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The Fighting "Irish"



"Irish" Joe McCreedy

Throughout the years many things have come out of Massachusetts that have left an impeccable impression on the sports world that will never be forgotten. The Boston Red Sox. The legendary Boston Celtics. The New England Patriots. The Boston Bruins.

Massachusetts seemingly oozes sports passion and is enriched with deep rooted sports history. It can be one of those most difficult places to leave a mark in sports history, but once embraced, the sports nation in Massachusetts will never forget you.

The city of Lowell, Massachusetts is the fourth largest city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A population 106,519 and growing. Lowell, which is known as the birthplace of the industrial revolution has been the location for many historical sites and one hometown man is hoping to write another chapter in not only Lowell’s extensive history, not only Massachusetts’ but the boxing world as a whole.

“Irish” Joe McCreedy is the product of Lowell, Massachusetts and making waves in the pro-boxing world. The 26 year old Super Middleweight is hoping to build upon his current record of 12-5 and hopes that the recent changes in his career path will help him do so. It’s hard to argue that they will.

McCreedy grew up idolizing Lowell hero and fellow boxer Micky Ward and trains at Ward’s Boxing Center. “Training at Micky Ward’s Boxing Center has been the best experience for me. It’s challenging, rewarding and fun. Dicky is the best trainer around with his knowledge, experience and outgoing personality it’s always and adventure. The Center is like family and I’m happy to be there.

Ward has always been a major influence on McCreedy, ever since he was young;  “Growing up I followed Micky Ward because he is like family to me. I admired his hard work in training, his dedication, aggressiveness, and most of all his heart and passion for boxing. I also followed Mike Tyson mainly because I compared myself to him, his height and punch and his style is similar to mine.”

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McCreedy embodies the same tough and gritty ring presence that has become all too familiar with the products of Lowell, including Ward.

But “Irish” Joe is looking to bring his career to that next level. To make his own legendary mark in the boxing world. Boxing has been in his blood and has fueled him since his childhood.

I started boxing at 14 to keep in shape for football. My dad brought me to see Micky
Ward fight Emanuel Burton and watching Micky and hearing the crowd cheer for him
that’s when I knew boxing was for me” McCreedy said.

“Watching Micky Ward Vs. Emanuel Burton at the Hampton Beach Casino in NH was
the fight that brought me to a new level and respect in boxing. My favorite fight of all
time is all three of Micky Ward Vs. Arturo Gatti, such energy, passion and heart with all
three fights.

The most influential people in my boxing career have bee my mom and dad for their
love, devotion, encouragement and continued support. Also, Dicky Eklund and Micky
Ward, who I consider family and with out their love, support, advice and training I
wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you to all who help and support me.

David Lionie, Billy Traft, Mickey Ward, Billy Bulger and Timmy Stanton (Photo by of Mark Stokes/

McCreedy has been making telling his own story. With his constant development in the ring to his hard work and dedication outside of it, McCreedy now feels he is in the best position to take his career to the next level.

Working with Floyd Mayweather Sr. is a good step in that direction and has already proven to be very beneficial for Joe.

“My time training with Floyd Mayweather Sr. has been very beneficial to me and my
boxing. We have been working on defense, my hand speed and blocking punches. He
has also helped me to think smarter in the ring. I enjoyed my training time with Floyd
and appreciate what the legend has taught me.”

It’s often a long journey for a boxer that has many milestones, bumps in the road, trials and tribulations. But McCreedy seems to have a good perspective, a strong work ethic and the appreciation of not only how far he has come, but how much further he has to go to accomplish his goals.

He often takes time to think about all the memories he has built so far.

“My most memorable fight was on Feb. 6, 2009 against Richard “Bobo” Starnino. This
was my 2nd fight against him ad it was my debut fighting 8 rounds at the Super
Middleweight division. I won by majority decision and also won my first title fight, the
Eastern Boxing Association (EBA) of New England belt.”

Taking steps to improve one self is essential in all walks of life. But is critical to survival in the word of professional boxing. McCreedy recently signed with renowned Sports Agent JR Rickert, a move that is sure to showcase McCreedy’s talents under a bigger spotlight as well as help him elevate a very promising career.

“Signing with JR Rickert is a positive step in my career. I’m looking forward to working
with him and advancing my career. I believe he will help me in getting my name
throughout the boxing world so I can fight some bigger name fights and show the world
I am ready!”

“Irish” Joe McCreedy has all the tools to succeed in the ring. He possesses the drive, determination and talent that the boxing world demands. In addition, McCreedy is surrounded by solid and experienced training, supported by a passionate sports community and is now being guided by a great Sports Management team.

With every hook, uppercut and counter punch, McCreedy is not only putting sports nation on notice, but may also be writing a Hollywood script  for a sequel to “The Boxer”. For McCreedy, the sky is the limit.
~by Anthony DiMoro

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Special Thanks to JR Rickert, Melanie Madden and Joe McCreedy for this interview.



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