Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to Make Major Announcement on Raw Tonight


A day removed from perhaps one of the most lackluster WrestleMania’s in the history of the WWE (Read My Blog on WM27) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has announced via his Twitter that he has a very special announcement to make on tonight’s Monday Night Raw.

The Rock “TEAM BRING IT – I have a very special announcement tonight on RAW…The People’s Champ to The People…”

So what could this major announcement be? Most of the hearts of WWE fans would hope and pray the announcement would be that The Rock is going to return to the squared circle to commence his Smack Down on an otherwise boring and overhyped John Cena. A smackdown that this particular fan would pay to see.

It actually was set up brilliantly at Mania last night. Excuse me for relating the words “brilliant” and WrestleMania 27 together. But it would seem to only make sense that after The Rock cost John Cena the WWE Title by Rock-Bottoming Cena in the final moments of his matchup with the Miz, that Cena would come out tonight and call out The Rock.

The Rock, equipped with his “Team Bring It” t-shirt would strut to the ring and announce he will accept Cena’s challenge for the next PPV.

But if history is our only indicator than many of our hopes will be dashed. If anything, the WWE will drop the ball on this as they did with the entire WrestleMania 27 event (excluding HHH/Taker)

But what do you think?!?!

Vote below and let us know what you think tonight’s BIG announcement will be?

What will The Rock’s BIG Announcement on RAW be?
He is Agreeing to a Match with John Cena
To Announce He is the RAW GM
To Present the trailer to “The Tooth Fairy 2”
To Hawk his new “Bring It” T-Shirt


The money WWE will rake in from The Rock is quite obvious, which is why fund accounting software is a must, to keep all the records in order!


  1. Last night was extremely boring. Didn’t help that we knew who was winning the last 2 big matches! (taker, miz) plus snookis dumb orange ass just killed all momentum after the Taker match. That seemed more like a backlash ppv then a wrestlemania one

  2. Oh I’m sure he’ll be promoting his new movie, Fast Five, in another 20 minute rambling that he seems to do so well. I actually like that option of him being GM. I hadn’t really considered him as the guy behind the laptop. I don’t think that’s it, but who knows. Maybe we will see a Cena confrontation at the next ppv; however, the WWE never gives the fans what they really want to see without making them wait 3 months…

    I expect some lame new rap about Cena’s red shirt and he’ll probably make a match for Cena…one that he will no doubt win…and that will be the end of it.