LSU vs. Alabama – The Game to Watch in College Football this Saturday


There are many rivalries that stand the test of time. Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees Duke/North Carolina and LSU/Alabama. All week the talk has been about this being the true championship game in college football.

But as the #1 and #2 teams get ready to square off in tonight’s pivotal game let’s take an in-depth look at this matchup that is promising to be the game of the year in College Football. So take a look at who has the edge in each key matchup

Quarterback: LSU

The Tigers have seniors Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson running the show and also have a more diverse offense than Alabama’s. Sophomore A.J. McCarron is making his ninth game start and it has never faced an environment anywhere near to the one he will see tonight.

Running back: Alabama

LSU has good backs, but Trent Richardson is the best player around the area and a menace with a true ability to score from any distance. Backup Eddie Lacy has as many yards rushing as LSU’s leader, Spencer Ware, but Lacy is returning from a nagging turf toe injury. Alabama has the best run defense within the nation.

Receivers: LSU

Rueben Randle continues to be the Tigers’ playmaker and it is tied for that SEC lead in receiving touchdowns with seven. Tight end Deangelo Peterson’s receiving abilities lead him to a difficult game for Alabama’s linebackers and safeties.

Offensive line: Even

LSU is fully healthy for the very first time in five games. Getting pads T-Bob Hebert and Will Blackwell back at their natural positions is vital and they are also boosted by P.J. Lonergan’s return from an ankle injury.  Alabama’s line has some depth issues, however the Tide still leads the SEC in rushing attacks at 229.2 yards per game.

Defensive line: LSU

The LSU Tigers have a bit more complex of a defensive front scheme and call for their players to do a bit more in comparison to the Tide’s 3-4 D. Bama’s linemen mainly attempt to occupy blockers to allow the 4 linebackers to move freely.

Linebackers: Alabama

Dont’a Hightower and Courtney Upshaw are perhaps the very best tandem in the united states with speed and power in their 260-pound frames.  LSU’s Ryan Baker and Kevin Minter are more compact. Minter might find more action than normal as LSU most likely will remain in its base 4-3 defense a lot more than normal.

Secondary: Even

Both teams have great cover corners and difficult-striking safeties. Bama cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick is a great game on Randle, but LSU cornerback Mo Claiborne is equally as good. And there is always the “Honey Badger,” Tyrann Mathieu, possibly the very best defensive playmaker around the area. Mark Barron and Robert Lester are larger than LSU’s safeties, Brandon Taylor and Eric Reid, however the Tigers’ tandem has got the edge in speed.

Special teams: Alabama

Final Score Prediction:
Alabama 37,  LSU 28

DateYearLocationAlabama RankLSU RankWinnerScore
November 181895Baton Rouge, LouisianaLSU12-6
November 291902Tuscaloosa, AlabamaLSU11–0
November 91903Tuscaloosa, AlabamaAlabama18–0
December 21904Baton Rouge, LouisianaAlabama11–0
November 231907Mobile, AlabamaAlabama6–4
November 251909Birmingham, AlabamaLSU12–6
November 151919Baton Rouge, LouisianaAlabama23–7
November 111920Tuscaloosa, AlabamaAlabama21–0
October 291921New Orleans, LouisianaTie7–7
November 101922Tuscaloosa, AlabamaAlabama47–3
November 161923Montgomery, AlabamaAlabama30–3
October 101925Baton Rouge, LouisianaAlabama42-0
October 301926Tuscaloosa, AlabamaAlabama24–0
October 81927Birmingham, AlabamaTie0–0
December 81928Birmingham, AlabamaAlabama31–0
November 151930Montgomery, AlabamaAlabama33–0
September 301944Baton Rouge, LouisianaTie27–27
October 61945Baton Rouge, LouisianaAlabama26–7
November 91946Baton Rouge, Louisiana19LSU31–21
November 221947Tuscaloosa, Alabama8Alabama41–12
November 201948Baton Rouge, LouisianaLSU26–6
September 291951Tuscaloosa, Alabama9LSU13–7
September 271952Baton Rouge, LouisianaAlabama21–20
September 261953Mobile, Alabama5Tie7–7
September 251954Baton Rouge, LouisianaAlabama12–0
September 281957Baton Rouge, LouisianaLSU28–0
September 271958Mobile, Alabama15LSU13–3
November 71964Birmingham, Alabama38Alabama17–9
November 61965Baton Rouge, Louisiana5Alabama31–7
November 51966Birmingham, Alabama4Alabama21–0
November 111967Baton Rouge, LouisianaAlabama7–6
November 91968Birmingham, Alabama20Alabama16–7
November 81969Baton Rouge, Louisiana12LSU20–15
November 71970Birmingham, Alabama1911LSU14–9
November 61971Baton Rouge, Louisiana418Alabama14–7
November 111972Birmingham, Alabama26Alabama35–21
November 221973Baton Rouge, Louisiana27Alabama21–7
November 91974Birmingham, Alabama3Alabama30–0
November 91975Baton Rouge, Louisiana5Alabama23–10
November 61976Birmingham, Alabama15Alabama28–17
November 51977Baton Rouge, Louisiana218Alabama24–3
November 111978Birmingham, Alabama310Alabama31–10
November 101979Baton Rouge, Louisiana1Alabama3–0
November 81980Tuscaloosa, Alabama6Alabama28–7
September 51981Baton Rouge, Louisiana2Alabama24–7
November 61982Birmingham, Alabama811LSU20–10
November 51983Baton Rouge, Louisiana19Alabama32–26
November 101984Birmingham, Alabama12LSU16–14
November 91985Baton Rouge, Louisiana2015Tie14–14
November 81986Birmingham, Alabama618LSU14–10
November 71987Baton Rouge, Louisiana135Alabama22–10
November 51988Tuscaloosa, Alabama1813LSU19–18
November 111989Baton Rouge, Louisiana4Alabama32–16
November 101990Tuscaloosa, AlabamaAlabama24–3
November 91991Baton Rouge, Louisiana8Alabama20–17
November 71992Baton Rouge, Louisiana3Alabama31–11
November 61993Tuscaloosa, Alabama5LSU17–13
November 51994Baton Rouge, Louisiana6Alabama35–17
November 41995Tuscaloosa, Alabama17Alabama10–3
November 91996Baton Rouge, Louisiana10Alabama26–0
November 81997Tuscaloosa, Alabama14LSU27–0
November 71998Baton Rouge, LouisianaAlabama22–16
November 61999Tuscaloosa, Alabama12Alabama23–17
November 42000Baton Rouge, LouisianaLSU30–28
November 32001Tuscaloosa, AlabamaLSU30–14
November 162002Baton Rouge, Louisiana1014Alabama31–0
November 152003Tuscaloosa, Alabama4LSU27–3
November 132004Baton Rouge, Louisiana17LSU26–10
November 122005Tuscaloosa, Alabama45LSU16–13 OT
November 112006Baton Rouge, Louisiana12LSU28–14
November 32007Tuscaloosa, Alabama173LSU41–34
November 82008Baton Rouge, Louisiana115Alabama27–21 OT
November 72009Tuscaloosa, Alabama39Alabama24-15
November 62010Baton Rouge, Louisiana512LSU24-21
November 52011Tuscaloosa, Alabama21
Rankings from AP Poll