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Tebowing- A New Religion, A Media Craze Or The Mockery of One Man's Religion




Tebowing.  What exactly is it?  Possibly a new Religion, or maybe an honor of a man displaying his Religion, or maybe it’s just another 3-ring circus concocted by an overaggressive media and a society looking for something that is already there.

It seem that the media and society has taken something purely innocent and private and made a mockery out of  it, with the invention of this new moniker, TEBOWING, which has been applied to the action of Broncos QB Tim Tebow taking a knee and saying a prayer in before or during an NFL game.


Yet, Prayer and Religion are nothing new in the NFL.  Prayer and Religion have been a part of the NFL since the beginning of football.  Many players have exhibited religious premise in the past long before Tebow even thought about it.  For example, Troy Polamalu, Steelers safety, has not kept secrete the fact he is Greek Orthodox.  He has been crossing himself before and during NFL games  since the beginning of his football career.    It’s not only an individual thing for the Steeler players either.

According to Jerry DiPaolo ” Polamalu is one of several Steelers who make religion and prayer a way of life while engaging in a sport that rewards brutality.  It is such a part of Steelers culture that Polamalu and other defensive backs pray in a huddle between each series.  Back in the locker room, a small carton of scripture books entitled Our Daily Bread sits on a shelf next to a box of footballs.


Another fan favorite, Bears WR Devin Hester is no stranger to sharing his religion with the fans.  In every game Hester gives praise to God before thousands of fans yet his ritual hasn’t sparked HesterMania over his spirituality.

Sadly, the lines between religion and the role it plays in sports has been badly blurred lately.  Consider the play Oakland Corner Chris Johnson was scorned for, both on and off the field.  When he dropped to his knees raising his arms in triumph off a pick on Matt Schaub.  He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct- excessive celebration.  Johnson complained, “I’m just getting on my knees giving my respect to God.  I don’t see how that’s a personal foul” (Chris Chase) So, where do we draw the line?  If one player does it, NATIONAL NEWS, where as if another does it they become chastised.  Does any of this make any sense to you?  I know, for one it doesn’t make a bit of sense.  Why would I be amused by what is a mockery Religion?  More importantly, why is this so new to the NFL?  Religion certainly has played a role in the NFL in the past and I’m sure it will play a role in it’s future as well.


The question is, do we consider buying into this whole TEBOWING thing and continue making a mockery of a young man’s religion or do we cocede that Religion has played a role in the History of  football and once and for all, let it go!