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High Stakes at Dover Provide Late Surge to Win



 Going into yesterday’s race we all knew the stakes were high and that drivers would gamble on 2-tire stops throughout the day to make up ground and possibly have the lead if that dreaded rain would ruin the race. But, the rain held out and gambling was high and pricey! The points looked like the roulette wheel for the longest time today and the race gave fans a lot to be cheering for! So who was the biggest winners and losers?

Kurt Busch edged out his arch rival, Jimmie Johnson and a charging Carl Edwards to claim his second win of the season. And with everything on the line, Kurt Busch needed this win to keep his Chase hopes alive.

“It was just a perfect execution today with pit stops and with making the car better during the race,” Busch said. “That’s been some of our troubles when the track rubbers in. To win a Sprint Cup race in the Chase, that’s what it’s all about. That’s the feeling of the playoffs.”

Busch couldn’t have had this win come at a better time for the No. 22 team, as they were down in the dumps last week. Granted Busch, like Johnson, has won the Championship before but I do believe this one would be more special to him with having Steve Addington as his crew chief.

Granted one win does not make Busch the #1 contender to say the least considering what happened to Tony Stewart.  He won the first 2 races and then that monkey was glued to him today like the black plague that is wouldn’t quit.  Other drivers in the Chase that suffered were Stewart’s teammate, Ryan Newman and Dale Jr. Both drivers had tough times at the Monster Mile and are glad to have Dover in their rear view mirror.

We went into today looking at the calculations, the mishaps on pit road, should haves, could haves and everything in between. Then once the recaps of Dover are over, we suit up, load up and head to the mid-west! Kansas better be ready for one wild tornado, a NASCAR tornado! Get ready fans and tighten those belts!! Wheels up!