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Winnipeg Jets' Fan Gets A Gift



Boo Bryzgalov So what did we learn from this evening’s Flyers vs. Jets game? Well Flyers fans learned that their earlier thoughts this season of getting rid of Scott Hartnell was probably a bad thought on their part. Also, Bryzgalov learned that trash talking will only make matters worse and give you a new set of “fans”.

Ilya Bryzgalov was killing Winnipeggers before the Jets-Flyers game this afternoon at the MTS Centre. No longer would the Flyers’ goalie be condemned for speaking ill of the Manitoba city. And no folks, I really don’t mean that he went on a killing spree or anything to that degree…I mean he was “killing” them with his harsh words about their beloved city.

So why would I be reporting about a Jets’ fan holding a “BOO BRYZGALOV” sign? Well the answer to your question is this:  Bryzgalov spied a young Jets fan with a “Boo Bryzgalov” sign and, in response, gave the kid a goalie stick.

For eight-year old Donavan Collier, it offered an important lesson – if you make a sign ripping professional athletes, you’ll get cool stuff. “I made the sign because he said we have no parks and we have terrible winters. I think it was very nice of him to give me his stick,” Collier said.

So, to all the young NHL fans out there, want to get cool stuff from your not-so-favorite hockey player? Well according to Bryzgalov all you need to do is make a sign booing them and get cool stuff.

Now Bryzgalov is one in about a million hockey players that would actually do a thing like this. Could you see Crosby giving a Flyers’ fan a stick for writing a sign showing their displeasure with Crosby? I think not.

The sign pictured to the left would not render a stick from #87 himself. Actually I don’t believe that Crosby would ever give Flyers fans anything but grief.

So yet the moral to this story? The Flyers got dominated by the Jets as Bryzgalov sat on the bench for the majority of the game and the loss got put on “SideShow” Bob and the lack-luster Flyers Defense. Also, sometimes hockey players regret talking smack on a hockey city and show that regret by giving one lucky fan some memorabilia. So fans and players stay classy and keep trash talking!!