The Tricky Triangle


  Now it is time to load up and head to another flat track. Like Indy, Pocono should not hold many surprises because it is a flat track that requires rhythm. The Pennsylvania track is also measured at 2.5 miles in length, which would cause one to assume that drivers and teams won’t try to gamble on fuel. But, accepted wisdom said they wouldn’t gamble at Indy either, so I wouldn’t take comfort in that assumption.

As the third consecutive flat track on the circuit, this should have been a good time for drivers to develop some momentum with a half-dozen races remaining before the Chase. Less than a handful of drivers have been able to post back-to-back top-15s though and a great opportunity is falling by the wayside. In the past two weeks, either New Hampshire or Indy has been chemistry killers and the teams will have their mettle tested during the next two weeks at Pocono and Watkins Glen. So it’s time to roll the dice and make it happen.

 This weekend, I look to see this man..Jeff Gordon in victory lane for very simple reasons. What are the reasons? He has a serious amount of momentum in his favor and well he is Jeff Gordon. Not winning Indy may have hurt Jeff’s ego a tiny bit but not to worry Jeff Gordon fans; Jeff has the bigger picture in mind and that’s winning the Championship. Jeff will find the keys to success and beat the tricky triangle!

The other driver I would watch this weekend is Kasey Kahne. Kahne deserved a much better fate at Indy since he dominated the majority of the race. Although, his fate was sealed after taking a ride and slide through the grass in an attempt to miss Landon Cassill’s spin. In light of how difficult handicapping races in 2011 has been, he very well could finish in the top 10, but if he does it will be his first such result at Pocono since the end of 2009.

So, do you agree with me or do you have another driver that you believe will win this Sunday?


  1. I think Jeff Gordon will win because he’s consistantly had one of the best cars every race. Especially after Indy he’ll come storming into pocono trying to win another here

  2. I am unsure that Brad is going to race the whole race tomorrow. His injury he sustained at Road Atlanta looks to be hurting him a lot. His ankle is bigger than a softball. I am definitely still going with Jeff Gordon or Kasey Kahne winning this race. Kasey was fasted in last practice today and qualified 2nd. Jeff will have to make some ground up after smacking the wall in qualifying which landed him in the 31st starting spot. My dark horse would have to be Carl Edwards.

  3. Not trying to brag but I did call the top 3 and my dark horse won lol….. I hope this little rivalry with Kurt and Jimmy Johnson keeps up. Should make thinks interesting.

  4. Well Andrew, I think during my next preview I will have to interview you first on your picks, haha. But you definitely did very well this past week! I was truly amazed by Brad’s determination to race and have blood drained during the red flag! He wants a spot in the Chase, I wish more NASCAR Drivers had that drive!

    Kurt and Jimmie are definitely providing fans with a lot to talk about too. I am still undetermined as to which side I am on yet…this weekend’s race is going to be intense.