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No Sincerity: Jacobs Proves Apology Was a Publicity Stunt





The dust may have certainly settled a bit after ESPN 104.5 The Team’s evening host Bruce Jacobs made his inflammatory gay slurs regarding WNBA players in late December (read here), but leave it to Jacobs to prove in the end we are all idiots. Even myself, who originally broke the story about his on-air comments.



I wanted to re-address this article at the appropriate time and after I had ample time to gauge all the reactions from those who took offense and those who didn’t.  The response from social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, our own website and other news outlets gained a good amount of momentum. Enough momentum to get picked up by well know news outlets such as the Albany Times Union and the New York Daily News. It certainly raised enough awareness that Jacobs apologized on-air for his comments within 24 hours of making them. A move that, while I questioned it’s sincerity, I commended Jacobs for in my correspondence with Bruce Jacobs via email on Facebook. Frankly, sometimes mistakes are made and the benefit of the doubt must be given.



It originally appeared that Jacobs was truly sorry for what had transpired in a lengthy 10 minute apology on air that went into great detail. Not so fast. Leave it to Jacobs to change that perception entirely.



While most of you reading this have already formed your own opinion on the matter, I think we can agree that regardless of our individual thoughts that the majority felt Jacobs was sincere in his on-air apology. He came across genuine, “real” and sounded like a man who did not believe in the slurs he used. In fact here is the direct quote from his apology courtesy of the Times Union (Read the entire article):



“My comments yesterday were ridiculous, stupid and amateurish,” Jacobs said Wednesday during a 10-minute apology. “I apologize for even uttering the comments, whether you heard them or not, whether you were offended or not.” Jacobs would continue, “Bigoted, not even close,” he said. “If you know me, and a lot of you folks don’t know me, I don’t do judgement on people, their personal lifestyles. … I’m all about equality. I have zero issues with gays, lesbians. I make jokes about everything.”



It’s rare in journalism to get the full story, the inside scoop, the behind the scene look. Too many journalists and bloggers take excerpts on quotes and cleverly weave them throughout the course of an article. But in this article I am providing you all the information I have at my disposal, including my correspondence with Jacobs. While all of you may have your opinions about the matter, Jacobs or even myself, you are all owed the right to see things for what they truly are. So instead of just ranting I will give you all the same information and material I have been subjected to and the basis for my entire article.



While I did believe Jacobs may have been sincere, I did have a feeling in my gut that what Jacobs said was merely a method to “calm the storm” or to put it more blatantly “shut everyone up.” In reality that debate is purely left to us as individuals, to come to our own conclusions. But personally speaking I felt it was just a way to avoid being fired by WTMM and avoid losing any of their major sponsorship deals.



With all of that being said let me bring you to this week’s events.



On Monday night as I was talking with the SportsRantz community when Jacobs messaged me on Facebook. Jacobs and I are not friends on Facebook, never have been and only communicated when the article was originally posted. In that correspondence Jacobs came across kind, polite and I honestly had a friendly conversation with him. So when I received the message alert from Bruce I sincerely thought it was more positive interaction. Without prepping this up too much I want to give you all the messages from Bruce Jacobs on Facebook. Without giving you tidbits or selecting certain messages of interest, I will give you the whole conversation thread. From when we originally started conversating, to this week. Both his statements and mine as well.

NOTE: Please scroll to the bottom of this article to see the full conversation thread start to finish



As you can see our conversation from December 20th up until December 21st, 2011 was a positive and rather friendly dialogue. I fairly offered Jacobs an opportunity to do an interview with me to speak about his comments and “clear the air”, to which Jacobs declined. I even gave him the initial benefit of the doubt as chalked it up to just a horrible joke. I offered an outlet for him to directly address things with me and the community that follows my articles and even offered to promote it through all the outlets I possibly could. But Jacobs declined and I respected his decision. Nevertheless, I complimented him on his apology and we wished each other well for the holiday season.



That was the last correspondence I had with Bruce Jacobs, up until Monday of this week. Then Jacobs sent me the following:



At first I thought Jacobs was asking about one of the members of who has a personal sports blog on there (which every member of SportsRantz has the option to do). But after responding I realized the true intention on the part of Jacobs wasn’t to continue any dialogue but merely to mock the people who were offended by his comments.



Jacobs’ clear mocking of those who were offended (he tied me into this group) by referring to the offended as the “speech police” confirmed my gut feeling about his apology. It was a complete lie and just a way for Jacobs to dodge the proverbial bullet of losing his job on air. It was also Jacobs’ attempt to cool some of the justified heat the situation placed upon him. And I was curious whom he was referring to as the “speech police“? The Times Union, NY Daily News or the numerous media articles that voiced their displeasure over his comments (see for yourself)? The people who spearheaded the fan page calling for his dismissal?



So while most of you who were offended by his use of the gay slurs and  were put to ease by Jacobs’ apology, not so fast.



Jacobs’ continued to make sarcastic “digs” in the messages and I quipped back with a few sarcastic remarks of my own. And while I wasn’t appalled at his own digs at me, SportsRantz or my show I was more appalled at his mockery of the folks his comments upset. A big “middle finger” to the local and national Gay Community he seemingly apologized to, the female athletes he targeted, the WNBA players, the teams, women’s basketball and the local audience who stuck by himthroughout this matter.



Clearly his apology was a farse and there was no sincerity, there was no belief in that what he said was wrong and there was no humility that anyone with integrity or class would have gained from the experience. Allow me to take you back to the Times Union article I cited earlier that quoted his apology.



Jacobs said on the air his WNBA comments were “into the gutter” but didn’t reflect any resentment toward the gay and lesbian community.

“Bigoted, not even close,” he said. “If you know me, and a lot of you folks don’t know me, I don’t do judgment on people, their personal lifestyles. … I’m all about equality. I have zero issues with gays, lesbians. I make jokes about everything.”



Jacobs continued on air the following night with an apparent attack at my show and the outlet that reported the story in the first place (SportsRantz Magazine) again mocking us and poking fun. I would directly quote the on air segment, but I haven’t tuned into 104.5 since his apology. However I received a message regarding his on-air comments and poor attempt at making fun of me.



Frankly the attack on me is fine and in all reality, doesn’t amount to much to me. I am completely fine with Jacobs or anyone for that matter disliking my show, the website or our online Magazine. To me, you don’t have to be a fan of mine or tune into my show to have your opinion valued. You don’t have to agree with my opinions. I have debated with folks on both side of the fence regarding the matter and while some have disagreed with the reaction to his anti-gay slurs or raised issue with my comments within the article, we respectfully communicated nonetheless and I thanked everyone for doing so.



The problem here is that Jacobs’ presence on the airwaves is volatile on best. Most of us may just think of this as an isolated incident but lets take Jacobs’ track record into account. This isn’t a man who made a “one time slip”, simply Google his actions in Arizona back in 2008 and you’ll find article regarding Jacobs making another verbal attack that landed him in hot water. Yet again, it was involving a woman. So please take a moment or two and read what I am referring to for yourself. For those of you who want a quick summarization, I am going to take the “meat and potatoes” of the article in the Arizona Republic by columnist Laurie Roberts (2008) regarding the situation (Read the full article here):



Last week, the guy went on a rant against Julie Erfle, the widow of the late Phoenix police Officer Nick Erfle, who was killed in September by an illegal immigrant. This, because she went with Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon to Washington to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform.

Erfle, more than anyone in the world — even Jacobs — has a right to be outraged that a criminal by the name of Erik Martinez was walking the streets of Phoenix last Sept. 18.  Because of our failed border policies, she is now left to raise two young sons by herself. Because of that joke we call a border, she is now left to live out her life without her husband, a man who so badly wanted to live that he beat cancer — twice.

And yet she rejects the shrill screams from the left and the right and suggests that we come together and find a middle ground — an actual solution. For this, she was attacked one morning last week.

According to transcript, here’s a bit of what Jacobs had to say:

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Julie Erfle. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for being used. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for pitching for lawbreakers. You ought to be ashamed of yourself and I don’t know how you can look at your kids and do this…”

“I’m glad she’s not in my family. and I’m sure if her husband were alive today knowing how his legacy is going to be used or his memory is going to be used to further the cause of the very thing he took an oath for, to uphold the law, he would be ashamed of you, and I’m ashamed of you.”




Despite where you may stand regarding the issue , where your politics may lie or what your opinions may be about the Julie Erfle incident (read more articles here), it can clearly be seen that Jacobs’ cannot make an intelligent comment without attacking someone personally. According to Jacobs own apology he said “If you know me, and a lot of you folks don’t know me, I don’t do judgment on people, their personal lifestyles, I’m all about equality”.



Nothing is off limits when Jacobs is “on the attack”. Not someone’s sexual preference, not someone’s family and not someone’s children.



Without just citing one instance of Jacobs making personal jabs in his tirades, in 2011 Saint Rose writer Abby Finkleman made a rather controversial post regarding her opinion that sports and athletes breed a “culture of rape” (Read Here). While I agreed with Jacobs in his disgust over the article, Jacobs personally dug into Finkleman on air during his tirade questioning her sexuality, appearance and personal lifestyle (Read my article on it). Keep in mind the words out of Jacobs’ own mouth during his apology: “Bigoted, not even close. If you know me, and a lot of you folks don’t know me, I don’t do judgment on people, their personal lifestyles. … I’m all about equality. I have zero issues with gays, lesbians. I make jokes about everything.”



Agree or disagree with Finkleman’s angle and while it may anger some of you there  is still no reason to bring personal lifestyle into the equation, or sexual preference for that matter. In all fairness read my article on the situation. But Jacobs again fired personal bullets from behind the mic. As much as I am disgusted with Jacobs from a professional standpoint, I don’t think personal attacks accomplish anything good. But that seems be the preferred method of debate for Jacobs.



And while most of you still may not agree what Jacobs’ said regarding the WNBA players back in December, I want you to take this into account. 104.5 The Team does a good job focusing on high school sports during some of it’s shows and at times, talks at length about local high school and college teams.



With that being said, almost hours after Jacobs made his anti-gay slurs towards the female basketball players of the WNBA and the gay community, 104.5 the Team posted an article (read here) on their website about the Bethlehem girls basketball team. Odd as the timing of the article was, trying placing yourselves in these young girls’ shoes and imagine how excited you would be knowing that ESPN Radio was going to be talking about your team. Imagine the excitement for local female athletes who were elated about the exposure. The School, parents, families and the community. Unfortunately their story was buried behind the insensitive comments of a radio host at that very statement. Imagine their thoughts when hearing of Jacobs’ true thoughts, or hear the news about how he feels about their sexuality, their ability in sports and their value to the sports world as female athletes.



Furthermore think of the parents who were driving their daughters home from practice, to a game or from a match and had to see their daughters subjected what can be only termed as “hate speech”. So although you may not be directly offended it doesn’t take away from the impact of others and none of us should mock that. Disagreeing is one thing but mocking it is almost like throwing salt on a wound and throwing away the first aid kit.



They also (as of this week) have an article up about Schenectady High School cheerleaders (Read Here). A great article and I’m happy to see them get the exposure, but what message are you sending with Jacobs actions? Or is this just another shrewd way to lure in more ratings? In my opinion having Jacobs behind the mic who clearly has some sort of issue with women and making lewd comments puts your audience at further risk to be offended. Kudos to Brian Noe for “handling it internally“. Great to see you ignore all the backlash and still put Jacobs on the air to do more harm.



This isn’t a measure of sensitivity or “manhood” (as some people have debated), this isn’t a case of being oversensitive. This situation has no state lines, community borders or cap. This is a case of thinking about whom he was insulting, whom the audience was that 104.5 lured in with their article and what it meant to certain people within our community.



In Jacobs’ own apology both on air and via the 104.5 The Team fan page he cited that he was in favor of gay marriage while on the ballot in Arizona as a form of defending himself. If that was truly the case, Jacobs, then you should know
better than most that your comments were out of line. But clearly, Jacobs’ “support” seems more of an attempt to garner votes than an actual display of something he truly feels. Sounds similar to his apology, which could also be perceived as just a ratings-grab or sad publicity stunt than an actual heart-felt apology. Even more troubling is that while Jacobs may have been in support of gay marriage in Arizona in the context of his slurs he directly referred to the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury, a team based in Arizona and a team entrenched in the community as the “Phoenix Dykery”.



While there is weight in the argument that the content on television like Family Guy and radio shows like Howard Stern create an environment for this content to be “okay”, all of those shows are labeled as comedy, come with warnings about the language, are rated accordingly and have at least a few outlets for parents to censor it from their children if they choose to do so. People also know what to expect from those shows. They appeal to the audiences that do not mind that humor and allow the individual to decide for themselves if they want to be subjected to it. The same goes with controversial art, lyrics and music and mature literature, all that come with adequate warnings and labels.



Tuning into local talk radio and hearing the content Jacobs deems as “humor” is a totally different thing. Especially on a format where you proactively draw in the young and impressionable audience of grade-schoolers.



We have come so far in society and even in the state of New York in terms of equality that this type of backwards talk and then the mocking of the offended shouldn’t be tolerated. If this were race, religion or culturally related maybe more of us would understand why this did indeed offend so many and while the mockery does.



In addition, for those fans of 104.5 the Team who provide the ratings that they sell to their advertisers and sponsors, why wasn’t your input taken more seriously? While they have no problem selling your admiration to sponsors, they seemingly only see us as a number. Why else would station manager Brian Noe tell everyone who reached out to him regarding Jacobs’ slurs “we are handling it internally”. Clearly he wanted to shut you up as well. Noe even made these comments in the Times Union, within the same article Jacobs started his apology.



“Bruce’s insensitive statement is a serious matter that is being dealt with internally,” program director Brian Noe, also a host on the station, said in an email.



If that isn’t the case why else would he allow Jacobs’ the same free reign on air as he did prior to the original comments? Why wouldn’t he take more action against Jacobs such as a suspension? Why wouldn’t he take action and turn this negative into a positive by reaching out to the offended communities to mend fences? Simply because the only value listeners seem to have is when they sell it to advertisers to make a profit.



It is also clearly evident that Jacobs’ apology was a shrewdly orchestrated ratings grab and nothing more than that. Something Jacobs himself evens boasts about in his messages to me. They took advantage of all the press regarding his pending apology and most importantly took advantage of you.



While many of you may disagree with me or see this as some sort of personal distaste for Jacobs show or ESPN 104.5, I do not shy away from who I am, accepting responsibility and the things I believe in.



On ESPN 104.5 The Team’s own website they have the slogan “Albany’s Sports Talk Leader”. I have a hard time buying into that, especially with the conduct of your host, the lack of “leadership” by your station manager in handling the Jacobs’ situation,and leading the way for good sports talk that doesn’t make any bold statements regarding someone’s sexual preference. Furthermore why would they want someone like Jacobs representing them or Town Square Media? Someone who has already put a nice black eye on the station and for some odd reasoning, felt it necessary to go out of his way in an effort to incite the journalist who broke the story about his slurs.



Why try so hard to incite more negativity towards the station. Why put a negative stigma on a station that houses shows like The Noe Show and Cady’s Corner that don’t go the route Jacobs seems to prefer traveling with his content? Neither of those shows or their hosts should have to deal with the ripple effect of Jacobs’ negative splash. While Jacobs has every right to feel the way he does, he should stand behind what he says instead of lying about things on the air in some weak apology. But no matter what Jacobs says, his actions speak louder than words. Even in his own conversation with the Times Union Jacobs still seems to have trouble grasping why people found his comments offensive in the first place.



“We live in a society today where no matter what you say, you’re a bigot or you’re a racist,” he said. “I don’t like it, but it comes with the territory. So obviously I think that’s ridiculous.”


No Bruce, I find things offensive like gay slurs, personal attacks regarding people’s lifestyles, families and the garbage that spews from your mouth ridiculous.



If Jacobs felt so strongly to call out Charles Barkley for his comments and actions, then why does Jacobs mock the offended or term them as the offended as the “speech police”? Maybe Jacobs saw the media attention his own comments caused and decided he could garner the same for himself. In Jacobs own article (read here) he states:



“Barkley says the dumbest things and frankly many myself included would be trashed for some of the things that falls out of his pie hole. Try this ” I hate white people” to a question he was asked. Yes he was
kidding. I know this. His wife is white. But imagine if I was kidding and said that about Black people. I love that Charles is interesting and controversial. Love it. He just says what he wants and gets away with
it. I could only wish.”

In his own words, Jacobs states he wishes he could get away with making the comments he does. So if that’s the case Jacobs, and judging from the comments you have a history of making, it’s more and more
evident that your apology was nothing more than a farse and nothing with any true substance.

Funny how Jacobs in this article makes the following point in another article he wrote (read here): “No one takes responsibility for anything anymore. Any pitfall or setback that comes is always someone else’s fault never those involved.”



Really? How about taking responsibility for your own actions and practicing what your preach? Seems a bit hypocritical to point out that it “is always someone else’s fault never those involved” doesn’t it? Especially when it seems Jacobs wants to point blame at those offended for merely being offended. Apparently, in Jacobs’ warped mind we are to blame for causing him such a headache rather than himself. So much for truly following through with his apology by displaying sincerity.



Take responsibility for your actions, the responsibility that comes with representing 104.5, Town Square Media and the sponsors who pay you good money for airtime (Hippo’s, Hooters of Albany, Maple Tree Funding, etc). I am sure some of the fine folks who work for those companies may have has an issue with Jacobs conduct. But then again, Jacobs just sees them as the “speech police” and the butt of his own personal joke.

To clear things up for Mr.Jacobs, I am not a leader of a so-called “speech police” as you like to paint me to be. I actually took offense to your slurs (as I did with Finkleman’s article). I personally have many gay friends and even have a close family member who is apart of the gay community. I also am a fan of women’s athletics and while I may not be a fan of the WNBA, I respect the sport and the athletes within the sport. I would think someone representing the “Leader in Albany Sports Talk” would as well.

I am perfectly fine with the shots Jacobs took at me and find no reason to retaliate. In fact, this article was in the works as soon as Jacobs messaged me. I even talked directly to Town Square Media’s General Manager about the situation and we plan to meet up to discuss this. From that discussion I am confident that Town Square Media will resolve this and does care about your input. It also makes me question how much of this situation they were alerted to by station manager Brian Noe.So in all fairness, I am keeping this centered squarely on Jacobs. But I beg to question why Jacobs ripped me on air? Because I supported the offended (myself included) and broke the story, or because I have a female co-host? I apologize that my show doesn’t meet your approval, but then again I talk opinionated sports without making any personal attacks.



Jacobs is free to think as he wishes as we all are. But when you empowered by a strongly backed media outlet such as ESPN Radio and entrenched in the community in the manner that 104.5 is, that has to come with some sort of self-awareness when you are on the air. Especially when you have an impressionable audience tuning in.



It’s fine if Jacobs has a disdain for me. I have flaws like everyone else and I am no perfect example of how to host a radio show or even write an article. I am merely a college dropout who dabbles in hip-hop music and has a love for sports and websites. I’m also a believer that fans like myself and you deserve bigger voices in the sports world and I’ve worked at trying to create something like that. All of my shows are hosted by fans, articles by fans and I never charge a dime for any member who wants their own sports blog on SportsRantz, I even design it for them. Sports talk should be universal regardless of race, culture, gender, sexual preference or religious belief the same way that sports are.



I have no issue with race, religion, culture or sexual preference and I have friends who reflect that. I also have no issue with women’s sports and have even interviewed LFL (Lingerie Football League) players and even covered local roller derby teams, both on air and in my articles. I can be opinionated about what I like but I keep it in the context for which it belongs and don’t believe in going the route of a personal “dig”.  Seemingly everyone from the Times Union, the Metroland, The Daily Gazette, the Troy Record, WRGB, WTEN, WNYT, YNN, Fox Sports Radio 980 and all the outlets in between seem to conduct themselves in an exceptional professional manner. Why can’t Jacobs?



In a day and age where Social Media provides voices to people and puts power into the opinions of people who may not be associated with any media outlet, we all have to take the responsibility to be more aware and respectful. That is the foundation for what America was built on and what our country has fought for since our creation.  Regardless if our audience is in the millions, thousands or just one sole listener it’s our responsibility to accept that if we choose to put power behind our voices.



If not how can we expect things to change for the better? A brilliant man, Albert Einstein, once said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”



In conclusion you are all free to think the way you choose. But while God gave us all the ability to use our voices, we need to recognize the effects we all can have and respect our impending impact. Jacobs and 104.5 need to do the same. But judging from Jacobs past I have my doubts.



I hope he can change, because despite what Jacobs thinks of my abilities, it’s clear he has talent behind the mic. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have been able to have such a long career in radio. He just needs to learn how to become better from the situations he gets himself into professionally rather than take the route of childish mocking.



By the way Bruce, thanks for the plug on your show!




December 20, 2011

Bruce Jacobs

  • You should allow for an exchange my man Anthony…Sorry my joke rankled you the wrong way and that’s what it was a wasn’t anti gay. I didn’t blanket gays at all..In fact i am very much pro gay having voted for gay marriage in AZ twice….You also got a few of your facts wrong namely me not being a local…Born and raised in NY on Long Island and lived there for 30 years. Anytime you want to have an exchange my phone or office are always open to you



December 20, 2011

Anthony DiMoro

  • Bruce, I’ve tried communicating with you before and you were rather unresponsive and that was regarding the article where I stood up for your show and thought Daily Gazette was out of line with their comments about you, so naturally I thought an article of me calling your error out wouldnt be the one spark any feedback. Frankly, the comment was a misstep cut & dry. Although the offense didn’t apply to me directly, a lot of my friends are Gay and most of them texted and flooded my email inbox totally ripping apart the statement and asking me to address it.

    I’m a local born and raised. and although I cannot speak for the Capital Region I can speak for myself that after enduring a few years of Sinkoff being a bit rude to locals, the tolerance level for anything else that insults listeners is a bit low. And I semi-regularly tune into your show and enjoy some segments despite your hate for the Dolphins. Not to mention my support for you when I thought you unjustly were criticized by the DG. I also commended you on ripping Abby Finkleman from the Saint Rose paper, which I thought was truly some good stuff on your part.

    Regardless of what my opinion is on this particular matter, it apparently offended a lot of people. The Gay Community is specifically prominent in the Capital Region and has been growing for the past few years. With that being said, making a joke tha even toed the line to being offensive about the WNBA, Gays or Women would be hitting a nerve. Especially with the Gay Marriage Bill and Anti Bullying campaigns in full gear.

    Do I think you intended to offend anyone? Probably not. Do I think you just made a joke that was said or put across the wrong way? Very possible.

    But from my end when something creates a stir such as this, I have to write an article on it. I do apologize for not referencing your residnecy in NY. But in all honesty Bruce I have reached out to open up communication with your station several times in the past, both with the shows and the hosts and was rather unsuccessful. So thinking an open dialogue would be possible due to my history of attempts in the past wasnt something i realistically entertained.

    And to be honest Bruce, with all the comments I got about this I cant imagine the things the Gay Community groups, pages and websites were saying or receiving regarding this.

    Truthfully I like to do two sides of the coin on things. If you would like to respond and ellaborate on the comment you made on air, I would welcome you to do so. We can do an article interview which can come across much better than on the air in some respects.

    Anytime you would liek to discuss, my message box is always open to you



December 20, 2011

Bruce Jacobs

  • Anthony you reached out to me? I don’t think so but if you did tell me when? Were you the fella that wrote a very nice article about the show when it 1st started? I don’t recall getting any e-mail or anything like that from you..Did i miss something? Here is my cell # call me anytime..XXXXXXXX..I would appreciate you keeping that to yourself and not handing it out..In fact i am going back and forth with some of the folks so I am always open for discussion..personally i think the picture you painted was rather harsh but that’s ok..I happen to be very much gay friendly just so you know. I voted for gay marriage twice and although my show in AZ was to a mostly anti gay marriage audience i took the heat and explained my position…I think you took a joke and made much more of it then it was but that’s just my opinion..feel free to call me anytime you like..i am up now if you want to talk….I have no problem with criticism and being hammered.Comes with the territory….I will say again I don’t remember you ever reaching out to me to talk or meet but if I missed something let me know



December 20, 2011

Anthony DiMoro

  • Bruce, regardless of your stance on the comment I think just coming out and apologizing would be a good move. I honestly think your opinion of the severity of the comment would change if you saw/heard/read the reactions I received regarding it. “Dyke” is still a deragatory term amongs the gay community and personal gay friends of mine say it really offends them (

    I did write that article when you first came on the air and I usually try and voice my opinion when I see/her/read passionate debates about it. Your particular article struck a chord with me because I believed you needed a fair shake and I was happy to see Sinkoff’s show gone.

    In the past I have had attempted discussions with 104.5 the team via the website, but never heard anything. Strangely enough when I spoke about advertising, TownSquare/104.5 was happy to talk

    Regardless of your thought, the phrase clearly touched a lot of nerves. Instead of debating back and forth with them, try finding some common ground. Like I said, if at all tomorrow you’d like to do a follow up interview, I’d be happy to do so with you and allow you to clear the air. If its merely misinterpretation, we can clear it up and id be happy to promote it. But continuing to defend a blaitaint slurred comment is only going to raise more fury and more negative reaction. But thats just my thoughts on the matter

Dyke is slang terminology referring to a lesbian or lesbianism. It originated as a derogatory label for a masculine woman, and this usage still exists. However, some attempt to use it in a manner they see as positive, or simply as a neutral synonym for lesbian.[1] To some extent the word has been re…



December 21, 2011

Bruce Jacobs

  • Anthony 1st off if you reached out to others that’s not me and I can’t speak for them…If you try to contact me directly I am always open for discussion on anything be it this or whatever..You can’t hold me responsible for what others do or don’t do….As for me going back and forth with these folks i am happy to do it..Just giving my side that’s all…what i am finding is these folks don’t want to find common ground as it has kinda branched into a few other areas and again thats fine.. Also Anthony I never said nor would I ever say that perhaps some things i say might offend people…Some people get offended easy or at certain things and again that’s fine…i learned a lesson a long time ago in broadcasting.No matter what you say 50% of the people aren’t going to like what you say. that’s the nature of the business…..I actually heard that from Conrad Dobler who was the dirtiest player of his time if you remember him. he later became a broadcaster and was asked something like how do you handle getting people mad at what you say..his answer has stuck with me all these years and it’s so very true



December 21, 2011

Bruce Jacobs

  • After evaluating the situation and thinking I will be offering an apology on the air tomorrow at 4.05 pm….I apologize to you and any of your friends that heard it and meant it strictly as a joke. However i can see that it really upset some people and will apologize tomorrow for having said it. Thanks for pressing me on it and calling me out on it



December 21, 2011

Anthony DiMoro

  • Bruce, As i stated in my message to you I thought it was more an error on words than any true act of conviction. I did not in my article suggest that you may have said it as an of it as of anything other than a bad joke. With so much awareness these days and our sensitivity being raised from recent public events in sports there is a higher demand for attention to content (as i am sure you know better than me).

    I do think apologizing does wonders and i respect you for it. After all it was just a joke and something you obviously didn’t imagine offending anyone at all.

    If you ever want to do an article with me, feel free to ask. Even to clear the air about the comment or ellaborate on anything.


December 21, 2011

Bruce Jacobs

  • Anthony I will never ask anyone to write an article about me or the show or what have you..Not my style…however if you have the interest and your readers you think do i am always open to talking to you.You have my contact number feel free to use it anytime..Have a merry Christmas if we don’t talk sooner



December 21, 2011

Anthony DiMoro

  • Not that you need me to say this…but I commend you for the on air apology 100%. You dedicated a great deal of time in discussing it and did a good job of coming across sincere. Hopefully next time we speak it is in a more pleasant circumstance, as I stated i did enjoy your sports banter & knowledge, so i look forward to posing a discussion with you on a sports top in the future.

    I am pretty sure a great deal of people tuned in to hear what you had to say, even a great deal of people outside the Capital Region.

    Have a great holiday season and god bless



December 21, 2011

Bruce Jacobs

  • Thanks well and Merry Christmas




Bruce Jacobs

  • Anthony do me a favor..Can you send me the article you or that diamond guy wrote about being offended by Bill Maher lumping Tim Tebow in with Satan and Hitler..Thanks




Anthony DiMoro

  • wasnt an article on SportsRantz Magazine, many of our members run their own blogs on SportsRantz (much like blogspot), Diamond Joe has his own, here it is, feel free to dig through and find it –

    You can message him about it here if youd like




Bruce Jacobs

  • Wow you didn’t write an article on it? it didn’t offend you? Hmm surpised

  • surprised



Anthony DiMoro

  • Judging from that, Obviously your on-air apology was complete bullcrap?…then again i wouldnt expect anything less from you, judging from your actions in Arizona and here




Bruce Jacobs

  • I don’t see the connection..I just thought as a member of the speech police that Tebow being lumped in with satan and hitler would offend you……..Tell me what do you know about my “actions” in AZ?..I made the joke and I apologized for it…




Anthony DiMoro

  • why not worry less about the “speech police” and worry more about what you say on-air, seems to be an issue you have……id say id listen to hear if you have, but like most of the Cap Region probably has, i tuned out




Bruce Jacobs

  • really most of the region? i guess you haven’t seen the ratings then..Like i said what do you know about my “actions” in AZ? You aren’t a hypocrite are you?




Anthony DiMoro

  • i know enough to have tuned you out…and now block your messaging. Grow up dude



Bruce Jacobs

  • That’s what i thought…By the way don’t flatter yourself.ilistened to 1 of your podcasts..hell it was so lousy you put my dogs to sleep….


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