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Uncategorized NFL Power Rankings – October 6th, 2011



As promised in my blog from earlier this week here is the first edition of’s Top 10 NFL Power Rankings.

So why wait until Week 4 is over? Well, with the season a little out of whack due to the lockout and shortened Pre-Season I thought that after Week 4 I would have a better idea of how to structure this Rankings as far as what team should rank where.

I decided to go with a Top 10 because it’s a lot harder to rank the 10 best, i had a tough time with this. So let’s see who made our top 10.

1. Green Bay Packers
Ric Flair once said “to be the man you gotta beat the man“. Aaron Rodgers is a tremendous Quarterback that plays so well, it even covers the flaws of the 2011 Packers. How long will it last?

2. Detroit Lions
Matthew Stafford is healthy (so far) and Calvin Johnson is proving yet again that he is absolutely unstoppable. The Lions had an impressive come from behind win that proves there is some fortitude in this Detroit team.

3. New Orleans Saints
Drew Brees is having a quiet season in New Orleans. Meaning, he is having another great year while managing to fly under the radar. The Saints look a tad bit more efficient this season as they did last year.

4. Buffalo Bills
I’m sold on the Buffalo Bills and that’s why they make our Top 10. They not only lead the AFC East but they were only a few points from being the only 4-0 team in the AFC. If that defense can learn to stop someone, anyone, we may be looking at a Top 3 Team.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Most of you may be surprised by this team being in our Top 5. But seriously, this is the best team that nobody is talking about. Tampa has a great QB on the rise in Josh Freeman, a solid running game & an above average defense. Capable of being stout on both sides of the ball.

6. New England Patriots
In my eyes the Patriots look “not as great” from week to week. The defense can’t stop anybody and there is a serious lack of a solid running game. The only reason they are #6 and not lower is two words. Tom Brady

7. Houston Texans
I had a hard time leaving the Texans out of the Top 5 but here is my reasoning. They aren’t at full strength and still lack a stout running game. Foster’s return is a question mark and that defense, although improved, still has something to prove in order to crack my Top 5

8. New York Giants
Who would have thought that the New York Giants would be in our Top 10? With all of the injuries many would have guessed they wouldn’t be mentioned but how can you ignore a 2-1 road record?

9. Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore barely made it in the Top 10. The defense is great as usual but I still have trouble believing Joe Flacco can be consistent this year. On Sunday night he had a streak of over 10 straight incompletions.

10. San Diego Chargers
Phillip Rivers hasn’t been “Phillip Rivers” this year, at least in terms of Fantasy Football. But the Chargers have the ability of controlling the clock with Ryan Matthews & Mike Tolbert. But is Antonio Gates done?


Honorable Mentions:
Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans