I’m Southern. I say y’all. I practice my religion twice weekly in the fall: Saturday services are held pretty much all day beginning with College Game Day; Sunday services are at church, where I repent from Saturday’s indiscretions. Steve Spurrier will always be my hero, and I still feel badly for all those Auburn boys whose books got destroyed in a fire before they could finish coloring them. I refuse to chop at a Braves game, but I will chomp in rhythm with the war chant. Ohio State will forever be known as The University of Florida at Columbus. Any man with hopes of taming me must love grits, black-eyed peas and the SEC and believe in states’ rights.
Kirk Herbstreit interviews Jameis Winston
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ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit interviewed Florida State quarterback and 2013 Heisman winner Jameis Winston on his "miraculous" season with Florida State and all...
Florida Gators v Miami Hurricanes
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I'm so confident the Florida Gators will beat the Miami Hurricanes on Sept. 7 that I've made a friendly wager on Florida-Miami with
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My buddy Ryne Hancock over at today compiled a list of the "must follow" female SEC sports fans on...
Pink Football
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I absolutely love football. I know the difference between the A gap and B gap. I can tell you when a defense is playing...
Percy Harvin Seahawks
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Falcons family, don't disown me. But for several years, I've had a bit of a soft spot for the Seattle Seahawks, mostly because my...