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Troy Brouwer Lands in Washington



  George McPhee knew he was parting with a significant sum in the amount of a first-round pick for Troy Brouwer late last month. The 25-year-old forward was a restricted free agent, so all the Capitals were technically getting were his rights. On Wednesday, they made sure Brouwer would be in Washington next season by signing him to a two-year deal worth $2.35 million a season.

“Obviously the raise is very enticing and good for me and my family,” Brouwer told The Washington Times in a phone interview. “Two years gives me some nice security. I didn’t wanna have to just sign a one-year contract and just be looked at as a recycled player.”

Brouwer had 17 goals and 19 assists this past season with the Blackhawks. In 2009-10 — the year Chicago won the Stanley Cup — he had 22 goals and 18 assists.

“At the end of the day I think it’s a fair result,” his agent Craig Oster told The Washington Times. “It secures Troy’s rights for two years in Washington and gives them a player we think is capable of producing even more than he had in the past.”

In a more wide-open system, Oster said, Brouwer should be able to beat those numbers. “Also, we feel Troy adds a bit of a unique element in Washington with his big body and physical presence,” Oster said.

So, the Capitals are remodeling all around in the off-season with sending some players packing and saying good-bye to a goalie that showed promise. Why? Some say that the Capitals are trying to leave the past behind and start a new; but I think that the Capitals are trying to elude the black looming cloud that’s been dooming the team and the dark cloud happens to be the playoffs. The Capitals always play well in the regular season but can’t seem to get to the big show of the Finals. Maybe adding players like Brouwer will help make the magic happen.

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