Home NFL Peyton Manning retiring this year?

I wouldn’t even be asking this question about Peyton Manning until I started thinking about something last night; he aggressively chased every record he could break in away I’ve never seen before, and he’s aggressively chasing this Superbowl in a way I’ve never seen before. And he also admitted he’s nearing the end of his career. Considering all that I think it’s possible if he wins the Superbowl he retires this year.images

He won’t have another statistical year like this because quarterbacks don’t keep repeating these numbers year after year. It’s one of the best years for a QB ever. In two playoff games he has dominated the opposing teams: the Chargers, a team that has always seemed to have his number, and the Patriots, his arch rivals. He probably won’t get to face them again in the playoffs back – to – back, and dominate them so easily.  If he wins the Superbowl then he has done a lot to fix the one thing that has always bothered him, not winning in the postseason. This would be his second Superbowl and would be his most impressive run EVER, and if he beats the Seahawks, the best defensive team in the NFL, and wins his 2nd Superbowl, it quiets all noise about his postseason blunders.

It’s hard to go back – to – back as Superbowl champs and there is a 90% chance he won’t win another one if he wins this one, and he won’t have another season like this, so why keep playing?

I think Peyton wants to go out like John Elway did, on top. Manning wants to go out as a champion and if he wins it this year it would be the perfect time too. He would not only go out as a champion but go out after breaking numerous records, dominate postseason run, and having the best year a QB has ever had. What a way to go IF he does.

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