1. March Madness one of the best times of the year in the sports world. This year especially we have experienced the expected and certainly the unexpected. We have seen tops seeds fall to the underdogs. All of this year’s games have seemed to come down to the final second, buzzer beater would describe this entire season so far.
    One of the biggest upsets out of the first round was Louisville and Morehead St. Morehead beat Louisville in the final seconds showing that a 13 seed knows how to handle a 4 seed. More recently we had VCU beat out 3 Purdue. VCU already beat 6 seeded Georgetown. VCU a play in team was never expected to even make it to the top 64 teams. They have shown strength in both games and are now a big threat to anyone else they play.
    What will this week bring folks? Any other upsets you see on the horizon? Will any other number 1 seeds fall after this week? Pitt being the first out, who else could be in trouble?