Smoke & Mirrors?

We aren’t even through the 2nd full week of the 2011 MLB Season and many would argue that you can already come to certain conclusions. The other side can debate that it’s way too early to come to any conclusions. But that fact is it’s up the the hands of time to determine which is truly an “Act in Fact” or just “Smoke & Mirrors”.

So Ranterz, we hand you the ball on the mound, it’s your game to pitch. YOU decide which team falls into which category.

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Boston Red Sox (0-4)
Oh how the Mightly Preseason Teams have fallen. It seems the Red Sox have fallen from the heavenly races of the numerous baseball analysts who pegged them as being an unstoppable juggernaut in the AL East. But instead of opening April with sunshine and glory the Red Sox have had rain and gloomy weather.

A team confused, without identity and unable to put anything together, the Red Sox look like division cellar-dwellars instead of Kings of the East.

Boston Red Sox
Act in Fact
Smoke and Mirrors


Tampa Bay Rays (0-5)
I guess the thought in good ole’ Tampa Bay was that Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon’s bats could fill the void that Carlos Pena & Carl Crawford’s departures left in the Rays’ offense.
Sadly, both have batted well under.100 and have stunk up Tropicana Field with uninspired play.
Not even their Ace, David Price, can help, he has a bloated above 5.00 ERA to tote around.

Tampa Bay Rays
Act in Fact
Smoke and Mirrors

Texas Rangers (6-0)
Cliff Lee who? Is any offense looking better than the Rangers right now? Nelson Cruz is certainly on fire at the plate and the pitching has virtually shut down the opposing team’s batters.
Add timely clutch hitting by David Murphy and this is a recipe for success. Or is it?

Texas Rangers
Act in Fact
Smoke and Mirrors

Pittsburgh Pirates (4-2)
Oh the mighty Buc’s are finally back to their winning ways of the late 1980’s. Wait, pause that.
As excited as the world of baseball may be over the Pirates impressive start let’s all keep in mind, this is STILL the Pittsburgh Pirates. Nonetheless we pose the question is this a precursor of things to come? Or a cruel tease that will end in heartbreak for all 600 of the Pirates’ fans?

Pittsburgh Pirates
Act in Fact
Smoke and Mirrors

San Francisco Giants (1-4)
This isn’t the World Series Champions of 2010 is it? Can’t be!
But this 1-4 start certainly doesn’t make this Ranter feel confident he picked them to return to the World Series this year.
But who can really guess what will happen come May right?

San Francisco Giants
Act in Fact
Smoke and Mirrors


Baltimore Orioles (4-0)
Well I guess all that posturing and chest thumping by Manager Buck Showalter was legit. Damn. I man who would have thought the Birds would storm out of the gate like this. It’s kind of like the O’s are doing what the Red Sox should be doing and the Sox are doing what the O’s have been doing for years.
Can’t ignore great managing though, and Buck showed he is an Elite manager since his first day on the job late last season. But will this hold up?

Baltimore Orioles
Act in Fact
Smoke and Mirrors

New York Mets (3-1)
Well lookey here, the Mets decided to join the party.
Yes the lowly Mets, butts of many jokes, have made noise in a good way.
Many picked them to be cellar dwellers too but this start not only has many baseball fans shocked, but scratching their heads and it’s starting to hurt!!!
It’s funny because the years that the Mets are expected to do well, they don’t. So maybe now that everyone expects them to completely suck they will burn the house down…maybe right?

New York Mets
Act in Fact
Smoke and Mirrors


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