ESPN Radio's Bruce Jacobs Out of Bounds


A few months back the Capital Region saw a major change in local radio over at 104.5 “The Team” where they removed the hosts of “Soundoff with Sinkoff” abruptly. The move was met with a good amount of praise and some disappointment. It can be easily stated that host Brian Sinkoff made his fair share of mistakes that ultimately led to the show’s demise. Such of these things included mocking the Capital Region (Upstate, NY)  and it’s fanbase upon his arrival, rudely hanging up on caller’s who didn’t agree with his opinions and turning his sports talk show into a comedy show with his sidekick.


But in comparison, while the Soundoff with Sinkoff show made some critical errors in it’s journey towards possible success in the local media market, they did not make the error that new host Bruce Jacobs did Tuesday night on his show “Game On with Bruce Jacobs”.


During a back and forth with his co-host Brian Cady in going over a humorous article about the worst gifts to give sports fans on Christmas, Jacobs decided to poke fun at a WNBA reference in the discussed article. Jacobs reflected on attending the first ever WNBA game, a major milestone for women’s sports, by not only mocking the WNBA players’ overall ability but also the way they play basketball. But that isn’t the worst of it.


Jacobs revealed the game he attended was between the Los Angeles Sparks and the Phoenix Mercury. Immediately after mocking the WNBA some more Jacobs went on to give both teams new names that he feels better suits the teams, players and the WNBA


“The Los Angeles Lesbians and the Phoenix Dykes”


There really doesn’t have to be much of an explanation about this, it sadly speaks for itself. The homophobic undertone, sexist insinuations and overall insulting attempt at a few cheap laughs may find Jacobs in the unemployment line rather than behind the mic at ESPN Radio in the Capital Region.

What makes this even more appalling is that we are currently seeing a good amount of Anti-Bullying campaigns not only across national media, but also here locally. CBS News Channel 6 even airs their own commercial which shows anchors endorsing the campaign. It would seem this comment from Jacobs would mean he missed the memo.



Furthermore one of the major milestones for the gay community came out of New York this year with the legalization of gay marriage. With a vibrant Gay & Lesbian community growing more active locally, this was undoubtedly a direct insult to that community as well as other listeners. It shouldn’t go unnoticed and definitely should come with disciplinary action from ESPN Radio 104.5 “The Team” and one would think that this action would and should cost Jacobs his job. Sponsors and advertisers should think twice about continuing to support a station that allows this type of garbage to circulate the airwaves.


So in the past few years 104.5 “The Team” has failed to provide any quality local radio that isn’t short of insulting the Capital Region, local fans and now, with this incident, all the cultures and personalities that live within our community. As a local, a sports fan, a radio host and most of all as a human being I certainly cannot tolerate this behavior and you shouldn’t either. I have a love for the Capital Region and it led me to start my own locally based website and allowed me to get involved in the local sports scene, local music scene and local business community. This is not what local sports talk radio (or any radio for that matter) should be about, especially in New York where government has made so many strides to embrace the Gay Community.


Tune over to Fox Sports Radio where locals run the shows. Locals like Rodger Wyland, JR Rickert and Ray Brownell do a great job of talking sports intelligently while still finding time to emphasize on local sports. They also offer opinionated insight that doesn’t insult the listener. ESPN Radio 104.5 “The Team” should take some notes from them.


While I supported Jacobs’ show in the beginning I am sadly disappointed with his actions and it may rightfully cost him his job. Townsquare Media needs to clean house at 104.5 “The Team” and bring in locals with passion and intelligence who can host an engaging sports talk show that can host debates of differing opinions without insulting someone’s lifestyle.



We deserve better in the Capital Region and they need to stop bringing in out of market hosts who fail to make a true connection with the local community. To be honest, I’d love the opportunity to do so, but I absolutely love my radio show “The Rantin & Ravin Show” on my station SportsRantz Radio. It’d be hard for me to part with that. But hey if you want to tell them you’d like to hear me on the airwaves cleaning up this garbage, feel free.


Needless to say Townsquare Media needs to step up big here and may not only fire Bruce Jacobs but also go out of their way to reach out to the Gay Community to mend wounds. It goes without saying.


Let “The Team” know your thoughts


Let TownSquare Media know your thoughts


Support the Capital Region Gay Community


Here is hoping we don’t ever experience something like this on our airwaves again.




  1. While I agree with most of your points about Jacobs, you Re completely out of line regarding Sinkoff’s show. Do you know anything about ratings? Do you know how Sinkoff’s show even did? Apparently not, because you seem to think his performance was the reason for his dismissal. His show was rated #1 in his final ratings book. He was consistently in the top 5 during his time slot. Perhaps you should do some research before you make bold generalizations. Just google Sinkoff and ratings like I literally just did before posting.

  2. Frank, thank you for the feedback and for reading. While I respect your point of view and totally think your facts are valid, in no where in my article do I relate Sinkoff’s dismissal with ratings.

    I based my opinion on his dismissal due to a few factors:

    A. My very own opinion of his show
    B. The reaction on multiple articles that reported his dismissal:

    C. Personal discussions I had with other locals over the entire tenure of his show.

    So while I cited his performance, it was not in a ratings aspect. It was merely my personal opinionated thoughts on the quality of his show, which I am entitled to.

    And to answer your question, yes I am quite aware of ratings as this website has an online radio station.

    Furthermore, think about this. If Sinkoff’s ratings were so good (which I am not doubting they were) than other areas of his performance cost him his job. Without a clear concise reason from WTMM why he was fired and what reasons led to the show dismissal we are ALL left to wonder and form our opinions, which is exactly what I did. So with no detailed reporting, it greatly handcuffs the research process.

    Thanks for reading and commenting! Have a happy holiday!

  3. You have constantly bashed Sinkoff’s show from the beginning. As for the articles talking about his dismissal, so what? It explained what happened. A new company took over and wanted to put in their own people – it happens all the time and that’s what happened here. It had nothing to do with anything Sinkoff did. You didn’t like the show but I loved it.

    As far as your personal discussions you had with other locals on the show, I had those discussions as well. And everyone I talked to liked the show. That’s a matter of opinion. Just because 20 of your friends from your inner circle didn’t like the show doesn’t mean it was a bad show.

    You clearly didn’t know the ratings of his show until I called you out about it.

    As for Sinkoff not covering local sports, are you serious? He covered high school, Siena, UAlbany, Union, RPI and all the local teams. In fact, some said he covered too much local. You are way off base on your observations of he show.

    Look at his replacement. Be careful what you wish for.

  4. And you’re right I have bashed his show from the beginning. Reason being, the first few episodes i tuned into were Sinkoff bashing the area and poking fun at locals. Personally, that’s something I will raise issue with. I also never liked the constant hanging up on callers who disagreed with his opinions. Something the station manager, Brian Noe, even said on the air was an issue with the show and a complaint they constantly received. So even though you’d like to dismiss it as simple “matter of opinion” it seemed to resonate at some degree with the station manager, enough to raise it on the air.

    It’s funny, you’re quick to discredit other people’s opinions and dismiss my conversations with locals as “a matter of opinion” but still generalize the statement that “everyone liked the show”. Just because you loved it or you see it as “a new company coming in” doesn’t necessarily discredit my opinion or anyone else’s for that matter.

    “Just because 20 of your friends from your inner circle didn’t like the show doesn’t mean it was a bad show”

    I didn’t know you were privy to the conversations I had, whom they were with and how many people that included. And telling me what I did or did not know as far a ratings. While I don’t mind debating with you and interacting with you and respect your points, please respect my thoughts as well by not belittling them. It’s fine to disagree.

    Listen Frank, I understand you’re a fan of Sinkoff, but im entitled to my opinion and my preferences on local radio. Did he cover local high school sports? Yes, most certainly. But any other minor league team or semi pro team in the area (Tri-City Valley Cats, Albany Legends, etc) were hardly mentioned. And I personally had communication with the owners of some of these teams who stated that the only way they were to get any mention on 104.5 is by paying some astronomical fee. So before picking apart ever word I say, keep in mind I actually may be speaking from familiarity. I covered the Albany Legends throughout the entire 2011 season, so I saw the presence of 104.5 first hand. So i’m not off base at all, I’m actually right on point.

    Again, if you’re going to pick apart things I say, be factual. I want to reiterate in no where in my article did I relate Sinkoff and his ratings at any point in time. Not doing so is no indication I have no clue what ratings are. In fact I raised this point in my last reply:

    “Furthermore, think about this. If Sinkoff’s ratings were so good (which I am not doubting they were) than other areas of his performance cost him his job. Without a clear concise reason from WTMM why he was fired and what reasons led to the show dismissal we are ALL left to wonder and form our opinions, which is exactly what I did. So with no detailed reporting, it greatly handcuffs the research process.”

    In conclusion, you seem to be off base as far as the topic of the article. This is about Bruce Jacobs, not Brian Sinkoff. I mentioned Sinkoff briefly in an opinionated opening paragraph.

    And I actually take issue with your last comment. Just because I didn’t like Sinkoff’s show doesn’t mean I wished for Jacobs to come on the air and make the comments he did. That’s out of line Frank. I merely wanted change and wanted to hear something better on the airwaves as a sports fan and a local.

    While I have no issue debating, reading and interacting with you and while I appreciate your thoughts please stay within the context of the article topic.

  5. Well you’re wrong about the ValleyCats. Several of my good friends work for them and Sinkoff always talked about them and said how they did it right. I can’t speak about the Legends because I’ve never heard of them.

    I’m a lifelong Capital Region native and i wasn’t offended about what he said about the area. It seemed like he did a lot of work to get to know the area.

    That being said, with your blog and “radio show”, I’m sure you feel like you could have done a better job than Sinkoff. More power to you. Good luck with that.

  6. Anthony,

    Clearly we have differing opinions about Sinkoff’s show and that’s fine. However, I think what we can both agree on is that Jacobs’ actions deserved some sort of punishment. I can’t believe the station didn’t even suspend him! But then again, we’re talking about the same station that hired him given his less than desirable track record.

    Has the WNBA had any thoughts on this?