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Legends Tip Off Two Game Set with Chinooks Tonight



Another weekend falls upon us and that means one thing, Albany Legends basketball. The Legends boast a 4-2 record as they welcome the 3-0 Portland Chinooks to their home court at CBA tonight at 7 pm.

The Chinooks are led by the IBL League Leader in scoring David Lucas who is accompanied with the 3rd League Leading Scorer Quentin Patin. Overall, the Chinooks have 3 of their players in the Top Ten League Leaders in Scoring.

It will be intriguing to see how the Albany Legends respond after Sunday’s loss to the Gary Splash that snapped a 3 game winning streak. The loss also dashed the hopes of sweeping a weekend series that would have given the Legends a commanding lead in the International Division. (Read my previous article on the Legends)

Instead of commanding the division lead they are now 3rd behind the visiting Chinooks and the Kankakee Soldiers.

1. Portland Chinooks 3-0 1.000
2. Kankakee Soldiers 5-2 0.714
3. Albany Legends 4-2 0.667
4. Gary Splash 3-4 0.429
5. Edmonton Energy 0-0 0.000

Taking both games of this 2 game set is critical for the Legends. As I stated in my previous article the Legends are still trying to find their identity. They can start tonight with a win.

This series will be a true test for the Legends. They have shown an inconsistency on the defensive side of the ball and on the glass. Two areas that the Portland Chinooks excel in. They have 3 of the IBL’s League Leaders in scoring and also have 2 the IBL’s League Leader in Rebounding (David Lucas is 2nd, Lester Ferguson is 8th).

Overcoming the Chinooks will be a step in the right direction for the Legends. It will also continue the positive trend of winning series against inter-division rivals. A key element in being successful in the Playoffs.

The game tips off at 7pm tonight and 7pm tomorrow night.

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