in mind for why you should clean up your followers on Twitter and your fans on Facebook; hackers. Hackers spamming your page are in one way or another, targeting it. They want to hack it, they want to take over your account and spam, spam, spam.

So how do you combat it?

Run through your followers and fans list, no matter the size, and take a look at your followers. Are they active? Do they post regularly? What do they post? Is it spam? Are they even real profiles?

Again you cannot control who follows you. A high-traffic website will get tons of followers and fans on Facebook. But block those that meet any questionable criteria. Additionally, there could be a correlation from the spam hitting your website and the followers or fans to your social pages.

Blocking & Reporting for Spam will not only prevent your accounts from being compromised, but it will drive up your interaction. Real people who follow you for real reasons will be more likely to contribute to your conversations. That is the value! That is your goal.

What is the sense of 25,000 fans or followers if only 2,000 of them actually interact? In the end it’s just a number. If you’re a brand looking to genuinely grow and market to your target audience, don’t obsess with numbers. 25 people who are true fans of your content and your product, trump 250 just standing around.

Imagine you were a band playing in a convention hall. Having 250 people in the hall is great to tout, but if they are not interested, they aren’t listening and aren’t buying your music. You might as well imagine those 250 people wearing headphones. Therefore what would you rather have? 250 standing around not hearing your music or 25 fans, front row, wearing your tshirts and singing along word for word to your songs?

Cleaning up your fans and followers will also contribute in the factoring of Twitter verifying your account and Facebook keeping your content from tripping spam filters.


Email/Newsletter Lists

Those of you who have newsletters or mailing lists, listen up!

This is vital. Clean your list regularly! Check to see if these people are still active, if their emails still exist. If they aren’t active or the emails don’t exist anymore, remove them.

Not removing them can boost your “non-click” numbers and put your site and brand at risk of being labeled as spam.

So how do you monitor this? How do you get factual numbers?

Take a few bucks and use an online mailing list service. They each offer a level of detailed reporting and keep track of unsubscribes for you. It’s worth the money, every cent of it, especially if you rely on newsletters and mailers.


It takes a little work, a ton of effort and some dedication of time, but in the end the pros out weigh the cons. Some of you may gloss over this but keep in mind, how your brand is operated is how it will prosper. If you’re not doing your utmost due diligence on all fronts, you’re going to hit failure roadblocks before being on the fast track to success


by @AnthonyDiMoro

The Success Check List – Are You Making the Most of Your Blog?

Here at SportsRantz University I get my fair share of emails from readers asking how they can further their blog on SportsRantz. I also get a good amount of tweets and Facebook posts from existing members asking how they can gain more exposure with their blog. So I decided to put a quasi-checklist together so that anyone with a blog can ensure they are maximizing their potential.

So here is a simple list of things you should be doing to make your blog a success:


#1 Are You Blogging at SportsRantz.com?

Shameless self-plug? Yes definitely, but there is some truth to this statement. If you’re on another blogging platform you have to ask yourself how high the ceiling is for your potential. How hard is the website you are blogging on working for you to be successful? Are they just using your blog as a way to sell advertising? Food for thought.

At SportsRantz, we have something that no other sports blogging platform has. I can say this with 100% confidence. We are structured on strong SEO methods that provides an excellent foundation to build success on. SEO Drives traffic!

I personally crafted the SportsRantz SEO structure and I have been in the SEO industry for close to 10 years. I worked at one of the top firms in the entire industry and was their leading SEO Manager and SEO Specialist my entire tenure. I was in charge of accounts like Overstock, Vista Print, The Golf Channel, Pedi Ped and even Passages Malibu to name a few.

With that experience I was confident to start my own SEO Company and form my own unique methods. Since 2009, my company has worked on some incredible client websites.

Bottom line – NO website provides you the SEO tools, knowledge, advice and/or resources that we do. The proof is in the pudding. Keep in mind that just because someone owns a website, doesn’t make them an SEO.

With that being said, I strongly encourage you to fully take advantage of what we have on SR University.


#2 SportsRantz University

For those of you who want to take your blog to the next level and don’t utilize SR University…what on earth are you waiting for?

It’s common knowledge that nothing good is obtained without hard work. So if you are not actively learning how to make your blog better, educating yourself on methods or utilizing resources provided to you it’s going to be more of an upward battle. Especially if you want to make your brand popular. If you’re not doing all you can do to improve, your competition will pass you by.

I simply cannot stress enough how important reading the SEO section is and putting it to use in your blog. Also, learn about Branding and Social Media as well. Can’t hurt.

#3 How Unique is Your Content?

As soon as a news story breaks you have every blogger and writer covering it on some level. Bloggers are sure to regurgitate the same information but what are you offering that is different?

Give people a reason to bookmark your blog and trust your coverage. Do you offer opinions supported by facts? Do you have access to an interview or studies on information that goes deeper than the headlines?

People don’t want the same information over and over and they certainly don’t want the same information presented to them with the only difference being the tone and language is different. Be different. Stand out!

If everyone is selling glazed donuts, be the one to offer glazed donuts and coffee.


#4 Must Read Blogivision

So i did a bit of “play on words” there but think of this like TV. Reach out to other writers, athletes and personalities to do interviews on your blog.

Let’s face it, chances are Tom Brady won’t be available to do an interview on your blog, but try semi-pro players, players trying to make a team, etc. Offer interesting content and you’ll get dedicated readers


#5 How Interactive Are You?

This is a great point. If you’re solely relying on Rt’s from SportsRantz and Twittering to drive popularity to your blog, you’re not doing all you can do.

Are you sharing with people on Facebook? Are you in the SportsRantz Group on Facebook? Are you Tweeting RT accounts with your articles? Do you have a newsletter setup for your readers to sign up for?

Tools like this can help in the longrun.


I’ll expound on this article in the future, but for now here is 5 good bulletpoints to process.


Until next time Ranters!

Adding Facebook & Twitter to Your Blog

So you’re getting good at blogging and want to really engage your audience. Whether you started a Facebook Fan Page for your blog or you have a Twitter profile for your blog (or both) it’s important to display them prominently on your sports blog.

It helps bring your readers together, offers your readers more interaction and helps build your brand! It’s Branding 101!

Keep in mind that Twitter has a Twitter Profile Widget that is very useful – You can find it here

Fortunately, we have a feature on SportsRantz.com that allows your to display your Twitter feed and Facebook Fan Page feed right on your blog. (Keep in mind this does NOT work for regular personal Facebook profiles, only Fan Pages)

So let’s get started!

Setting Up the SEO Plugin on Your Blog

Many of you who follow my SR University posts know my love affair with SEO and Social Media. I cannot and will never feel I ever will have stressed enough the vital importance of having some presence of solid SEO on your blog. SportsRantz.com is built on top notch SEO, elite SEO at that and we provide the basic structure of that to all of our bloggers. But you must maximize that.

One way of doing so (this is not the end all be all) is the SEO Plugin feature. If you have a blog on SportsRantz, you will see an SEO tab in your Dashboard.

So let me walk you through how to set up and configure that plugin. Please make sure to read my other SEO blog posts relaing to Co-Citation Interlinking, Keywords and Branding to fully maximize your online potential



Getting Started with Your Social Network

Now that you have started your social networking website on SportsRantz you are going to want to get the ball rolling!

In this video we show you how to get your Social Network off to the races!


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