WrestleMania 27 – Fans Get "Snookied"


Forget the feeling of WrestleMania 25 where you believed you witnessed the greatest match of all time between Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. The feeling of nostalgia.

Forget the feeling of WrestleMania 26 where you felt the emotion of watching perhaps the greatest performer of all time Shawn Michaels in his final match against the Undertaker (again) which would become an all time classic. The feeling of emotion when Bret “Hitman” Hart returned to the ring.

No, instead WrestleMania 27 gave fans the feeling of being “Snookied”.And there is no pill to take that gets the $60 back fans wasted on this event. Easily one of the worst Mania’s of all time.

Not even the return of the Rock (who was horribly used) could save this Mania from being the abomination it really was.

Not only did fans get gyped out of any solid matches outside of Rhodes vs. Mysterio and the Old School match between Triple H & The Undertaker, they didn’t even get a chance to enjoy these matches.

Not only that but the booking of this event was piss poor. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus which was built up, advertised and marketed to fans every week didn’t even make it to the PPV. There are also a ton of new options to tune into content such as professional wrestling, and while the WWE Network provides a great option, Twitch streams and Mixer streams also help connect people with content. Tune into Twitch channels featuring the best video games, sports, female streamers, esports teams and more!

The Opening Contest was the Heavyweight Title match between Edge & Alberto Del Rio. Epic Fail. This match was thrown to the wolves. The fans weren’t built up yet and this match didn’t have as much time as it deserved.

The 4 man tag match between “The Corre” and The Big Show, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston and Kane got a whopping 3 minutes. Yes, 3 minutes!

Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole had more time than it needed. By far!

But rest assured fans that the time taken away from the matches was put into backstage segments with Pee Wee Herman, Snoop Dogg and of course a match that put over Snooki.

After brilliantly building up an Old School Wrestling feel the past 2 Mania’s the WWE successfully flushed it ALL down the toilet.

This event was a slap in the face to the talent, the fans and WrestleMania itself. WWE owes it’s fans much better than that and they insulted many of them. All the energy that was put forth in breaking back talents like The Rock, Austin and HBK to infuse the older generation fans into this event was lost.



  1. Seems a little harsh, I thought the Undertaker v HHH match was fantastic. Loved how the Rock started and finished the event, plus his backstage interaction with May Young was pretty funny. I thought the Edge v Del Rio match starting off the event was a great move, getting everyone’s attention right off the bat. Randy Ortons match was solid, I really enjoyed it overall. I will give you Snooki though, that was horrid, rather than subject myself to that bile I took the opportunity to grab something to eat.

  2. I’ve been a fan of wrestling for quite some time and as a fan, I can say I am 100% disappointed in the direction the WWE is going. This Wrestlemania was the worst I have ever seen! It’s not that there wasn’t potential for it to be great, the setup and writing has just sucked lately.

    You make a great point in your blog, the talent is not being used. Instead of spending time on matches the WWE has worked months to set up with storylines…The Corre/Big Show, Edge/Del Rio…the majority of the program was wasted on trying to sell The Rock and Snooki, two people who just so happen to be promoting their latest projects.

    To waste the young talent like Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, and The Corre…I just can’t comprehend it. Every single entrance was longer than The Corre’s match. Are you kidding me? I will never understand why you would start a PPV with a world title match. The reaction on twitter when Del Rio was announced was pure confusion. That was supposed to be one of the biggest matches of the night and left a lot of us wondering why we should even keep watching.

    In the end though, I suppose the WWE did exactly what they set out to do. They left people talking about The Rock and Snooki, with the after thought being Taker/HHH.