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Fans Need A Refund



We all have our gripes about our beloved teams. Trust me, I have had plenty to say both positively and negatively about the teams I root for. It’s all apart of being a fan. It comes with the territory.

But there are some organizations in Professional Sports that owe their fans much more than the right to gripe. They own the fans a refund. not just for ticket sales, merchandise sales and any other monetary refund that can be conjured up. They owe them for more than anything letting them down and wasting their time.

There is a clear cut list of organizations or owners that just need to take a pink slip and/or go back to the drawing board. Most of all, these are the owners/organizations that owe the fans a refund.

Beware of the CryptKeeper – Al Davis Lives!!

Oakland Raiders/ Al Davis

What list of failures would be complete without the “King of the Mountain” Mr. Al Davis. For decades the Oakland Raiders were known for the “Black Hole” a sea of their most passionate fans dressed in full Raider attire for each game.

Now the “Black Hole” is the Oakland organization itself. Al Davis cannot seem to separate the Owner and General Manager Position. The result? Being a laughing stock of the league since 2003 (when they were embarrassed in the Super Bowl), the butt of many jokes and the topic of background chatter in locker rooms, front offices and sports media centers for years.

The fact is the organization will never revive with Davis making all the personnel decisions. He has become too detached from reality to wear multiple hats. His decision making in both hiring personnel, free agent signings and draft pick selections has been atrocious.

Evidence: Drafting Jamarcus Russell #1, Hiring Lane Kiffin, Robert Gallery’s career, hiring Tom Cable.

If Steve Nash ever has a restless night wondering how the Suns never won NBA Gold, he can blame this stunod

Phoenix Suns/ Robert Sarver

Although the Suns have met success in the 2000s, it is that reason this organization has failed it’s fans so miserably. Taking the time to piece together and build a solid foundation for a Championship-Ready team (a Dynasty), the Suns’ Collangelo family (one time owners/front office) handed the keys to the Golden Gates to an Abyss.

Every Front Office inclination and Ownership group after has done everything in it’s power to destroy a promising franchise, insult the fan base and most of all sabotage a well deserved Championship for Hall of Famer Steve Nash.

Every year the Suns’ show that you can’t fix stupid. I have a much longer Rant on this so feel free to Read that Article here

Evidence: Robert Sarver Ownership, Steve Kerr as GM, Joe Johnson trade, Shawn Marion trade, Trading for Shaq, Giving up Rajon Rondo, Luol Deng and Andre Igoudala, Letting Amare Stoudemire walk, hiring Terry Porter.

Washington Redskins/ Daniel Snyder

This is a universal opinion correct? I mean this pick is a layup! Daniel Snyder has been fedging up the Washington Redskins for years. It almost seems as if it was a sport for him.

But don’t worry Redskins fans, Snyder has you covered. While he plasters his and his wife/girlfriend’s face on NFL commercials he has not forgotten his priorities as General Manager/Owner.

Every year in Free Agency Snyder throws insane amounts of money to piece together a team he thinks will win. Ignoring the proven methods of the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots, Snyder is hell bent on flashing money to win.

Snyder is further proof Owners should not meddle with being a General Manager. Don’t get upset Skins’ fans, it’ll probably be over soon, I mean look at Oakland…ok maybe you’re screwed for a long time coming. Sorry

Evidence: Albert Haynesworth, Donovan McNabb, Every Free Agent Signing in the 2000s, Limit of any Draft Picks.

Los Angeles Dodgers/ McCourt Family

Is there really any other explanation or reasoning needed to explain this? The team went bankrupt. Not just any team but the legendary Dodger Organization. That’s like baseball royalty.

Not more than a few years ago the Dodgers looked like a promising and dangerous team on the rise. That may still be the case but the Dodgers will have a tough time keeping on to ANY player they build that becomes good. Finances are going to be a mess for a long time now that Frank McCourt has filed for bankruptcy.

Truth be told you probably will have to start trading stars to save money.

Good luck Dodger fans.

Evidence: Frank McCourt.

Dallas Cowboys/ Jerry Jones

Okay, okay to be fair I had to put good ole Jerry in here. I mean come on! how can you NOT put Jerry Jones on this list?

Imagine if Jones was JUST an owner and not a General Manager? Would the Cowboys have fired Parcells? Would the Cowboys have even touched Terrel Owens? Would they have traded for Roy E. Williams (don’t know who he is, he pretends to be a Wide Receiver)? Signed Adam “Pacman” Jones?

If you were to ask me, I’d say any competent General Manager would have taken the key pieces that Parcells drafted (Ware, Romo, Ratliff, etc) and built a hell of team geared for a championship run.

Instead Cowboy Nation….you have good ole Jerry Jones not owning paying for the ship to sail, but steering it.

Evidence: Adam “Pacman” Jones, Roy Williams, Terrel Owens, Wade Phillips, letting Sean Peyton leave, pissing off Bill Parcells, Dez Bryant.


I will continue this list at another time. But for starters, these teams are a good way to kick it off.

If you agree or disagree with me please share your comments below. I’d be happy to Rant with you about any of my claims in this article.

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Anthony DiMoro is the creator of Sports Rants and the CEO of Elite Rank Media. He is a former Contributor for Forbes and the Huffington Post where he covered sports, social media, and SEO. Anthony formerly hosted the 'Forbes SportsMoney Podcast'.