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September's Spotlight Driver is Revealed



What do you think when you think of racing? 9 times out of 10 people will say NASCAR. But we all know that there is more to racing than just NASCAR and for September’s Driver Spotlight I decided to expand our minds and introduce many people to the world of sprint car racing. And many people in smaller towns thrive and live on the roar of the sprint car series and world of outlaws that come to their hometown tracks on Fridays and Saturdays. So who is the driver of the month for September?

Joey Saldana, driver of the #9 Kasey Kahne Racing sprint car, is SportsRantz driver for September. There was no interview this past month but Saldana is a very tough competitor who suffered what we all believed would have been a career ending injury. During the 2011 Kings Royal Joey Saldana was collected in a lap 11 incident which occurred in turn two. Reference video for the accident: . The accident was very tragic and the whole sprint car community rallied to send all their support, prayers and best wishes to the Saldana family.

Joey was taken to the hospital immediately where doctors inserted two plates and 25 screws to stabilize a broken right arm. Saldana’s ribs were also injured in the incident, which contributed to a partially collapsed lung. Saldana had what would be one that was bumpy, long, and the toughest thing a driver could endure. But with all the support Saldana thrived and got through all the surgeries, painful nights and the extensive physical therapy.

During September, Joey Saldana made his return to the racetrack as the driver of the #9 Red Bull sprint car. Many people told Saldana it was too soon and his family and friends cautioned him against it. Joey Saldana, though, knew Wednesday, September 22nd at Hartford Motor Speedway he was ready to return to World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series action. With all the support in the world from his owner, Kasey Kahne; Joey Saldana hit the track with force. Saldana did none other than win! But this was just the first win in his return to the dirt.

Joey Saldana returned to the site of his greatest victories and scariest crashes with hopes of winning his second consecutive World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series race since missing nine weeks to injury. September 24th was about the most exciting night in World of Outlaws Sprint Car racing and no one will tell you differently, why? Saldana dominated Eldora speedway and won that race that would solidify that the driver of the #9 Red Bull car was back and nothing would stop him.

Joey Saldana is our September Spotlight Driver not just for winning the first two races back but also for his attitude to never give up and to always succeed on the track. We honor Joey Saldana for his comeback, wins, and we look forward to watching him continue to slide hard in the dirt corners and show everyone he will be a winner!